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Chasing the Sun


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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Chasing the Sun

  1. 1. Chasing the SunThoughts on Landscape Photography Bert Lim Photography
  2. 2. Equipment Camera + Lenses  DSLR  Prosumer superzooms  Compact point and shoot cameras Tripod  Stable and strong enough for weight of setup.  Do not ignore specs of the head.  Only as strong as the weakest link.  Weight vs Stability vs Cost. Filters  ND filters (neutral density)  GND filters (graduated neutral density)  Cir-Polarizers Others  Remote shutter release  L plates  Panoramic heads and nodal setup
  3. 3. Why Sunrise or Sunset? Golden light Colors in the sky Able to shoot into the sun Just plain beautiful Dynamic color changes in minutes
  4. 4. Scouting for Sites East facing for sunrise West facing for sunset Water element desired Google maps (Satellite view) Sun Seeker iphone app NEA website (timings and tide)
  5. 5. Remember: Safety First ! Always bring a torchlight. Arrive early and scout the place out. When going into water/mud make sure you have secure footing. Wear proper footwear. Make sure rocks are stable where you step and setup your camera. Spread your tripod legs wider for more stability. Be mindful of the CG of your body and setup. Go slow and steady. If unsure, do not do it. If going into thick forest, go in a group.
  6. 6. Composition ideas Rule of thirds
  7. 7. Compositional ideas Leading / Converging Lines
  8. 8. Composition ideas Symmetry
  9. 9. Composition ideas Creating Depth
  10. 10. Composition ideas Tones and B&W
  11. 11. Dynamic Lighting Camera sensors do not have the dynamic range to capture sunrise/sunset properly Techniques:  Physically  GND  Black card technique  Digitally  HDR (single or multiple exposures)  Blending (multiple exposures)  Exposing to the right
  12. 12. Exposing to the right A technique to maximize exposure without blowing the highlights in a single exposure. Why?  More details are captured in mid-tones and highlights than in shadows.  It is better to push highlights down in PP, than boosting shadows up. How?  Look at the histogram constantly.  Attempt to expose so that the curve is as close to the right edge as possible but not actually merging into the right.  In PP, pull parts of the image back down.
  13. 13. Location ideas
  14. 14. Marina Barrage sunrise
  15. 15. Marina Barrage sunset
  16. 16. Promontory @Marina
  17. 17. Esplanade
  18. 18. Upper Seletar reservoir
  19. 19. Lower Seletar reservoir
  20. 20. Upper Pierce reservoir
  21. 21. Lower Pierce reservoir
  22. 22. Bedok reservior sunrise
  23. 23. Punggol End beach
  24. 24. Sembawang beach
  25. 25. Changi beach (CP6)
  26. 26. Q&A