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State of Belief


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Published in: Spiritual
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State of Belief

  1. 1. Our belief that Jesus Christ is the Sonof God and that He is risen and seatedat the right hand of God and that Hewill return one day for us is the corebelief of our faith.State of Belief 1 of 13
  2. 2. Constantly being tested by:1.External Situations:a. The economyb. War or Peacec. Technology & Culture2.Our personal circumstances including:a. Health, physical and mentalb. Financec. RelationshipsState of Belief 2 of 13
  3. 3. What then strengthens our belief? Whatconditions are required to provide feedand to ensure Growth?Let us have a look at some of the issuessurrounding the triumphant departure ofJesus Christ from EarthState of Belief 3 of 13
  4. 4. We have commented on the authors ofthe four (4) gospels and how John’sgospel is more descriptive, explaining avariety of issues, not least of all why theappearance of Lazarus was so importantState of Belief 4 of 13
  5. 5. Even more important was John’s 2chapters on the resurrection of Christ•Matthew, Mark and Luke only 1 chapter•Matthew and Mark almost identical•Luke more detailed with quotes from Christ•John’s analysis over 2 chapters is even moreextensiveState of Belief 5 of 13
  6. 6. The first chapter of Acts is also devotedto the resurrection of Jesus.•Many agree that Luke wrote Acts after thedeath of Paul in Rome•V4 - Jesus commands His disciples to waitin Jerusalem for the baptism of the HolySpirit.•V15 – His followers are numbered as 120.Peter clearly takes lead of the pack.•V26 – Matthias replaces Judas as a discipleState of Belief 6 of 13
  7. 7. Why would Peter assume leadership ofthese followers?In John 21, the disciple who Jesus lovedprovides the evidence.• V12-17 Jesus imposes it on Peter to feedHis sheep – 3 times•V20-21 – Peter is concerned about John’srole and is set straight by Christ.•It is clear at this point in time that Judas’betrayal was still unknownState of Belief 7 of 13
  8. 8. Why would Peter assume leadership ofthese followers?In Acts 1:16-20 Peter now asserts himselfstating what Judas had done, his fate and thatof the priest who authorised the use of themoney Judas had returned(see Matthew 27:3-10)State of Belief 8 of 13
  9. 9. Why would Peter assume leadership ofthese followers?Acts 2:14-36 - Peter speaks on behalf of allwho have received the promised baptism ofthe Holy SpiritActs 38-40 – Peter issues instructionsThereafter Peter and John work together topropagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ.State of Belief 9 of 13
  10. 10. Some question must be buzzing aboutthis as we examine Church Leadershiptoday.1.Would the Gospel of Christ havespread were it not for Peter taking upthe role Jesus instructed him to take?2.What about the responsibility of Johnin allowing Peter to lead?3.Were Believers inspired to ACT?State of Belief 10 of 13
  11. 11. We started by agreeing what our corebelief is and identifying tests whichimpact on our belief.It is also clear that without dynamicleadership, this too will affect our stateof belief. Jesus spoke about feedingHis sheep knowing full well that thiswas a critical part of Peter’s roleState of Belief 11 of 13
  12. 12. Some core attributes required.Leaders must be prepared to:1. Plan, guide and put into action what Godhas instructed them to do. (Fulltime)2. Boldly speak on behalf of believers whenchallenged.3.Sacrifice their time, freedom and even theirlife for the Gospel of Jesus Christ4.Work in partnership with others,combining talents for the Gospel of JesusChristState of Belief 12 of 13
  13. 13. Finally, it should be clear that withoutdynamic leadership, our belief systemwill be severely challenged. It is for thisvery reason that we have church asinstructed by Christ - Matthew 16:18And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter,and upon this rock I will build my church;and the gates of hell shall not prevail againstit.State of Belief 13 of 13