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Haiti Medical Updates

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Haiti Medical Updates

  1. 1. Medical Updates 2010 Haiti Earthquake @CrisisCamp SHDH Jan 17, 2010
  2. 2. After Quake “The chief priority must lie with the living” Experts said
  3. 3. Before Quake 50% of children are unvaccinated 40% of population are access to basic health care 50% of deaths are related to 1) HIV /AIDS 2) Respiratory infections 3) Meningitis 4) Diarrheal diseases including cholera & typhoid 90% of children suffer from waterborne diseases & intestinal parasites 5% of Adult is infected with HIV Tuberculosis (TB) are ten times as high as other Latin American countries 30,000 suffer from Malaria
  4. 4. After Quake Most common and most serious injuries are open fractures, head injuries and infected wounds that need amputation Gun wounds Immediate threats of Tentanus and Gangrene Spread of Measles, Meningitis and other infections Existing AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria & malnourishment Updated Jan 20 2010 (A week)
  5. 5. After Quake At least 13 hospitals active in Port-au-Prince area Updated Jan 20 2010 (A week)
  6. 6. After Quake “Dead bodies do not cause epidemics after natural disasters.” Experts said
  7. 7. After Quake “The reality is that most of the disease that live in us - once our body is dead they can’t survive very long” Epidemiologist at the Centers for Diease Control and Prevention
  8. 8. After Quake Decomposition starts as early as the day of death, bringing stench and pests The hotter the weather, the quicker the decomposition Decomposed bodies lead to maggot infestation from flies and attract rats
  9. 9. Questions “How do we use technology to effectively gather emergency medical data?”
  10. 10. Questions “How do we use technology to effectively distribute medical supplies?”
  11. 11. Questions “How do we use technology to prevent epidemic?”
  12. 12. Questions “Can Geeks save the world?”
  13. 13. Haiti Challenge Continue to update...