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  1. 1. Service & Experience Design Portfolio banking hospitality security insurance entertainment logistic mobility healthcare retail Francesco Sardu
  2. 2. Background About me Hi! I’m Francesco, an Italian Designer. In the last year I worked in Estonia and Germany In 2012, I completed the post-graduate Master in Services & Experience Design at Domus Academy in Milan. I have recently been involved in several projects with the following tasks: In my previous experience I obtained a Master degree in Publishing, Multimedia Communication and Journalism. an empathic observer I am a concept maker a communicator a team player I am not a programmer an artist a nerd an industrial designer - Use cases and requirement definitions - Benchmark activity - Users and context analysis - Development of personas, concepts and scenarios - Evaluation and testing - Project management.
  3. 3. Service Design Projects Index Title Project Client Description Type Project Leader DPD dynamic Logistics Christina Eddiks Shipping Parcel Delivery Services DPD (Germany) by SinnerSchrader Parcel services without frontiers. Elmo Car New cultural experience Transportation Janno Siimar Estonian Government Mitsubishi Car sharing (Estonia) by Velvet Labs The Next Travel Experience Thesis New cultural experience Tourism Claudio Moderini Ermes WashDrop Turn The World Cold P&G Eco Laundrette Sustainable Anna Pellizari Apple a day Design Differences Welfare Italia Cure with care Healthcare Mario Trimarchi Expert Advice [Next]Retail Experience Supermedia Support purchase Retail Claudio Moderini Vicini Vicino Hospital[ity] Casamica Volunteer network Social Jan-Christoph Zoels Bike mi Piace We Bike Clear Channel Bike sharing Transportation Elena Pacenti
  4. 4. Brief Ermes WashDrop :: SinnerSchrader Overview Logistic service in Germany has a volume of more than 200 billion € / year. It is Germany's third-largest sector following the automotive industry and mechanical engineering. Recently the e-commerce boom caused a growing demand of express parcel delivery. This phenomen moved the market share from B2B to B2C. DPD occupies the third position on the ranking european market, focused on B2C parcel delivery. The service design approach aims to study the existing situation and to provide future solutions more user friendly interaction with the service. Goal B2C parcel delivery costs four times more than B2B, because the main cost is the “last miles” namely the last step before to reach the final destination, especially considering the high percentage of delivery missing at the first time. The basic idea about the dynamic profile is to allow the user to share directly his position and time availability with the courrier. In this way would be possible to deliver every parcel in the right place and right time without missing the delivery at the first attempt. DPD dynamic profile Apple a day Expert Advice Bike mi piace DPD. Parcel services without frontiers Project Title: DPD Dynamic Profile Brief: GERMAN PARCEL DELIVERY EXPRESS Author: Francesco Sardu Project Leader: Christina Eddiks Client: DPD
  5. 5. Analysis The latest trends show how buying has become easier with the mobile technology, but no to receive a parcel as well. Actually two ecosystems are working together, the e-commerce and logistic services. But the e-commerce has developed already new solutions like a direct communication with the customer that has completely revolutionized the shopping experience. Meanwhile logistic services are right now one step back, because they need to know better their customer expectations. Some surveys show clearly the user needs, some functionalities like tracking the parcel are not enough. The user doesn't want to know where the parcel is but how long he needs to wait before to receive it. System Map Ermes Washdrop DPD dynamic profile Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino The system map shows all the service tasks. We have two goals to reach: - to send a parcel - to receive a parcel Currently there are two gaps, at the beginning related how to discover the service and one at the end where does not exist any loyalty system. The new system map shows how could change the service with the implementation of the new features: - Profiling (user can share data about localization and time availability) - Follow me (the parcel can reach the user) - Alternative addresses (user could change the destination) - Reward system (virtual coin)
  6. 6. DPD dynamic profile Ermes WashDrop Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Touchpoint matrix With this tool I schematized the entire service process in order to identify the service touchpoints and interactions. The overview has allowed me to recognize potential limits and opportunity of improvement in each step. In general there are two main activities. - send the parcel - receive the parcel. After a preliminary research, the design process has took a strategic decision. For the first phase we decided to focus our attention with the second activity, and improve the service when the user needs to receive the parcel. The user account is a fundamental requirement for the new functionality, in this way it's possible to share information like time availability and current location or alternative addresses. Using this data would be possible to receive the parcel in the right time and right place, making the service more flexible and customized according the user needs.
  7. 7. DPD Ermes WashDrop dynamic profile User Scenario The scenario shows an hypothetical story where the user has to receive a parcel. In this case for several reasons the user is not able to do it at home with the result of missing the delivery. The dynamic profile allows her to solve immediately every hitch, finding alternative solutions like: - use the current position as a temporary address - provide an alternative address like friends, neighbors ecc. able to receive the parcel in stead of her. Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino
  8. 8. DPD Ermes WashDrop dynamic profile User Scenario The concept aimed to engage people with the purpose to support the service provider, making the user experience more friendly. We designed a system where neighbors, friends, relatives ecc. might be available to receive the parcel when the holder is unable to do it. This help can be turned into a reward and the courier will find everytime someone available to receive the parcel at the first attempt with the consequence of reducing costs and delays. Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino
  9. 9. Elmo Car Ermes WashDrop Apple a day Expert Advice Bike mi piace Brief :: Velvet Labs On the road to the future Project Title: Elmo Car Brief: ESTONIAN ELECTROMOBILITY PROGRAMME Author: Francesco Sardu Project Leader: Janno Siimar Project Manager: Mairi Hüüdma Client: Elmo Car / Estonian Government / Mitsubishi Overview 2012 Estonia is the first country in the world constructing a charging network of electric cars. The energy crisis in years 1970-80, however, provoked again a discussion for the use of electric cars. Now it is time for action, also in Estonia.ELMO stands for electromobility in Estonia. ELMO programme promotes emission free personal transportation and electric cars in order to achieve better city environment, energy efficiency and fuel independence. Goal ELMO stands for electromobility in Estonia. ELMO programme promotes emission free personal transportation and electric cars in order to achieve better city environment, energy efficiency and fuel independence. The Government of the Republic of Estonia concluded a contract with Mitsubishi Corporation for the sale of AAUs in the amount of 10 million AAUs to start the Estonian electromobility programme. The programme consists of three parts: 507 Mitsubishi iMiev electric cars will be used by the Ministry of Social Affairs as an examp the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications will develop a support system for private persons for acquisition of electric cars and quick charging infrastructure for electric cars will be created to cover the whole country. The creation of both the support scheme and infrastructure will be organised and managed by KredEx. The programme period is 2011-2014 as agreed between the Estonian Government and Mitsubishi Corporation
  10. 10. Elmo Car Ermes Washdrop Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Analysis An opportunity map is a tool used for visualising all the insights, assessments and information in the service overview in order to discover service strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in the market. Based on the interviews it's possible to highlight some issues and specific needs in detail. Opportunity map makes it easier to map the user needs, to identify the main types of customers and later to start designing improvement around the opportunities. Jorney Customer Map The customer journey map is a schematic visualization that provides a high - level overview of the factors influencing the user experience from the user's perspective. Following the timeline, it's possible to identify the main phases of the service. Details show where, when and how the user performs his or her tasks. Touchpoints show whether the user interacts with the service via virtual or physical media. Story details can also show the flow of emotions during the experience. This tool enables the identification of problems and opportunities for innovation.
  11. 11. Elmo Car Ermes WashDrop Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Personas This tool is used to make fictional profiles representing a particular group of users based on their needs and goals. According to the data from interviews and direct customer experience we have mapped the result to provide real insights. Using personas gives a more qualitative image of the target group than the regular sex and age based view. This step helps the service providers and designers to visualise the potential client groups and to develop an empathic engagement - helps to put them in the user’s shoes.
  12. 12. Elmo Car Ermes WashDrop Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino User Scenario It is a hypothetical story created with sufficient detail to meaningfully explore a particular aspect of the service offering. We use a storyboard to show a plausible situation in each scenario. Basically we put our personas into the action with the aim to demonstrate what would be smoothest service flow for the greatest customer experience.
  13. 13. Elmo Car Ermes WashDrop Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino User Scenario Some examples of how several customers reach different goals, using a various options in the same service.
  14. 14. Ermes Washdrop An Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Bike mi piace Brief :: Final Master Project Living Culture: media and services for a new cultural experience Project Title: Ermes Brief: The Next Travel Experience Author: Francesco Sardu Mentor: Claudio Moderini Academic support: Elena Pacenti, Nicole Neuberger Overview The attraction for a specific place depends on the relationship between an objective element into the territory and the consu-mers who use it. In this specific context: "living cultural experience". The local identity represents the added value that can make the difference. The local identity can be defined as a set of attitudes, behaviors, and cultural models that express a sense of belonging of residents within a designated area. In this sense the local identity can be based on several elements, tangible and intangible, real or symbolic that must be perceived by residents as an important part of the territory. If the offering of tourism is based on this requirements it could provide something unique and different to anything else. Goal The goal is to discover the territory and its offerings in a dynamic and easier way, through a mobile app, especially with the implementation of freelance providers within the local offering with the local values and identity that could provide added value and a different experience. This can happen by allowing users to choose their own path and fill downtime with proposals and offers that concern space, time and interests.
  15. 15. Ermes Washdrop An Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Bike mi piace Analysis There are currently two different kinds of tourism markets. One is related to a mass market, defined by standardized features. This market has business models on large numbers based on a homogeneous receptive system. The second market is related to regional tourism, more sensitive to the quality than quantity. Its aim is to provide something authentic, starting from the environment. Journey Customer Map Problem Setting It's a market with strong connotations of values, that seeks memorable experience, local identities, authenticity. This target wants to combine several kinds of activities in the same holiday. It's a young target that used to have a good purchasing power. It is cultured, curious, and technologically informed.
  16. 16. Ermes Washdrop An Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Bike mi piace Insights A stakeholders map is a tool that represents the various groups involved in the service, as providers, staff, partners and organisations. The system flow rapresents the logical processes of the service, and how it works. How the user can get access to the service and all the interaction paths, considering tangible limits and practical problems.
  17. 17. Ermes Washdrop An Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Bike mi piace User Scenario Some examples of how to use the app in order to discover the local offering during the trip.
  18. 18. Ermes Washdrop An Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Bike mi piace Brief :: Domus Academy Workshop Turn the world cold Project Title: Washdrop - the new sustainable hub Brief: Service Strategies to Enhance Sustainability Author: Francesco Sardu Project Leader: Anna Pellizzari Assistant: Nicole Neuberger Client: P6G Overview Environmental sustainability has become the essential ingredient in every design project and it already represents a priority for most manufacturing companies. The transition towards environmentally friendly solutions for a company implies a significant reduction in the use of resources that go into products and processes (be them raw materials or energy), eliminating dangerous or polluting substances, abating CO2 emissions, and, in general, optimizing energy consumption. Goal Design is a service concept able to “turn the world cold”, that is, able to lower the planet’s “fever” reducing the environmental impact of a product user system within one of the given product categories (home care / baby care). Detergents’ impact mostly comes from the washing machine’s energy consumption. This results in a need to act on the user’s behaviours and habits to get an effective response in terms of reduction of CO2 emissions (in this case, for instance, the need to lower the washing temperature).This approach is much closer to the world of services, with their capability to intervene on actions and relations, rather than to products.
  19. 19. Ermes Washdrop An Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Bike mi piace Analysis After an initial investigation on the current situation, we identified the work area and we also decided to use an incremental approach. At the beginning we started to think about a private target, but later we realized that in our case it was better to start from the big scale by reducing the impact of factories, offices and employees in the environment. Following this intuition we arrived to the WashDrop concept, where we wanted to provide a laundrette service into the company dedicated to the employees, like facilities. There are many examples of green units like green factories, green houses and green offices.
  20. 20. Ermes Washdrop An Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Bike mi piace Concept The green washing system is based on the idea of building up a new physical space into green factories and offices, to provide extra services to employees. This space is modular, mountable and removable, based on two main models: the container and the physical room. Companies can choose the one that they prefer, basing it on their building structure.
  21. 21. Ermes Washdrop An Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Bike mi piace Brief :: Domus Academy Workshop Design differences Project Title: An Apple a day Brief: Cure with Care Author: Francesco Sardu Project Leader: Mario Trimarchi - Fragile Assistant: Nicole Neuberger Client: Welfare Italia Overview Partnership WELFARE ITALIA is a network of medical centres offering a wide range of medical and dental care services (multi- specialist medical clinics) covering 70% of the specialties required in Italy (also including services in the areas of rehabilitation and psychotherapy). It is a private company founded by social enterprises, and combines social solidarity with business and market logics. Goal The definition of a coherent brand strategy is crucial for any service company. The workshop focuses on the understanding of the essence of a Service Identity and the translation of such an identity into all the aspects that contribute to the creation of a coherent experience for users. The aim of this workshop is to define the distinctive values of the services and to transfer them into the model of service delivery and into tangible service qualities that can be experienced by people.
  22. 22. Ermes Washdrop An Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Bike mi piace Analysis In order to provide this support we have to mantain the relationship between the patient and Welfare Italia, making a continuos link and allowing the clinic to follow its patient during all the treatment. It fills the gap between Welfare Italia and their patients, especially in terms of relationship and how to follow the patient after the visit. Currently, after the visit Welfare Italia is providing to the patient: - a copy of his / her medical report - physical space where it is possible to discuss about the payment. - support in order to book and confirm the next appointments. - telephone number in order to be contacted and give information.
  23. 23. Ermes Washdrop An Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Bike mi piace Concept "An Apple a day" considers new opportunities to extend the relationship between clinic and patient, providing this kind of services. One of the “tools” is the steward as a support to the patients during unforeseen needs. Redesign and prototype: -Personal Recovery -Plan Reminders -Doctor Advice -Urgent Aid
  24. 24. Ermes Washdrop An Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Bike mi piace Brief :: Domus Academy Workshop next[rx] The Next Retail Experience in Consumer Electronics Project Title: Expert Advice Brief: [Next]Retail Experience Author: Francesco Sardu Project Leader: Claudio Moderini Assistant: Nicole Neuberger Client: Supermedia - Logotel Overview Partnership The world of RETAIL is focusing on the quality of the INTERAC TION and the EXPERIENCE with users as the main COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. Most of the BRANDS are paying attention to the design of new RETAIL and SHOPPING EXPERIENCES, to launch new service concepts into the shops, to improve the quality of the assistance offered before, during and after the retail experience. Goal The aim is to ENVISION what will be the RETAIL EXPERIENCE of the FUTURE, looking into a medium term perspective as 5 years. Especially it includes the support offered by shopping assistance, specific information, supports, as well as a social mechanism for recommending.
  25. 25. Ermes Washdrop An Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Bike mi piace Analysis Before thinking about the Expert Advice performances, we started to consider also what the customer usually does, when he needs opinions before deciding for a purchase, and how it can be frustrating to waste time during this activity. The users usually turn to their friends when they encounter a problem with a product. With these prerogatives, for us it will be really useful to provide easy, quick and customized ways in order to get information. The actors involved are not just customers like before, but people with their preferences, tastes, relationships and knowledge. In order to improve Expert Advice activity, it is important to make communication more fluid and flexible, considering that now this specific target of customers is more confident with technology.
  26. 26. Concept Ermes Washdrop An Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Bike mi piace The project consists an information data system that assists users by finding helpful information about products and their usage, a system that connects users who have questions to users who have answers. The actors involved are: Users, Experts and Employees. -The user can ask a general query -It compares similar products -It browses the expert gallery. The user can just use a device like a mobile phone a tablet in order to scan the qr code of the product and get directly to the content about it. In all these cases, it is also possible to see the author of the content, that is the expert and "how" to contact him using different channels (skype, mail, chat); also "when" because the system will show his availability. It's also possible to see "where" especially if the expert and user are in the shop at the same time.
  27. 27. Ermes Washdrop An Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Bike mi piace Brief Partnership :: Domus Academy Workshop At home away from home Project Title: Vicini Vicino Brief: Hospital[ity] Author: Francesco Sardu Project Leader: Jan-Christoph Zoels - Experientia Assistant: Nicole Neuberger Client: Casamica - Prometeo Overview Health tourism is a growing and diversifed phenomenon. Its effects involve all the main towns with specialized hospitals and knowledge that attracts people from smaller towns. In fact, the needs and interests of people traveling for medical reasons are quite different from those of business or leisure tourists, in this case many towns are not yet prepared for this kind of tourism. Psychologically the situation is very challenging since people stay away from their familiar environment, relatives and friends with several consequences, for example disorientation. Goal The aim is to investigate what “hospitality” could look like in the future for patients and their relatives, and to envi-sion service models able to support them. Starting from the different user profiles and the reasons for their visit to Milan, service needs and opportunities will be identified. Based on an analysis of existing resources and future trends, opportunities for a “warmer” experience will be identified and service concepts will be generated.
  28. 28. Ermes Washdrop An Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Bike mi piace Analysis In Milan there are several non-proft organizations, who offer affordable housing, (Prometeo,LegaTumori, AVO, CasAmica and Casa Marte) recently they decided to coordinate their efforts and create a unique information point and booking center as part of the project “La casa lontani da casa”: -A home away from home- Our aim is to support guest’s demands from their planning to their staying. This network consists of: guests, supporters, volunteers and several potential sponsors such as grocers, shops, café/bars, supermarkets, hotels, private houses, host families and so on.
  29. 29. Concept Ermes Washdrop An Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Bike mi piace The project focus works with the interaction between guests-patients and neighbours-volunteers. "Vicini Vicino" works with an application where it is possible to share information from the guest to the volunteer. This function is named "Small Favor Wall", and it works thanks to a touch screen diplay. “Vicini Vicino” is a service dedicated to the improvment of the perception of feeling like home. The volunteer with a really small favor can do something very important for the guests.
  30. 30. Ermes Washdrop An Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Bike mi piace :: Domus Academy Workshop Bike Sharing in Milan Project Title: Bike mi Piace Brief: We Bike Author: Francesco Sardu Project Leader: Elena Pacenti Assistant: Nicole Neuberger Client: Clear Channel Communication / ATM Milano Overview BikeMi is the bike sharing service of Milan managed by Clear Channel launched on the 3 December 2008. At present it has 1800 bicycles and 120 station but with Phase 2 the infrastructure will be soon expanded. It has been designed to promote a new tool for sustainable mobility integrated with the public transport, especially for short trips. It is possible to use it for a maximum of 2 hours. Goal "BikeMi piace" aim consists in several implementations that can improve the existing service. It is focused especially of the improvement of temporary users, like tourists. In general during the design process, we are committed to providing an easier access to the service, especially for the first use. It is dedicated to those users who visit Milan just for a few days. Brief
  31. 31. Analysis Ermes Washdrop An Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Bike mi piace During a preliminary test we collected the first data and we passed to extrapolate some considerations regarding the user experience and any kind of limitation of the service. At the beginning we tested the service by person: a fundamental step just to understand the basic elements of the service. When we collected enough data we also started to draw a journey map, and split up all the activities of the main tasks. With the benchmarking analysis we started to check and compare other similar bike sharing services around the world. (Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Copenhagen, London, Mexico City, Montreal, Paris, Rio De Janeiro). The following phase involved the center of the design process, and at this point we started to choose the more relevant opportunity for us and to sketch up the solutions that we used.
  32. 32. Ermes Washdrop An Apple a day Expert Advice Vicini Vicino Bike mi piace Concept In the following phase the stations would be equipped with touch screens and special features. It allows the recording, the choice of subscription type temporary and the possibility to use up to 4 bikes with the same credit card. -It suggests circuits -Journey Planning -Real Time Information “BikeMi piace” is a service dedicated to a particular type of user. It can also be seen as a resource for tourism and consequently improve the image of the city.
  33. 33. Thank You fra.sardu @sardus_pater https://twitter.com/sardus_pater Personal website http://frasardu.wix.com/francescosardu LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/francescosardu