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GIS and the Cloud


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GIS and the Cloud. Presented at the MISA 2012 conference, Harrison Hot Springs, B.C., Canada.

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GIS and the Cloud

  1. 1. A new paradigm for managing municipal spatial information
  2. 2. GIS increases in value with availability Delivering GIS to more users and communities adds value
  3. 3. Who needs geographic information? Geographic Information Consumers Knowledge Workers GIS Analysts View Navigate Print Ad-hoc Exploration Add data Integrate Interrogate Present Data creation Data management Author maps, layers, tools Publish maps, layers, tools Analysis ArcGIS GIS serves broad audiences, needs, and workflows
  4. 4. In the beginning…
  5. 5. Information access has been transformed
  6. 6. Many factors have converged Changing the way we use, share, and make maps • Evolving hardware and platforms • Organizations and needs • Data models, templates • Internet, Web • Standards • Social Media • Mobile devices • Cloud • …. Enabling integration and participation
  7. 7. GIS has evolved to support new patterns As technology and organizations evolve Enterprise Desktop Server Pervasive Federated Cloud / Web GIS Desktop Individuals Workgroups Mobile Devices Web Organizations emerging Making GIS and geographic knowledge easier, open, and available
  8. 8. ArcGIS is a complete platform For managing and working with geographic information • Online • Server • Desktop • Mobile/devices • Cloud Web Enterprise Content Mobile Desktop Desktop Many deployment options – In the cloud and on-premises
  9. 9. ArcGIS Online A cloud-based content management system • Store, manage maps, apps, data securely • Create maps and apps • Publish and share • Collaborate
  10. 10. ArcGIS Online is a new GIS pattern An cloud platform for delivery maps and geographic information Cloud / Web Desktops/Servers Enterprise Integrating traditional GIS patterns with new patterns
  11. 11. ArcGIS online integrates geospatial information Leveraging the cloud and standards Maps Spreadsheets Social Media Big Data Services Sensor Networks DBMS Imagery
  12. 12. Intelligent web maps support information delivery Can be used anywhere, on any device Configurable Apps Smartphones Any Device Tablets Websites & Blogs Desktop One Map ArcGIS Online Viewers Empowers users and customers with easy-to-use web-enabled content
  13. 13. Authoritative content Basemaps Reference layers Demographic Templates The foundation and building blocks for making maps and apps
  14. 14. Community maps program Topographic Imagery Streets The foundation and building blocks for making maps and apps
  15. 15. Cloud Services No additional software, hardware Features and tiles Elastic, reliable, secure Publish directly from your desktop or the Web
  16. 16. Easily add your data Open, standards-based Files or services Configure pop-ups Enable editing
  17. 17. Mapping applications Ready-to-use Configurable Custom (APIs) Any platform (mobile, web, tablet) Use by anyone, anywhere, on any device
  18. 18. Microsoft Office integration Drag and drop spreadsheets Make and use maps in Excel Use maps in PowerPoint Contribute Enable GIS and self-service mapping for your organization
  19. 19. Microsoft Office integration
  20. 20. Management tools User roles and assets Sharing and groups Monitoring Access and security
  21. 21. Security and ownership Secure design principles (app, network, facilities, ops) Certified cloud infrastructure Secure user authentication You retain ownership Configurable application security On-premises options for advanced security
  22. 22. Supports key patterns
  23. 23. Organization Cloud
  24. 24. Organization Cloud Public Access
  25. 25. Organization Cloud Portal for ArcGIS On-premises Firewall Public Access
  26. 26. Organization Cloud Portal for ArcGIS On-premises Firewall Public Access
  27. 27. ArcGIS Online Demonstration