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Last 15 Years on Wall Street - FULL


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A Fifteen Year History of Wall Street, more at

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Last 15 Years on Wall Street - FULL

  1. 1. A Fifteen Year History of Wall Street by
  2. 2. Analyst Desk at a Major Wall Street BankWe really need torate these techstocks a strong buy!
  3. 3. They dont seem tomake any money?
  4. 4. Our investmentbank makes akilling takingthese bad boyspublic, its our jobto make surethese things sell!
  5. 5. Isnt it against ourmoral oath as CFAs torecommend stocks thatare loosing money?
  7. 7. Brokerage Branch of same Wall Street BankOur firm rates thesetech stocks a strongbuy, we need to geton the horn and sellthese bad boys......theres also a 15%commission!!!!
  8. 8. Yes?
  9. 9. These tech stocks dont seem tobe making any money though??
  10. 10. Its a new economy...earnings are prehistoric
  11. 11. Isnt it against our code asseries 7 to worry aboutcommissions?? We aresupposed to put our clientsinterest before our own...
  13. 13. Client Meeting Inside Same BrokerageAre you sure Itsloosing money... whatabout valuations??
  14. 14. Its a new economy... you wontbe worrying about valuationswhen youre buying a yacht!!
  15. 15. Lets do it!!
  16. 16. I love the smell of commissions in the morning!!
  17. 17. Fat-Cat Boardroom at same Wall Street Bank Well... those tech stocks didnt work out so hot.
  18. 18. It was a bubble...investors shouldveknown better
  19. 19. Now we have areal opportunityto sell bundlesof mortgages
  20. 20. Real Estate hasdone nothing butgo up... and manyof these mortgagesseem to have weakcredit quality??
  21. 21. We need to sellthem to get emoff our books!Plus, we make aridiculous profitfor packagingthem up, its awin-win... for us!!
  22. 22. Dont we have amoral obligation tolook out for all thestakeholders?
  24. 24. Institutional Sales Desk - same Wall Street Bank Are you sure about the credit quality on these mortgage securities?
  25. 25. Of course, thesethings are solid!!
  26. 26. Look, we know thesethings are going todefault... thats whybuying our credit defaultswaps is a no-brainer!
  27. 27. Same Fat-Cat Boardroom(several years later) Well, that didnt work out so hot...
  28. 28. The good news is wehave been givingmoney to both this bail-out thing isvirtually guaranteed!!
  29. 29. Hey, didnt the treasurysecretary used to work here?
  30. 30. Yeah, and the FedChairman too
  31. 31. Look guys... this isgoing to workout justfine! Our actions willput most of the smallbanks out of business
  32. 32. Yeah... and theones that are leftmust be reallyconservative andhave great assets!!
  33. 33. EXACTLY! Nowwe have ourtakeover targets
  35. 35. The End