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Best Cyber Monday 2012


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If you are looking for a chance to get the products you dream, you should read Best Cyber Monday 2012. Buying a gift for your family on holidays is easier; you can buy products with no tax and free ship on that day. Visit:

Published in: Devices & Hardware
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  • Change Bill Details :

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Process → Change Bill Details

    Aim:To change the Bill details (to change the Patients or concession authorization or due authorizations)

    Bill No.:Select Bill NO
    Patient Name:Displays Patient Name
    New Umr No.:Select New UMR No
    Old Umr No:Displays Old UMR number
    Doctor:Displays Doctor
    Conc. Authorized:Select or Displays Concession Authorization
    Due Authorized:Select or Displays Due Authorization
    Authorization:Select change bill Authorization
    Remarks:Enter Remarks

    GRN Payments :

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Process → Grn Payments

    Aim:To Make Payments to the vendor

    Payment No.: Autogenerated
    Vendor:Select Vendor to whom payment has to be done
    Balance:Displays Balance amt to be paid to Vendor
    Receipts:Displays Receipt amt
    Advance:Displays Advance amt
    Returns:displays Return amt
    Receipt Details:enter the amount
    Remarks:enter Remarks

    GRN Issues :

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Process → Grn Issues

    Aim:To Issue GRN Directly

    Department:Select Department to which Grn has to be issued
    Grn No.:Select GRN no to be issued
    Mrq No.:select Mrq no

    MRQ's to Main Store:

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Process →MRQ's to Main Store

    Aim:To send MRQ's from Branches to Mainstore

    GIN from Main store:

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Process →GIN from Main Store

    Aim:To Issue Items from Main store to Branches

    GIN to GRN:

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Process →GIN to GRN

    Aim:To Convert GIN of Main store to GRN in Branches


    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Process →Audit
    Aim:Items withNegative stock in Main and substock points ,and Items with Rates Zero are displayed
    Voucher Payments :

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Process → Voucher Payments

    Aim:To Pay the Bill Amounts (Like Tea expenses)

    Voucher Cd:Autogenerated
    Receipt Mode:enter the Amount
    Authorized By:Selected Authorized by
    Remarks:Enter Remarks

    Reports :

    To View the different Type of Transactions in the General Stores Like, Stock Statements, Stock Ledger, Vendor wise Stock, Total Issues in the Stores...etc. Above Every thing are used to view in a report format.

    References : From HIMS Application.
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  • Process :

    Change Patient Details :

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Process → Change Patient Details

    Aim:To change the Patient Details

    Change Rates :

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Process → Change Rates

    Aim:To change the rates of Items

    Item Code:Select Item code
    Batch No.:Select Batch number
    Exp. Dt.:Displays Expiry date
    Current Purc Rate:Displays Current Purchase rate
    Current Sale Rate:Displays Current Sale Rate
    New Purc Rate:Enter New Purchase Rate
    New Sale Rate:Enter new Sale Rate
    Authorized By:Select authorized By
    Remarks:Enter Remarks

    IP Doctor Transfer :

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Process → IP Doctor Transfer

    Aim:To Transfer Patient to a Doctor or to add a new Doctor

    UMR No.:Select UMR number of Patient
    Transfer Details:
    Transfer Type:
    Complete Transfer:To Transfer Patient to another Doctor Completely
    Add on Doctor:To add a new Doctor
    Primary Doctor:Primary Doctor of the Patient
    Secondary Doctor:Secondary Doctor of the Patient
    Admitted Doctor:Displays Admitted Doctor of the Patient
    Department:Department of the admitted Doctor
    Transferred To:Select a Doctor to whom Transfer is to be done
    Department:Displays Department of the Transferred doctor
    Purpose:Enter Purpose
    Remarks:Enter Remarks

    Invoke Admission No Lock :

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Process → Invoke Admission No Lock

    Aim:To invoke the form of a single patient which is being Struck

    Selection Type:
    Invoke Admission Lock:
    Invoke Parallel Transaction Lock:
    Admission No.:
    System Name:
    Bill Type:
    User Id:

    Modified Approved Transaction :

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Process → Modified Approved Transaction

    Aim:To modify approved Transactions.

    Modification No.:Autogenerated
    Transaction Type:Select Transaction Type
    Select Transactions:
    Transaction No.:Select Transaction Number
    Modification:Select modification if the approved Record is to be modified
    Cancellation: Select Cancellation if the approved Record is to be Cancelled
    Authorized By:Select Authorized By
    Remarks:Enter Remarks

    Pharmacy Approximate Billings :

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Process → Pharmacy Approximate Billing

    Aim:To Bill the Final Pharmacy Approximate Billing

    Approx. BillNo.:Auto generated
    Discharge Patients:
    All Stock Points:
    UMR No.:Select UMR no of the Patient for whom the Pharmacy Approx Bill is to be done
    Print Options:Select an option

    Requisition Approval :

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Process → Requisition Approval

    Aim:To approve the Requisition

    Requisition No.:Displays Requisition No of Selected Requisition
    Requisition Dt.:Displays Requisition Dt of Selected Requisition
    Form Id:Displays Form Id from where Requisition is set
    Requested By:Displays name of the User who has requested
    Form Name:Displays Form name from where Requisition was set
    Requisition:Displays Requisition
    From:Select Dates
    To:Select Dates
    All Departments:
    Dept Cd:Select Dept code
    User Id:select User Id
    Requisition Status:
    Approved:Displays approved Requisitions
    Not Approve:Displays not approved Requisitions
    Canceled:Displays Cancelled Requisitions
    All:Displays all Requisitons

    Sessions View:

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Process →Sessions view

    Aim:Displays the Module is being used by which user.

    IP Advances :

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Process → IP Advances

    Aim:Used to Pay IP advances.
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  • Material Return Note :

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Returns → Material Return Note

    Aim: To return the Material from department to Stock point(central stores).

    Department:From where the stock is Returned
    Stock Point:To where the stock os returned(central stores)
    MRN Purc Value:Displays MRN purchase value
    MRN Sale Value:Displays MRN sale value
    Remarks:Enter Remarks
    Item Code:Select the item code
    Batch No.:select the Batch number
    Exp.Dt:displays the Expiry date
    Purc Rate:Purchase rate per unit
    Sale Rate:sale rate per unit
    Item Stock:Stock available in that sub stock point
    Batch Stock:Batch stock available
    Pur Amount: Unit Purchase rate*Quantity Returned
    Sale Amount:Unit sale Rate*Quantity Returned
    Qty Returned:Quantity of items Returned
    Qty Blocked:Quantity issued but not approved
    Remarks:Enter remarks

    Adjustments :

    Stock Adjustment Note :

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Adjustments → Stock Adjustment

    Aim:To adjust the stock (if the stock in system is different from onhand stock) by displaying single batch at time

    SAN No.:Displays SAN number
    Stock Point:Displays stockpoint
    SAN Purc Value:Displays SAN Purchase value
    Remarks:Enter Remarks
    SAN Sale Value:Displays SAN Sale value
    Item Code:Select Item code
    Batch No.:Select Batch code
    Stock On Hand:Displays Stock onhand
    Exp Dt:Displays Expired date
    Ledger Qty:Displays Ledger quantity
    Purc Rate:Displays Purchase Rate
    Sale Rate:Displays Sale Rate
    Adjustment Qty:Enter Adjustment Quantity
    Pur Amount:Displays Purchase amount
    Sale Amount:Displays Sale Amount
    Qty Blocked:Displays Quantity Blocked
    Remarks:Enter Remarks

    Stock Adjustment Note New :

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Adjustments → Stock Adjustment Note New

    Aim:To adjust Items By displaying all batches at a time

    Stock Verification :

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Adjustments → Stock Verification

    Aim:To verify the System stock with Physical stock

    Verification No.:Auto generated
    Verification By:User Name
    Stock Point:Displays login stock point
    Condition:Displays Condition depending on the selected options
    Item Level1:Select ItemLevel1
    Item Level2:Select ItemLevel2
    Item Level3:Select ItemLevel3
    Item code Like:Enter an Item code
    Purc Rate Between:Enter Purchase Rates in between
    Random:Displays Randomly items
    No. Of Items: Enter Number of items

    Entry Of Reusable and Extra Items :

    Hims → Stores → Stock Point → Adjustments → Entry of Reusable and Extra Items

    Aim:To Enter items Which are Reusable and to return items from Nurse

    Reusable Items: Items which can be Reused
    Items from Nursing Stations:Items returned from Nursing stations if they are left
    Reentry No:Displays Reentry number
    Stock Point:Displays Stockpoint
    Purc Value:Displays total Purchase value
    Remarks:Enter Remarks
    Sale Value:Displays Total sale value
    Item Code:Select Item code
    Exp Dt:Displays Expiry Date
    Batch No.:Select Batch number
    Purc Rate:Displays Purchase rate
    Sale Rate:Displays Sale rate
    On Hand:Displays onhand Quantity
    Quantity:Enter Quantity
    Pur Amount:Displays Purchase amount
    Sale Amount:Displays Sale Amount
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