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SPC.Org - SharePoint 2013 Search


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With SharePoint 2013, Microsoft has combined the best features of SharePoint search and FAST into a single engine with better relevance, faster performance, and easier configuration.

This session will introduce SharePoint 2013’s new search capabilities and provide tips for deploying an enterprise-wide search platform. We’ll walk through strategies for managing content sources, optimizing filters, and providing a clean interface with display templates.

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SPC.Org - SharePoint 2013 Search

  1. 1. SharePoint 2013 SearchBert Johnson
  2. 2. About Bert Johnson• SharePoint Architect with Protiviti• Microsoft Certified Master since 2010••• Twitter: @SPBert
  3. 3. Agenda• Planning for “Enterprise Search”• Microsoft‟s Search Capabilities• SharePoint Search 101• Search Enhancements in SharePoint 2013• End-User Experience• Content By Search Web Part• Application Platform
  4. 4. Planning for“Enterprise Search”
  5. 5. All of Your Data in One Place• SharePoint content• Exchange content• CRM and ERP data• LOB databases• File shares• People / expertise• Websites
  6. 6. Motivations• More data in more places• Find data spread across multiple systems• Scale to support large index and query volumes• Different types of data• Incorporate different types of results• Find employee expertise• A need to act quickly• Enable fast decisions through filtering• Adapt based on user behavior• Ensure results are secure and manageable• Automatic security trimming• Centralized analytics
  7. 7. Microsoft’s SearchCapabilities
  8. 8. Microsoft’s Search Capabilities• Search is one of Microsoft‟s top priorities, permeating every product line• SharePoint, FAST, and Bing are the cornerstones of a ten year R&D roadmap focused onsearch innovation• Microsoft‟s total R&D budget for 2012 was $9.6 billion, with over $2 billion towards search• Microsoft has recently made several large search acquisitions, including:
  9. 9. FAST Search Solves the ToughestChallengesThe #1 electronics retailerThe source for all government publicationsThe #1 computer retailerThe #1 fashion retailerThe #1 career site
  10. 10. Gartner Quadrant• Consistently recognized as a leadersince the FAST acquisition• Recently downgraded by Gartnerdue to the tight coupling withSharePoint
  11. 11. SharePoint Search 101
  12. 12. Social Search• People Search• Incorporates people‟s interests, expertise, and recent activity• Outlook Social Connector automatically discovers relationships• “Self Search”• Returns information about the current user• User Behavior• Click popularity influences the ranking of search results• Suggestions driven by past searches and taxonomy• Ranking driven by:• Content ratings• Social tagging• Query suggestions• Popularity of click-through
  13. 13. Linguistic Capabilities• Managed properties allow structured queries• Wildcard searches using a partial prefix• e.g. “Micro*” returns “Microchip”, “Microscope”, and “Microsoft”• Correct common misspellings and recommend alternatives• Phonetic search algorithm and nickname matching• Search using booleans (AND, OR, NOT)• Support for operators on managed properties• e.g. “modified>6/14/2013”• Many language packs supported
  14. 14. SharePoint Architecture• 2010/2013 Improvements• Crawling now distributed acrossmultiple load balanced servers• Index can be partitioned anddistributed across servers• New service application model canisolate search from other services• Scale and performance improvements• Manageability through PowerShell
  15. 15. FAST Search 101
  16. 16. Alan Brewer, SalesWhat should I know aboutselling ERP consulting?Renee Lo, EngineerWhat should I know aboutimplementing ERP?
  17. 17. FAST Architecture• “Content Transformation Services” Pipeline• Sequential stages perform specific tasks on content• Breaks down content into discrete parts• Understands file encoding, data formats, and written languages• Custom stages can be built to enrich content• The Pipeline automatically tries to infer known properties(names, addresses, dates)• e.g. Author property of “John Doe” is automatically picked up from “By John Doe”• “Interaction Management Services” allowed query differentiation• FAST farms can scale to handle any needsFormatConversionLanguageDetectionEntityExtractionLemmatizationMapper…
  18. 18. 1ContentVolumeQueryVolumeScale-out Multiple“Dimensions”Content VolumeQuery VolumeIndexing FreshnessRedundancy OptionsSearchIndexingPerformance Targets*15M Docs/column30 QPS/rowSearch and IndexingCrawling and ContentProcessingQuery and ResultProcessing
  19. 19. Search Enhancements inSharePoint 2013End-User Experience
  20. 20. Display Templates
  21. 21. Query Rules
  22. 22. Site Collection Settings• 18 links of settings to manage!
  23. 23. eDiscovery and Exchange Integration• eDiscovery is based on search• Can now connect to Exchange via trust• Export now supported
  24. 24. MySite Task Aggregation• Search aggregates tasksfrom SharePoint, Exchange,and Project Server• Example of search-basedpresentation
  25. 25. Search Enhancements inSharePoint 2013Content By Search Web Part
  26. 26. Content By Search Web Part
  27. 27. Content Reuse
  28. 28. Search Enhancements inSharePoint 2013Applications
  29. 29. Developer Improvements• Derive from Content By Search Web Part• Supported Methods:• Keyword Query Language• FAST Query Language• REST Interface• Just use /_api/search/query?querytext=„‟• E.g.:„
  30. 30. Analytics and Recommendations• New analytics engine based on search• Allows for targeted recommendation
  31. 31. Search Internals
  32. 32. Q&A
  33. 33. Resources• TechNet SP2013 Search Guide:
  34. 34. About Bert Johnson• SharePoint Architect with Protiviti• Microsoft Certified Master since 2010••• Twitter: @SPBert