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Cape roku with additional slides

  1. 1. CAPE<br />To shut down dirty coal fired power ad campaign. <br />By Team <br />
  2. 2. GETTING NOTICED<br />You want to get your ad to attract attention instantly. For this campaign, CAPE has the advantage of expressing the harm coal-fired power has on the public. On their ad already it says, “In 2010, our coal plants caused over 150, 000 illnesses, including asthma attacks and over 300 deaths.” It’s in tiny writing so it ends up being the last thing we read. These facts needs to jump out to attract attention because this is shocking information. When the public realizes how harmful coal-power has on the planet, then your more likely to be more successful. <br />
  3. 3. Improving It More <br />CAPE’S advertisement needs to be improved in more ways then one. It shouldn’t be Doctor’s and Nurses Support Green Energy because it’s not clear to whom the ad is targeting. The ad should say “Stop Dirty Coal, Support Green Energy” because it’s straight to the point. It’s acceptable to leave out doctors and nurses because they are mentioned again at the bottom of the ad in small print.<br />
  4. 4. Improving It Even More<br />CAPE’s ad should show the harsh coal plants that are releasing the dirty toxins into our atmosphere. This creates more of a harsh reality of what is happening to our planet. We don’t need to see happy doctors and green fields. Have one or two wind turbines but show WHY we need to donate because THIS is happening. <br />An ad is something that needs to catch your attention. Visuals of doctors and nurses don’t catch our attention. Pictures of the current situation catch our attention. Millennial’s are a very visual age group. Use bigger fonts and get to the point faster, because Millennial’s are all about living in the moment. <br />
  5. 5. PAGE<br />One of the best was to put yourself, or your business out there is to create a Facebook page. Post your campaign, share it, add people to it, make it colorful and to the point so when people read the description, they're not falling asleep. Add links to your campaign website so the users know where to go to donate. It’s all about making yourself noticed and drawing attention. Facebook is a start but to gain more attention, make a video showing what CAPE is really all about. <br />
  6. 6. VIDEO<br />Making a commercial for your campaign is not a hard thing to do. Anyone can shoot and put together a video without spending a single penny. Expand yourself using YouTube where you can upload your ad commercial and share it with the world. A simple video would be with pictures of chemical plants and the harsh smoke coal is producing, then pictures of the beautiful land when there is no more coal. Include shocking facts such as, “Coal is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Ontario.” At the end of the ad, provide CAPE information on where you can donate. With this video, people get an understanding on what your about and from this you can link to CAPE’s different media platforms, Facebook, twitter, etc. <br />
  7. 7. Adapt To Your Audience<br />How many people do you know with a Smartphone? Better question, how many people do you know WITHOUT a Smartphone? Majority of Millennial's carry a Smartphone. Capture their attention by making a video using a Smartphone! On your ads, Facebook page and Twitter post your video! Post your Blackberry PIN Barcode that links to CAPE’s BBM, where you can send broadcast messages to Blackberry users informing them on your ideas and when and where to donate! <br />
  8. 8. Overview<br />Visuals, visuals, visuals!<br />Millennial’s are the age of “speed” get your message across as fast and as efficiently as possible!<br />RELATE! Millennial’s can’t relate to doctor’s and nurses! SHOW them the effects of dirty coal-fired power!<br />RELATE to them on all media platforms, through their Smartphone’s, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube! <br />
  9. 9. Brought to you by:<br /> creating a more creative tomorrow<br />
  10. 10. TEAM<br />Creative input/Cape game plan created by: Brad Robinson, Hazel Laquindanum, Kyla Robertson, Corey Lantz, Evan Wheatley and CianFoley<br />Slogan: Kyla Robertson and Hazel Laquindanum<br />Roku Branding: Brad Robinson<br />PowerpointPresentation: Brad Robinson and Hazel Laquindanum<br />