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  • Co-Founder and Correspondent• Highlights included interviewing Mashable’s Pete Cashmore, Waggener Edstrom’s TacAnderson and tech journalist Chris Pirillo• Hired to cover conferences and social media events within the tech/social media communities in Seattle
  • February 2013 portfolio

    1. 1. Eric BurgessPortfolio February 2013
    2. 2. Parallels - “Spring Break Fever” Role: Strategy, Community Manager (CM) Parallels Desktop was in need of a quick, social media-driven campaign to meet first quarter sales goals. Our in-house creative team developed and built this micro-site within five days, and our social efforts drove more than $180,000 in total sales over two days. Key features: the more consumers share, the cheaper the price drops.
    3. 3. Parallels – QR Code Campaign Role: Creative, Strategy, CM Tasked with designing, implementing and executing a QR Code campaign/contest to engage conference attendees at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). Goal: Increase Parallels visibility at WPC, linking B2B customers up with Parallels’ partners.
    4. 4. Dreaming Tree’s “Virtual Forest” Role: Strategy, CM Dave Matthew’s Dreaming Tree Wine wanted help in kick starting their social efforts online while increasing environmental awareness through their partnership with The Wilderness Society. Our team developed the concept/idea for participants to plant a ‘tree’ virtually through a micro-site and share it with their friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.
    5. 5. Microsoft’s Mouse Mischief Role: Creative, Strategy, CM Helped bring educational product (Mouse Mischief) out of incubation to market via social media. Provided creative and strategic feedback on website design and UI. Identified and targeted three dozen individuals online as ‘influencers’ and worked with them to spread the word.
    6. 6. Evo Blog and Ecommerce Sites Role: Strategy, Online Merchandiser, Social Media Helped guide the blog’s redesign and advocated and implemented strong social media presence in 2007, before ‘social’ was a buzzword. Created banner advertising on the ecommerce site to steer customers to the skateboard and apparel categories which I managed.
    7. 7. Tag Heuer - Pitch TAG Yourself App An “Augmented Reality” app that allows smart phone users to see how they would look wearing a TAG Heuer. The application would include all TAG Heuer watches available for online purchase, and would allow users to hold their phone up to their wrist and “see” how a particular TAG Heuer model would look on them. (The phone’s camera would be used to show a user’s hand/wrist on the phone’s screen, and the TAG Heuer in question would be superimposed onto his/her wrist.) TAG Pinterest Board Recommended the creation of a number of curated TAG Heuer Pinterest boards centered around TAG Heuer-related themes and events: F1, yachting, the new women’s collection, etc. TAG Heuer watches would occasionally be pinned with links back to the online store; leverage influencer outreach methodologies to help seed content and attract people to the boards.
    8. 8. Man of the House Role: Blogger, Social Media/SEO Discovered/recruited through personal blog – FashionDad.com, a blog about tech, fashion, and parenthood – to write for Proctor & Gamble’s Man of the House, a site devoted to content for men. Through strategic topic selection and SEO strategies, helped drive traffic to Man of the House. Cross-promoted through FashionDad.
    9. 9. Holly-Kate & Company Role: Creative Director, Webmaster Worked with client to develop new and expanded web presence and brand. Guided designer to create the brand’s look and feel based on initial exploratory interviews with the client. Site featured in prominent online wedding blogs.
    10. 10. The Skateboard Film Festival Role: Creative Director, Founder Built, designed and maintained website. Raised $10,000 in sponsorship funding and in-kind donations to execute first- ever skateboard film festival. Sponsors included Nike, Apple, Zumiez and Skullcandy. Quickly grew aggregate online community to 11,000 likes and followers. Secured coverage in the Seattle Times, Daily Candy and FuelTV.
    11. 11. Socialrazzi.com Role: Co-Founder and Correspondent Highlights included interviewing Mashable’s Pete Cashmore, tech journalist Chris Pirillo and ICANHASCHEEZBURGER’S Ben Huh. Hired to cover conferences and social media events within the tech/social media communities in Seattle.