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How to put social into process


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The presentation I gave at the Enterprise 2.0 Summit 2012.

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How to put social into process

  1. 1. How to put the social intothe process ? February 8th, 2012
  2. 2. Hi !Bertrand DuperrinEnterprise 2.0 Consultant atNextmodernityBlog: : @bduperrinCompany
  3. 3. What does « social » or « 2.0 » mean ?« Making the most of one’s or a company’s connections, knowledge, social and informational capital to get things done »
  4. 4. What are « things » in a world whereanything that could be automatedhas been automated?Solve problemsHandle exceptionsLearnCoordinateInnovate, conceive, design, be creative
  5. 5. Most initiativeshave been aboutlearning
  6. 6. And long term
  7. 7. But what’s about day to day work ?
  8. 8. ROI & Tangible resultsImpact on operationsCyclesDecision, coordinationWhat can be measured in terms of outcomes : more and/or fasterWhat boosts the flow of work
  9. 9. Adoption concerns ? Social is for those who get it For those who understand the value of doing a little bit more on top of their job It’s not what people are measured on, rewarded for What’s the lowest common denominator in the workplace ? Tasks, processes, workflows Hard to make poeple discover social environments in this context !
  10. 10. It’s not only about« maybe one day… »anymore
  11. 11. But alsoabout…
  12. 12. And a critical mass
  13. 13. To deliver tangible value
  14. 14. Anything that aims atdevelopping intangiblesis worthless untilprocesses relies on it
  15. 15. Social is only for believersSocial can boost structured activitiesIs social only for long termSocial is additional workSocial can impact current business indicators
  16. 16. Burst the bubble to unleash the social potential Potential /systematic Learning /doing Support / embeddingVoluntary /« the way we do things »
  17. 17. By bringing social capital into the flow of workyou can get a supercharged execution engine
  18. 18. Communties, social networksSocial project Social BPMmanagementAdaptive case Managementmanagement 2.0
  19. 19. 4 challenges !
  20. 20. Make social a soutine andbridge the gap Share Debrief Search Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Task x Refine/ Ask Discuss Connect
  21. 21. Bring social intothe management DNA  Autonony  Flexibility  Right to be creative  Decision making (P2P and decentralized)  Leadership  Trust
  22. 22. Identify and fixprocesses that need to be socialized  What processes often fail because of lack of flexibility, because too many exceptions need creativity and problem solving ?  How to involve the right people, find the right knowledge at the right moment without too much additional efforts ?  How to involve people in continuous process improvement ?
  23. 23. Bring toolstogether ! Bring business events and alerts in the social stream Bring social capabilities into business applications Bring the solution one click away from the problem…even on the same screen Make it possible to perform business actions in the social context…or social actions in the business context
  24. 24. « A sitting intellectual will nevergo further than a walking wally » Michel Audiard – French dialog writer So…keep on making peoplemore knowledgeable, but help them use their knowledge to walk better and faster