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Notices 14.10.12


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Notices 14.10.12

  1. 1. www.lcflordswood.orgPlease email us at: Background Play
  2. 2. NoticesOctober 14, 2012
  3. 3. Weekly Prayer Meeting This Wednesday October 17, 7:30pm (Upstairs)
  4. 4. Next Week’s Service Main Speaker Brother Lance
  5. 5. Faith ClinicFriday October 19, 7:30pm See Brother Patrick for further infoPlease stay behind after this event for a time of preparation for Evangelism Day
  6. 6. Evangelism DaySaturday October 20, 11:00am Please stay behind after this service for a time of preparation for this event
  7. 7. Liberty TreatsWednesday October 31, 7:00pm A time to treat the youngsters of theLordswood community to proper blessings See Sister Gloria or Sister Angelina for further details
  8. 8. Outreach Notices For further detailsPlease see Notice Board or Sister Gloria
  9. 9. Our Website is located at ANY IDEAS or THOUGHTS Please email us at: