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Kara Beson
ADV 492
Final Presentation

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  1. 1. Increasing Brand Awareness Through New Media By Kara Beson
  2. 2. 69% thought going green was too expensive
  3. 3. Objectives: Increase Subscriber Interaction Create Loyalty to Brand Keep Up-To-Date Networks
  4. 4. Social Networks Facebook Twitter YouTube
  5. 5. Blogging Keep Up-to-Date with Frequent Posts Relevant Topics Optimize Viewer Interactions Increase Visibility
  6. 6. Press Releases & Social Bookmarks
  7. 7. Search Engine Long Tailed Keywords Marketing Home renovation ideas Home renovation advice Easy home renovation Home improvement ideas Cheap home improvements Home Renovations Advice Improve Your Home with Easy, Cheap, Eco-Friendly Renovations Home Improvement Ideas Save Money & Help the Environment while Improving your Home
  8. 8. Connecting Together for Success
  9. 9. Assessment Timeline Budget • Increased •Implement •Web Designers (25%) Visitors Immediately •Search Engine •Email Sign-ups •Keep Up-To- Marketing Date (40%) •Social Bookmarks •Frequent •Blog Writers (15%) Communication •Trends •Social Media •Home Marketers (20%) •Subscribers’ Improvement Interactions Schedule