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HR 2.0 does not start with tool adoption


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The presentation I gave at HRTechEurope 2012 in Amsterdam, on why HR should not focus on social technologies adoption when they want to embrace a new way of doing HR

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  • très sympa et intelligente cette présentation qui met en avant les raisons des échecs actuels et les changements à introduire dans le how mais certainement aussi dans le why !
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HR 2.0 does not start with tool adoption

  1. 1. Social does not startwith software adoption 26 oct. 2012
  2. 2. Hello !Bertrand DuperrinSocial Business Consulting Directorhttp://www.nextmodernity.comMy blog : http://www.duperrin.comTwitter : @bduperrin
  3. 3. Coordination, process Knowledge sharing executionNetworking, membership, Communication, engage community-ship ment
  4. 4. We built it…No one showed up
  5. 5. Please adopt me !
  6. 6. Adoption by (HR) People ≠ Adoption by the HR function
  7. 7. Changing the way ≠ HR people workChanging the way theMission of HR is fulfilled
  8. 8. More efficient HR ≠ team Better HR Value of getting better atexecuting a flawed system ?
  9. 9. Hacking one’s personal work is easy Hacking a legally and socially sensitive system is harder
  10. 10. Mobility Performance reviewLearning Talent management Compensation & Benefits
  11. 11. Part of HR value is a by- product of adoption in operations
  12. 12. Use tools or serve them ?
  13. 13. Great tools make no sense if they don’t fit in the system
  14. 14. Social media is technology used to engagethree or more peopleSocial learning is participating with othersto make sense of new ideasWhat’s new is how powerfully they worktogether Marcia Conner – “The new social learning”
  15. 15. If you had to rebuilt your HRdepartment for scratch today, wouldyou make it look exactly as it is today ? No ?
  16. 16. Will the right ones see the sign and take the exit ?
  17. 17. Are you sure theknowledge you need is all there ?
  18. 18. Learning or gettingprepared for learning ?
  19. 19. (digital) workplace design matters
  20. 20. What behaviors should bepromoted in the workplace ?
  21. 21. What kind of rewards do you need ?
  22. 22. Talent shortage or unability to identify and leverage them ?
  23. 23. Talent mobility and / or flexible marketplace
  24. 24. What do they really expect ?
  25. 25. The most successful companies are those that think jointly technological change, work design and the changes in internal social relationships Antoine Riboud (Former CEO – Danone) Start with a vision
  26. 26. Know what will makes you successful and how to sustain it
  27. 27. Start with actualbehaviors, with real people IRL
  28. 28. Tools do not triggerbehavioral change but make its effect scale
  29. 29. Learning is a P2P mechanism
  30. 30. Reinvent the role of intermediaries
  31. 31. Smart technologies blend channels
  32. 32. Old metrics wont lightwhere change happens
  33. 33. Social techs won’t trigger behaviors that make nosense or run processes that don’t exist
  34. 34. Don’t serve tools.Leverage them.
  35. 35. Thank you