How To REALLY Use LinkedIn To Boost Your Sales in 8 Tips?


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How To REALLY Use LinkedIn To Boost Your Sales in 8 Tips?

This presentation gives you an overview of how you can boost your sales in 8 tips. Most people don't know how to really use LinkedIn. You fill find 8 practical LinkedIn tips to find new ways of boosting your sales results. We also share the biggest mistake people make on LinkedIn and also the 5 step strategy for creating success with LinkedIn.

We also share the LinkedIn Strategy Matrix© for Organizations or how you can leverage LinkedIn in your organization, not only to boost your sales.

On top of that, we also talk about one of the fundamental principles of (online) networking. Most people are looking in the wrong place when networking.

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How To REALLY Use LinkedIn To Boost Your Sales in 8 Tips?

  1. 1. To Boost Your Sales in 8 Tips? @LinkedinBook
  2. 2. Biggest LinkedIn Mistake By Sales People? Using LinkedIn as a (passive) billboard instead of a (proactive) tool
  3. 3. No Idea How To Find New Customers?
  4. 4. How To REALLY Use LinkedIn? Most sales people dont have any idea... How many customers do you want? What does your ideal customer look like? What kind of function or role does your contact have? What kind of organisation is it? Which industry? Which location? Then ask yourself: Who are the people in the best position to help me reach my goals?
  5. 5. Different Ways To Use LinkedIn Individual efforts Team strategies Organizational level LinkedIn Strategy Matrix© for Organizations
  6. 6. LinkedIn Strategy Matrix© for Organizations PASSIVE STRATEGIES ACTIVE STRATEGIES PROACTIVE STRATEGIESOrganization Company Profile - Advertising Solutions (fee) - Hiring Solutions (fee) - Company Status UpdatesCEO, - Personal Profile Status UpdatesManagers - ApplicationsAll Co- - Personal Profile - Group Managers of internal Find:workers - Applications and alumni Groups or external Groups - New customers - Active member of internal and external - New employees Groups - New partners - Contribute to Answers - New suppliers - Status Updates - Project members - Share information - Internal and - Attend events and use LinkedIn Events external expertise
  7. 7. Fundamental principle of networkingThe REAL power is in the 2nd degree The real power of the network is in the second degree. The real power is in the network of your network. So dont focus on your own network, but ask them to introduce you to their network!
  8. 8. Single most important "feature" of LinkedIn LinkedIn shows the connections between people. LinkedIn shows you which of your own contacts can introduce you to their connections who know them. LinkedIn allows you to easily tap into the power of the 2nd (or 3rd) degree. LinkedIn eliminates "cold" calling.
  9. 9. TIP 1: 5 Steps Success Strategy1. Define a specific goal2. Think of the people in the best position to help you reach your goal3. Use "Advanced Search"4. Look at the list for common contacts5. Ask the person you have the best relationship with for a Magic Mail
  10. 10. TIP2: Building a "basic" network in 3 stepsBECAUSE you need a "basic" or first degree network first before you can tap into the power of the second degree / the power of LinkedIn.3. Upload the contacts from your email program to LinkedIn.4. Connect with (old) colleagues and (old) classmates using LinkedIn tools.5. Join the Groups which are in line with your goals, for example: 1. Current / potential customers 2. Professional organisations 3. Trade organisations 4. Chambers of Commerce 5. Alumni associations of your college or (previous) employer(s).
  11. 11. TIP3: Find the people that can help you1. Search on their name (if you know their names)2. Use Advanced Search with the parameters you have used to make your goal clear (for example: location, industry, function, key words)3. Browse in the network of your connections4. Look in the member lists of the Groups you joined5. Use "Companies"
  12. 12. TIP 4-8: Some dos and donts1. Be proactive. Just making a Profile is (most of the times) not enough.2. Build relationships. Even if they are not the right person, they might be able to introduce you to the people who you want to sell to.3. Be active in Groups and help others: this will raise your visibility and credibility.4. DONT use LinkedIn as a sales tool, but as a research tool.5. Start building your network NOW and spend each week some time expanding and maintaining your network.
  13. 13. Do you want more tips like 10 strategies to find new customers 42 tips to make your profile stand out THE tool outside LinkedIn that makes your network work for you Passive, active and proactive strategies to be found 31 answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) 30 little known features that can make or break your results with LinkedIn 11 tools to save time Here is how...
  14. 14. you know that you can hire Jan Vermeiren and/or BertVerdonck as a speaker for an in-company trainings andworkshops? Get in touch now to find out or +32 3216 2747