State of the project (widget sdk + a11y)


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State of the project (widget sdk + a11y)

  1. 1. Sakai OAEWidget SDK Bert Pareyn
  2. 2. Sakai OAE Widget SDKImportant part of what the OAE is trying to achieveCreate a healthy ecosystem around widget creationAllows real users to drive innovation and developmentAllows you to contribute back
  3. 3. Sakai OAE Widget SDKThe SDK is live for everyone to useContinuous update of documentation going onIncoming stream of widgets is picking upEncourage everyone to take a look
  4. 4. Sakai OAE Widget SDK
  5. 5. Contribution: OAE Comments WallMaarten BressinckCambridge University
  6. 6. Contribution: Freenode IRCStuart FreemanGeorgia Tech
  7. 7. Contribution: Quick LinksYu-Hung LinBerkeley
  8. 8. Contribution: Walk TimeScot HackerBerkeley
  9. 9. And more!... ... Jelte Fennema Bert Pareyn Hal Blackburn Amsterdam Cambridge Cambridge
  10. 10. Sakai OAE Widget SDK - AspirationsEvolve into system that allows for even easier installation of widgetsHave contributors from all around the worldGet everyone interested in playing around with widgetsKeep SDK up to date, centralized docs
  11. 11. Accessibility a11y Bert Pareyn
  12. 12. Accessibility in the OAE - StateInvesting more time in accessibilityWorking closely with various accessibility expertsContinuous accessibility reviewsCloser integration of accessibility in our workflowThank you Joe Humbert, Brian Richwine and Gonzalo Silverio
  13. 13. Accessibility in the OAE - AreasNavigationSkip to contentFormsListsPage HeadersImproved screenreader support