Bonaventura ErwinJl. A. Yani 71 Bogor 16161     0811-80-4536       bonaventura.erwin@gmail.comOBJECTIVESeeking a career an...
Bonaventura Erwin - RESUME                                         Page 2 of 6PT. Global Mediacom, Tbk.                   ...
Bonaventura Erwin - RESUME                                        Page 3 of 6National Sales ManagementHead of National Sal...
Bonaventura Erwin - RESUME                                           Page 4 of 6Sales Payroll & Budget Manager            ...
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Bonaventura Erwin RESUME


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Bonaventura Erwin RESUME

  1. 1. Bonaventura ErwinJl. A. Yani 71 Bogor 16161 0811-80-4536 bonaventura.erwin@gmail.comOBJECTIVESeeking a career and challenging responsibilities in leading industry.CAREER HIGHLIGHT- Near to 20 years working experience in international and multi-nationalcompanies.- 10 years experience in International Banking.- Working in principal company such as:Banking, Media, Internet & Cable TV(Pay TV), Consultant,Restaurant, & Courier.- Working in area of : Marketing, Sales, Operation, Branches, Electronic Banking & IT.- Experience managing big scale team (more than 100 people across Indonesia).SKILLS- Strong skills in People Management, Project Management, StrategicPartnership, Business Development, Business Process, Process Improvement,Sales & Marketing Operation, MIS, Digital Marketing, & Information TechnologySolution.EXPERIENCEPT. LinkNet. (PT. Firstmedia, Tbk.) Jakarta, Indonesia October 2009 – PresentCommercial DirectorateGM Marketing & Sales Effectiveness- To Manage Marketing and Sales Division- To Achieve Company target of Subscriber & RevenueDivision Head of Marketing Acquisition- To Develop Marketing Acquisition Program and Sales Initiatives.- To Build Digital Marketing for Company. (Website,Twitter,Facebook,SMS Push)Projects: - NRO (New Roll Out) Home pass Expansion. - Direct Sales People & Capacity Build up: People, Process, Premises - Digital Marketing. Website : - CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) : Firstmedia Goes to School - Electronic Payment Online : DOKU pay - Strategic Partnership: Cisco, Citibank, BNI, Bank Mandiri, Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Infinite/(Apple Store), Electronic Solution
  2. 2. Bonaventura Erwin - RESUME Page 2 of 6PT. Global Mediacom, Tbk. Jakarta, Indonesia September 2008 – Sept 2009Governance & Organization DevelopmentHead of Corporate Policies & Business Process ReengineeringTo develop&setup Management Information System within group&business unit.To implement standard system and reporting within group & business unit.To evaluate working process and develop business process within business unit.To support, suggest and facilitate business unit to develop operating policies.To synergize corporate policy within group and business unit.To ensure the corporate policy are applied within all business units.Projects:- MNI - Koran Seputar Indonesia (Business Process workshop)- HR-Holding (HR Information System & DataOn System integration)- TPI / MNC-TV (Integration Hyperion & Oracle system)- GA/GS Group (Gasoline –RFID/Contact-less Card payment system / Cashless)STANDARD CHARTERED BANK Jakarta, Indonesia July 2004 – August 2008Shared DistributionHead of Direct Banking March 2006 – August 2008To develop and enhance the New Strategic Channel of Standard Chartered BankIndonesia. Manage three strategic units: Electronic Banking, Payment Channel &Distribution Expansion (Sales Centers and Branches). Build Internet &Mobile/SMS Banking. Develop and expand new ATM features. Replace all SCBIndonesia ATM’s. Develop New Payment Channel via SCB-Net (SCB Groupstandard ATM switching initiative/Euronet). To support Shared Distributionorganization for branch and infrastructure expansion.Achievement :The Silver Winner for the ATMs "Best Service Improvement" category Oct2006 from SCB Group.Projects: - New Core Banking system (e-BBS) migration (2006-2007) - New ATM switching system (Euronet) deployment (2007) - New ATM (Wincor Nixdorf) replacement (2007) - New Main Head Office (Menara SCB) relocation (2008) - New Branch Sunter, Jakarta (2007) - New Branch, Bandung (2008) - New Wealth Management Center, Surabaya (2008) - New Branch Menara SCB, Jakarta (2008)
  3. 3. Bonaventura Erwin - RESUME Page 3 of 6National Sales ManagementHead of National Sales Operation & Supports July 2004-Feb 2006To support, control and manage all operations matters relating to salesmanagement. To manage SCB National areas such as: sales payroll, salesexpenses, utilities payments, sales premises & infrastructure, applicationprocessing, sales MIS reporting, sales administration, sales recruitment, salestraining, and sales motivational program. Expanding sales operation coverage ofPAN Indonesia up to 33 locations, 17 Cities. Supporting sales operation ofaround 5000 DSR’s thru Direct Sales, Telesales & Telemarketing channels.Manage sales operation organization about 150 staffs which located acrossIndonesia.CITIBANK, N.A. Jakarta, Indonesia May 1998 – June 2004Marketing Communication DepartmentE-Banking Manager June 2003 – June 2004Manage electronic banking marketing communication strategy of Banking andBancard Business. Develop promotional program to support marketing strategy.Enhance current conventional marketing promotional to online media (website, e-mail campaign system, e-Direct Mail, e-Catalog (EazyPay), e-Shop, e-Newsletter, etc.) Manage Citibank Indonesia website ( acquisition strategy via online marketing (Direct Acquisition Online,MGM, Direct Sales & Telesales Channels). Expand Citibank World PrivilegesMerchants Access for Indonesia.Achievement :The Best Website (BUBU Award) Corporate Category from ICT (2003).The Best Internet Banking Consumer Banking Asia Pacific from GlobalFinance Magazine (2003,2004).Card & Loan Sales DepartmentExpense Control Manager January 2002 – May 2003Card and Loan Sales Department covering National Direct Sales & Telesales, AllIndonesia area (Medan, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya & Bali).Expense control function covered sales commission payment, budgeting & MISreports. Manage and control sales expense within department in the total amountof Rp. 50 billion per year. Execute payroll for 1500 Direct Sales in all area(Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya,) & 300 Telesales (Jakarta, Bandung, & Surabaya).Prepared forecasting, budgets financial projections and cash flow statements.Furnished financial analysis reports and presentations.
  4. 4. Bonaventura Erwin - RESUME Page 4 of 6Sales Payroll & Budget Manager November 1999 – December 2001National Direct Sales Department expense control covered sales commissionpayment, budgeting & MIS reports. Manage and control sales expense withindepartment in the total amount of Rp. 25 billion per year. Execute payroll for1500 Direct Sales in all area (Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya). Prepared budgetsfinancial projections and cash flow statements. Furnished financial analysisreports and presentations.Sales Expense Control & MIS Manager July 1999 – October 1999National Direct Sales expense control and payment & MIS. Produce Nationaldaily application MIS tracking report (reported to Regional Office in Singapore).Manage Direct Sales performance tracking. Reconcile and report sales expenseand commission.Customer Relationship Management DepartmentPlanning Officer May 1998 – July 1999Develop integrated MIS connected Jakarta, Bandung Surabaya. DevelopCustomer Relationship Management Information System. Build and setupCitibank Event Center at Plaza Indonesia and Mal Taman Anggrek. Performleads distribution from marketing database. Develop planning and financialforecast.DHL (PT. Birotika Semesta) Jakarta, Indonesia January 1997 – May 1998Marketing & Sales DepartmentAccount Manager November 1997 – May 1998Maintain DHL banking customers. Manage 250 banking DHL accounts. Maintaincustomer contact and support their shipments. Take over big five bankingcustomers from competitors (around 50,000 USD revenue per month percustomer)Customer Automation Executive January 1997 - November 1997Maintain customers connection to DHL computer system. Have responsible ofInstall and train DHL tracing system (EasyShip) at 50 major DHL customers(Jakarta & Bandung) within 10 Months. Develop inventory system. SetupHelpdesk activities and software implemented in internal Local Area Network(Novel environment).
  5. 5. Bonaventura Erwin - RESUME Page 5 of 6Oklahoma City University (MIS Department) Oklahoma, USAInternship August 1995-December 1995Analyze and design the registration and financial systems. Create model ofregistration & payment systems.PT. Bersari Karya Mulia Jakarta, IndonesiaAdministration Officer August 1993 - December 1993Develop new system for administration process. Setup office legaldocumentation and prepare office premise & infrastructure.PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia Bandung, IndonesiaInternship August 1992 - June 1993Examine and evaluate company’s strategic plan 1993 - 1998. Create report andanalysis of Strategic planning.Padjadjaran University Bandung, IndonesiaComputer Lab. Teaching Assistant July 1991 - July 1993Lecture computer introduction course. Develop curriculum and scoring forstudents. Create student performance progress reports.FORMAL EDUCATIONMaster of Business Administration, 1996.Management Information System,Oklahoma City University, USA.Sarjana Ekonomi, 1993.Strategic Management, Padjadjaran University, Bandung.TRAINING & WORKSHOPCisco Linksys Digital Home, Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) router, (Cisco) 2010World ATM Workshop & Conference, Paderborn,Germany (WincorNixdorf) 2008IDEAL / Outserve Plus Business Process Workshop (SCB) 2007 - Finding Fact Based Solutions - Remove Process Waste - Manage Processes ConsistentlyLeveraging Business Strategy (SCB) 2007Picasso Internet & Mobile Banking Workshop, KL, Malaysia (SCB) 2006Being a Talented Manager (SCB) 2005Operational Risk Management (SCB) 2004Citibank Worldwide Privileged, Singapore (CITIBANK, N.A.) 2003MS-Office 2000 Train the Trainer Course (ExecuTrain) 2003
  6. 6. Bonaventura Erwin - RESUME Page 6 of 6Cross Function Process Improvement (CFPI) (CITIBANK, N.A.) 2002Credit Card Management Course (CITIBANK, N.A.) 2000Effective Business Presentation (CITIBANK, N.A.) 1999Negotiation Skills (CITIBANK, N.A.) 1999Time Management (CITIBANK, N.A.) 1998Plan Do Check Action (PDCA) (CITIBANK, N.A.) 1998Introduction to Citibank Quality (ICQ) (CITIBANK, N.A.) 1998The Professional Selling Skills (DHL) 1998Outdoor Leadership Team Building (DHL) 1998The Unorganized Manager (Tack Training) 1998Presentation Skills (Tack Training) 1997The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen R. Covey) 1997Personality Development (John Robert Powers) 1993ORGANIZATIONLightShare Photography, 2009 - presentPERMIAS Oklahoma City, USA, 1995-1996AIESEC, 1989-1993Catholic Student Family of Padjadjaran University, 1988-1990Taekwondo Unit of Padjadjaran University, 1987-1989Economics Faculty Senate of Padjadjaran University, 1987-1990Management Department of Padjadjaran University, 1987-1991INTERESTReading, swimming, digital photography & video imaging, Apple Mac, homeimprovementSOCIAL MEDIAFacebook: -o0o-