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2015 bertrand gorge - we live in a vuca world


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These slides are intended to help people grasp the stakes of the world we live in...!

Published in: Leadership & Management
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2015 bertrand gorge - we live in a vuca world

  1. 1. Bertrand Gorge VUCA | We live in a VUCA World Nov 2015
  2. 2. Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous VUCA
  3. 3. “ Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous Volatile | Change is accelerating Over the next 10 years, I expect many more industries to be disrupted by software, with new world-beating Silicon Valley companies doing the disruption in more cases than not. Marc Andreessen, 2011 1991 The web 1994 Amazon 1997 Netflix 1998 Google 1998 PayPal 1999 Alibaba 1999 BlackBerry 1999 SalesForce 2001 iPod 2001 Wikipedia 2002 SpaceX 2002 Amazon Web Services 2003 Skype 2003 Tesla 2003 Digital photo > film 2004 Facebook 2005 YouTube 2006 Twitter 2006 Spotify 2007 iPhone 2007 Dropbox 2008 Android 2008 AirBnB 2009 Uber 2010 iPad 2011 E-Books > Print Books 2012 Coursera
  4. 4. Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous Uncertain | predictability is not achievable anymore Source: International Energy Agency
  5. 5. Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous Complex| Models are becoming so complex, isolating the impact of actions is impossible Total U.S. economic impacts of the 1998 El Nino were estimated to be on the order of $25 billion.
  6. 6. Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous Ambiguity | Differences in interpretation when contextual clues are insufficient to clarify meaning “Our mandate is not one of creative ambiguity, it is to end austerity Alexis Tsipras
  7. 7. VUCA Prime | The answer to VUCA
  8. 8. Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous VUCA Vision Understanding Clarity Agility
  9. 9. Vision Understanding Clarity Agility Vision | Communication, Belief and Focus “We will not stop until every car on the road is electric. Elon Musk, 2011
  10. 10. Vision Understanding Clarity Agility Understanding | Curiosity, Empathy, Open mind Facilitation is becoming the number 1 tool in management 3.0
  11. 11. Vision Understanding Clarity Agility Clarity | Simplify, Intuition, Systems thinking “Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion. Steve Jobs, 2011
  12. 12. Vision Understanding Clarity Agility Agility | Decisiveness, Innovate or die, Empower “You can't build an adaptable organization without adaptable people - and individuals change only when they have to, or when they want to. Gary Hamel
  13. 13. “An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage. Jack Welch