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Online GIS and the Future of Innovative Health Care


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Pre-conference workshop and demonstration presented at the Loma Linda University (California) Healthy People in Healthy Communities Conference.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Online GIS and the Future of Innovative Health Care

  1. 1. Online GIS and the Future of Innovative Healthcare Bern Szukalski Brenda Wolfe @bernszukalski Healthy People in Healthy Communities Loma Linda University School of Public Health Pre-conference Workshop – March 3, 2014
  2. 2. In the beginning…
  3. 3. Internet, Web Standards, regulations Social media Mobile devices Data, data harvesting Organizations Changing the ways we work and think
  4. 4. Health & Human Services Challenges
  5. 5. Geography & Location | Context for where, why, and how
  6. 6. From I think to I understand Geographic Understanding GIS helps us integrate and apply our knowledge
  7. 7. For Geographic Understanding Applications, data, services, APIs For professionals, knowledge workers, developers, consumers Individuals, workgroups, organizations, gove rnments Cloud, private clouds, desktop, servers, mobile The ArcGIS Platform | A complete ecosystem for geographic understanding
  8. 8. ArcGIS Supports Multiple Patterns Leveraging Common Computing Architecture File Based Database Centric Server Centric Web Centric
  9. 9. ArcGIS Supports the Enterprise Knowledge Workers Executive Access Public Engagement Work Anywhere Enterprise Integration ArcGIS Professional GIS Making Mapping and GIS Available Across Your Organization
  10. 10. ArcGIS – A Web GIS For Mapping, Analyzing, and Managing Geographic Information
  11. 11. ArcGIS – Accessible from Any Client Desktop Web Device
  12. 12. ArcGIS – Powered by Services Server Online Content and Services
  13. 13. ArcGIS – Organizes Content and Manages Access Portal
  14. 14. ArcGIS Is a Platform Enabling Web GIS Everywhere Desktop Web Device Portal Server Online Content and Services Available in the Cloud . . . . . . and On-Premises
  15. 15. Apps Files, Spreadsheets Documents Maps 3D Scenes Live Feeds & Sensors Imagery GIS Services Social Media
  16. 16. Deliver information in many ways
  17. 17. Content and Services Tapestry Segmentation Elevation Terrain Oceans Geocoding Streets Dynamic Imagery Places Demographics Landscape Topographic Imagery Many Community Contributions A Foundation for Your Work on Web, Desktop, Device
  18. 18. Analysis and Geoprocessing Time Animations Data Summarization Location Analysis Terrain Analysis Raster Analysis Data Enrichment Summarization Pattern Analysis Proximity Analysis …Rapidly Evolving From Web Mapping to Web GIS
  19. 19. Apps and Story Maps Multiple Devices Map Tour Focused Apps Public Access Responsive Configurable Story Maps Live Data Decision Makers Swipe …easy, configurable Enables you to reach a broader audience
  20. 20. Location Analytics Enterprise Systems Demographics MicroStrategy SAP Business Objects Spreadsheets Microsoft Office Reporting CRM Integration Business Analyst …fits into your workflows Business intelligence, collaboration, and productivity
  21. 21. Platform for geomedicine Urban Development Radon Risk Groundwater Monitoring Medicare Costs New Jersey Homeless Population Tracking Disease …and understanding and evolving Healthy Communities
  22. 22. What we’ll cover today
  23. 23. What’s Possible using Online GIS Reach new users Make new discoveries Get the right answer Open up understanding