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AOL Brand Strategy Powerpoint....the one that leaked out


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source: valleywag

Ever wonder precisely why big companies such as AOL are so painfully sluggish? Here's an insight. AOL recently launched an enhanced search service which, alongside search results from Google, showed capsule reviews, videos and other content from AOL itself. Straightforward enough. Splice in the different databases, slap a name on the product, pray. Not for AOL. The company engaged a top-tier naming agency, evaluated 120 different options, tested the finalists with focus groups in Denver and Chicago, checked on the meaning in 16 languages -- and the brand strategy group explained its process in a laughably belabored 20-slide presentation. After all that preparation, they forgot to remove the Powerpoint file from the website. Read on, for the screenshots, and a window into the corporate hive mind ....

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