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JumpyBirds Samsung TV Challenge Presentation


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JumpyBirds is an Entertainment TV app which is going to change the way Toddlers get their favorite songs at home and to change the way Moms shop and buy their child's digital toys. It focuses in solving the traditional problems of how difficult for working busy moms to find and shop quality educational DVDs for children in places where Children's DVD collection in retail stores is limited due to shelf space and inventory.

Our concept design demonstrates the convenience of smart phone to unlock fresh and additional digital content without exiting the app or install additional app. We also significantly reduce the no. of clicks on TV Remote Control from roughly 50 clicks to a single click to request content and offer alternative micro-payment in mobile. Our concept design would offer convenience of purchasing toys from Brick and mortar along with digital content. Mom will be able to buy a teddy bear that appears in the "Teddy Bear" song and surprise their children of the toy as gift on special occasions or act of encouragement of learning.

JumpyBirds's TV app idea is to deliver "Happiness" to both Mom & toddler at their convenience and in the comfort of their home.

JumpyBirds is a Silicon Valley-based startup focuses in creative design and innovative technology in devices.

Published in: Technology, Self Improvement
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JumpyBirds Samsung TV Challenge Presentation

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