Choosing The Right Images For Flower Photography


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Choosing The Right Images For Flower Photography

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  2. 2. Choosing The Right Images For Flower Photography One of the most overlooked types of photography today is flower photography. There are many different types of flowers that can be used for flower photography and choosing the right ones for your images can be a difficult decision.
  3. 3. Photography Tips By keeping a few photography tips in mind when choosing the images for your photographs, you will greatly improve the chance that the picture that you have taken will be something that you are proud of and may even want to share with other people that are interested in photography.
  4. 4. Flower Photography The first step in choosing the right images for your flower photography is determining what types of flowers you actually like. Many beginners are happy with the first flowers that they see because they are easy to access and the person does not have to get into a strange position to photograph them.
  5. 5. Explore An Area For Hours People that are more experienced in flower photography will attempt to obtain more unique images and will often explore an area for hours before they find the right flower in the right place with the right lighting for them to take their photograph.
  6. 6. Single Flower Photography The most common type of flower photography is the photograph of a single flower in a beautiful setting. The flower can be one out of a field of many or a loner that is just hanging on while every other flower has succumbed and died. In either case, the single flower is the focus of the photograph, with everything else in the photo relegated to the background of the photo.
  7. 7. Classic Flower Photography This is an example of classic flower photography and can be found in any book or calendar that has nature images in it. The trick to making these kinds of images great is to choose an angle that is unique or a part of the flower that no one really notices.
  8. 8. Unique Angle For Your Flower Photography A strange colored rose that is just beginning to open is a much stronger image than the picture of the single red rose in full bloom in the middle of the day. By finding a unique angle for your flower photography, your images will be much more powerful and command more attention than the photographs that appear mundane.
  9. 9. Multiple Flower Photography Incorporating multiple images into your flower photography can be more difficult because there are many images to incorporate into the picture properly. The photograph will have to be taken from far enough away that multiple flowers can be seen, but close enough that the viewer can tell what the photograph is a picture of.
  10. 10. Careful Placement It is very difficult to take this type of photograph and avoid turning it into a landscape photograph, but it can be done with careful placement and focus on the part of the photographer. Great flower photography can be a lot of fun and can create beautiful photographs, but you must choose the right images to make the photography work.
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