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We Love Polycom Conference Phones


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We Love Polycom Conference Phones at

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We Love Polycom Conference Phones

  1. 1. Polycom has the solution so you too can love your conference call experience This is the most productive meeting I’ve been to in a long time. I can’t believe how much we accomplish when we don’t have to repeat ourselves. 1 10 Using a high definition conference phone reduces errors. Would you rather hear your CEO is sailing or failing? Now I see how this phone has paid for itself in less than a week! By selecting a conference phone with HD voice, you can eliminate repetition errors and lack of attention. You can save up to US$25,000 per year in payroll expense when calls are productive. 25K payroll savings a year Your business and your message are worth investing in. A quality Polycom conference phone is not as expensive as you think. Polycom conference phones start as low as Why did I tolerate working without this for so long? $309 No wonder Polycom has shipped over 5,000,000 conference phones–the quality is amazing. Polycom conference phones are a proven solution with 25 years of market leadership and over 5M units shipped. Check them out for yourself and let us prove it to you too. Yes, I heard you loud and clear, I have a Polycom conference phone. Get the right tool for the job. Don’t overpay for a conference phone that is too large for your room or has features you don’t need. Make sure to choose the right conference phone for you room. Click here Control your audio and video conferences from the same device with native integration to your Polycom® RealPresence® Group Series or HDX® system. I had no idea I could add the Polycom conference phone to our video system. Talk about making work easier! ? I am not a technical person—thank goodness this phone is simple to use. Adding new participants shouldn’t give you anxiety. Get a conference phone with a tried and true interface that is easy to use. As easy as 1-2-3 So nice to talk naturally even from way back here. Good conference calls aren’t always about hearing, sometimes it’s about being heard. Polycom conference phones feature 3 directional microphones that pick up 360 degrees of sound ensuring that everyone in the conference can easily be heard on the far end. Are you done tolerating “good enough”?  Discover what Polycom conference phones can do for your business. Use expansion mics and connect multiple conference phones together so that muting a call is within reach of everyone in the room. I love that I can mute without moving from my seat. Choose a wireless conference phone if you want to take it with you from room to room or simply eliminate the chance of tripping over the power cord. We need this experience in all our conference rooms! What I love about my Polycom conference phone