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Basak ar study-with-id535-students


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Basak ar study-with-id535-students

  1. 1. Augmented Reality Mobile Applications a study of ways industrial designers can benefit from available AR applications Başak Topal MSc student @ METU ID
  2. 2. What is Augmented Reality? Definition of the term, related concepts along with examples are already covered in earlier weeks of ID535 course.
  3. 3. Aim of this study General aim of my thesis study is to evaluate AR technologies to support industrial design practices. This way, I will be able to propose how existing AR technologies can supplement the design process in different stages. AR applications have become very easy to access, and currently there are lots of applications that can run even on computers, tablets and smartphones to display 3D models, animation, sound, 2D visuals, and text. The potential of this technology should be explored in a design education setting. Therefore, as part of your ID535 project, my specific aim will be to evaluate two mobile AR applications (i.e. Augment and Metaio) and understand to what degree you find these applications useful to support your final presentation.
  4. 4. Stages of Study PART I – Augmented Reality Applications Demo. Today, I will carry out a demo for two mobile AR applications: Augment and Metaio, available for iOS and Android. Part II – Concept Design Project and Adding Interactive AR Content to Presentation Boards. As the students of ID535 course this semester, you are asked to make use of Augment and Metaio applications to add interactive content to your final presentation boards of ‘Concept Design Project’ that you are carrying out. Part III – Evaluation of Augment and Metaio AR Applications. On the completion of your presentation boards, I will distribute a short questionnaire to better understand your experiences with the two applications.
  5. 5. Introduction to selected AR apps Now, I’d like to give you a half-hour demo to introduce the two mobile AR apps that we chose for this project, and hopefully give you initial inspirations about how they may support your final project presentation!
  6. 6. Metaio Creator&Metaio Toolbox&Junaio Browser Metaio Creator: free software to upload trackables and AR content and publish them as channels Metaio Toolbox: iPad application in addition to Metaio Creator to make 3D maps of objects you want to use for object tracking Junaio Browser: iPad application to scan trackables to view AR content
  7. 7. Metaio Interface
  8. 8. Types of Data to Augment with Metaio Creator • • • • • • • • 3D content(.obj, .md2, .fbx) 2D image content(.jpg, .png, .bmp) Sound files(.mp3) In-page and full screen video(.mp4, .avi, .mov, .mpg, .mpeg) Youtube video Buttons Web pages Facebook, Twitter, Google+ link
  9. 9. Metaio Creator Metaio Creator developer portal has all the information you need. I recommend going through the three tutorials initially, then browsing the other titles. Our goal will be creating public Junaio channels.
  10. 10. Metaio Creator Demo I will show you two examples with two trackables each. In the first one I used image tracking to augment information on my presentation board. In the second one, I used the object tracking feature to augment information on a physical mock up.
  11. 11. Metaio Creator Demo • • • • • Image tracking: uploading images to be tracked Video of flashing lights on the espresso machine: 8 individual frames as a stop motion animation in Adobe After Effects Animation of hand pulling on the steamer: a .png image of the hand assigned as a transparent texture on a plane in 3DS Max, then animated Interactive button which plays sound Object tracking: scanning of a 3D object as a tracker with the Metaio Toolbox application, or uploading a CAD model Information text above tea box: transparent text animation prepared with Adobe After Effects presets Texture overlay on physical mock up
  12. 12. Augment Demo I will show you an example with my espresso machine project.
  13. 13. Other AR apps • Content creation/management applications – Layar – Daqri – Metaio Creator&Junaio Browser • End-to-End branded applications – Augment – Aurasma • Inspirational applications – – – – Zooburst Wooden Doll 3d Pocket Snow Storm ColAR Mix
  14. 14. You can find more detailed information on what I presented here at: To contact me: