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Brochure I created for the Hana Youth Orchestra

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  1. 1. ENSEMBLELESSONS SCHEDULES PRIVATE LESSONS JOIN HANA MUSIC PRIVATE SUMMER 2002 SESSION Musicians in the Hana Youth THE Orchestra are strongly encouraged ORCHESTRA HANA to study with a private lesson From JULY 22 – 25 YOUTH teacher. We believe that students Rehearsals: M-Th. 2 pm – 4 pm ORCHESTRA who study both privately and Concert JULY 25, 2002 7:30 pm AND perform in ensembles are able to CHORUS Summer Tuition: $140.00 per student* participate at a much higher level. ENSEMBLE IN RESIDENCE CHORUS CONCERT SERIES From AUGUST 5 – 9 Rehearsals: M-F 10 am – 12 pm We will also have a concert series Concert: AUGUST 9, 2002 7:30 pm featuring award-winning chamber Summer Tuition: $140.00 per student* music ensembles at the end of each month from Sept – May. (*Kids receive Hana Music T-shirts & refreshments at concert) PARENT’S COMMITTEE Join our international parents 2002-2003 SESSION committee; Make friends, create AUDITION ORCHESTRA business networking opportunities JUNE 26 – 29 for and participate in community events. Rehearsals: Thursdays 4 pm – 6 pm Orchestra & Chorus May Concert Attend family gatherings and enjoy international foods and Louis Kosma Fall or Spring Tuition: $250.00 entertainment from around the All State Orchestra Conductor Full Season Tuition: $450.00 (Sept. – May) world. Helen Fousteris Guest Chorus Conductor CHORUS Scholarships may be available for talented students and will be based Rehearsals: Wednesdays 4 pm – 6 pm Goon Shik Yang on financial need. May Concert Metropolitan Opera Chorus Hana Music Director Fall or Spring Tuition: $250.00 43 Broad Ave. Full Season Tuition: $450.00 (Sept. – May) Palisades Park, NJ 07650 Tel. 201-943-7782
  2. 2. Do you share our vision? AUDITION REQUIREMENTS LOUIS KOSMA BRASS & WOODWINDS The HANA YOUTH ORCHESTRA and AN EXPERIENCED REGIONAL & ALL STATE CHORUS (HYO) is being created as a 1) Please prepare any piece that ORCHESTRA CONDUCTOR vehicle for new performers to develop best represents your ability or and practice an integrated musicianship as recommended by your Louis Kosma plays double bass with the that synergizes music of the past with teacher. Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. He is also the a myriad of art forms of the present. 2) Chromatic and Major scales up Music Director for the Vermont Philharmonic and We hope to prepare musicians and to four sharps and flats. has organized and participated in chamber music audiences alike for the concert music 3) Optional Sight Reading. concerts with Music Amici and Alborada Latina. of the future. We encourage youth He has conducted several Regional and All State musicians to audition for a rewarding STRINGS programs throughout the U.S. including NJ, NY, and fun experience in music. MA and N. Dakota. 1) Please prepare any piece that best represents your ability or Call 201-943-7782 to schedule an He is also an adjunct bass instructor at New as recommended by your audition. Audition fee is $30.00. Jersey City University and also teaches bass teacher. privately. 2) Chromatic and Major scales up to four sharps and flats. SMALL ENSEMBLES Lou has performed pro bono for the Chautauqua 3) Optional Sight Reading. Hebrew Congregation and the 1987, 1990, and 1993 Music for Life concerts at Carnegie Hall to Chamber Music Ensembles and PERCUSSION benefits AIDS research. Other affiliations have Instrument Choirs will also be coached Please prepare roll, and display included principal bassist for the American Ballet for intermediate and advanced level percussion rudiments. Orchestra, Northeastern PA Philharmonic and the students. Flute, guitar, clarinet New Jersey Symphony. students are highly encouraged to play SINGERS in instrument choirs. Standard 1) Please prepare “America” repertoire and transcriptions from all WHY JOIN HANA MUSIC? periods and styles of music will There is an audition fee of $30.00. explored for each instrument choir In addition to having an experienced Regional and Auditions will be approximately 10 group. We will also coach instrumental All-State Orchestra Conductor, each section of minutes in duration and will be held in and vocal students who wish to perform the Hana Youth Orchestra will be coached by June, September, December, and in Piano Trios, Woodwind quintets, professional musicians performing side by side with January. We will also audition upon Brass Quintets, and String Quartets. the kids providing extra support and attention to request by appointment. Audition is required to determine detail making HANA MUSIC an excellent place to appropriate placement. study. Please call 201-943-7782 for more information.