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Toy Of The Month Announced - The Power Of KONG Endorsed By San Antonio Dog Obedience Classes


Published on 830.981.5003
Top San Antonio dog obedience classes endorse 3 dog toys in one, The KONG. Dog trainers love the KONG for it's diversity of uses. Marlene Ring of Pawsitive Solutions Dog & Puppy Training explains why she likes it for her client's pets and her own.

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Toy Of The Month Announced - The Power Of KONG Endorsed By San Antonio Dog Obedience Classes

  1. 1. 830.981.5003
  2. 2. Many of you have heard us (dog trainers) go onand on about the importance of toys in yourdog’s life. Usually we want our pets to havemany different types of toys, interactive toys,chew toys, squeaky toys, etc. Experienced inSan Antonio dog obedience classes, the originalKong is one of my favorites because it is 3 toysin one. 830.981.5003
  3. 3. the original Kong is one of my favoritesbecause it is 3 toys in one.1. A perfect bouncy rubber toy for playing fetch2. A durable chew toy3. The Ultimate treat dispenser 830.981.5003
  4. 4. You might have seen it before, it is a strongrubber toy in the shape of a cone. It isimportant to get one that is appropriate toyour dog. It should be no smaller than thelength of your dog’s snout and for those flatfaced buddies like bulldogs or pugs, it shouldbe larger than the width of his mouth. 830.981.5003
  5. 5. The Kong should be large enough so they don’tthink they can swallow the whole thing. Theyalso come in different strengths, for most dogsthe red ones are fine, but if you have a verystrong chewer you want the big black one andif your dog is just a puppy you can get thesofter ones that are pastel colored. 830.981.5003
  6. 6. For many dogs it ends up being like a pacifier.Stuff it with any of our yummy recipes toentertain your pup for a while, or stick it inthe freezer to make it last longer. And oncethey have emptied it out, they are left with atoy to romp around with. 830.981.5003
  7. 7. Favorite "Kong" recipes I suggest in my SanAntonio dog obedience classesVeggie: Chopped carrots, squash and frozenpeas. Then seal the top with some creamcheese.Meaty delight: Cooked ground beef, pork orturkey, cheese cubes and wet dog food to sealthe top.Crunchy fruit: apple chunks (no seeds!), freshblueberries and crunchy peanut butter to topoff. 830.981.5003
  8. 8. Or make up your own recipes keeping in mindyour dog’s particular feeding needs. In my dogobedience classes I can tell you without adoubt, that an entertained dog is alwaysbetter behaved than a bored one, so next timeyou leave your home make sure you leave yourpup with a Kong. 830.981.5003
  9. 9. If you are not having your life enriched by agreat relationship with your pet, I canhelp. Give me a quick ring at 830.981.5003and let’s chat about your specific situationwith your beloved family member. Don’tforget that a good relationship with your pet isa priceless investment. 830.981.5003
  10. 10. In the meantime grab my FREE “Well BehavedDog Training Tips” report by entering in yourcontact information in the form on my websiteand I will send you this valuable tool with NOquestions asked. 830.981.5003