The Many Varieties Of Art Photography


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The Many Varieties Of Art Photography

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  2. 2. The Many Varieties Of Art Photography There are about as many varieties of art photography as there are photographers. Although you could probably argue that your beach vacation snapshots could be called art, you won’t find a gallery to hang them. But if you did something extremely different and interesting with your beach photograph, such as go to a beach entirely made up of different colored beach balls rather than a real beach, then that might qualify as art photography. Let's look at some of the varieties seen in galleries today.
  3. 3. Photojournalism This kind of art photography is much harder than it first sounds like. How many college students do you know have a poster of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue or of that one lone Chinese demonstrator who stopped a column of tanks in Tiananmen Square? Those photos are art. They tell far more stories than the actual newspaper stories they were originally used to illustrate.
  4. 4. Art Of Photojournalism The art of photojournalism lies partially in being in the right place at the right time but also choosing which photo to select. It has to capture the essence of a situation or a story with one image. This kind of art photography is sort of a visual haiku.
  5. 5. Digital Tricks You don’t need a fancy photography studio in order to create art photography. You do need a computer and an excellent image program, such as PhotoShop. There, you take a photograph as the framework for which your artistic expression is loosened. For some, the challenge is in making a fake photograph look identical to a real photograph. Some make a real photograph as beautiful as possible. The sky's the limit with this type of art photography.
  6. 6. Portraits The bread and butter of a professional photographer's trade is in portraits – of people, pets, buildings or whatever. The usual portrait, although framed and hung on a wall, is not often considered art photography. The art is when these portraits are taken just left of center. Instead of stiff poses looking artificially perfect, another approach is taken.
  7. 7. Art Photography Instead of the usual portrait of a little girl in a dress, the photographer could mount a ladder and look down on the girl spinning in play. That would be art photography, even though it may be hard to tell the features of the little girl. It is still a portrait, but captures more about the girl than just what she looked like on a given day.
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