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Orange Hills GmbH: Transformation of business models


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Orange Hills GmbH: Transformation of business models

  1. 1. ©  Copyright  by  Orange  HillsTM  GmbH.  All  rights  reserved.   STRATEGY  CONSULTANCY  AND  COACHING   TransformaFon  of  business  models   IntroducFon  to  Orange  HillsTM  GmbH  |  Dr.  Bernhard  Doll  |   Munich  |  November  1st,  2014  
  2. 2. ©  Copyright  by  Orange  HillsTM  GmbH.  All  rights  reserved    –    2   New  thinking  for  new  business   Orange  Hills  is  an  innova7on  consultancy.     We  support  execuFve  managers  and  owners   of  IT  and  service  companies  to  develop  and   implement  innova7ve  strategies,  services   and  business  models.  Our  focus  lies  in:   01   We  develop  innova7on   We  analyse  your  customers,  your  markets  and   your  business,  and  develop  winning  strategies   and  business  models  –  to  make  sure  you  stay   successful  in  the  future.   02   We  implement  innova7on   We  implement  innovaFve  strategies  and   business  models  close  to  the  market.  In  short   project  cycles,  we  test  and  evaluate  what  works   in  reality  and  contributes  to  your  success.     03   We  teach  innova7on   We  teach  your  employees  to  setup,  manage   and  control  innovaFon  processes   independently,  to  turn  ideas  into  business  for   your  company.   +  Development  and  transforma7on  of   business  models   +  Hypotheses-­‐driven  evalua7on  of  future   scenarios  and  prototyping   +  Agile  implementa7on  of  future  scenarios   under  condiFons  of  extreme  uncertainFes   +  Ini7a7on  and  establishment  of   “exploraFve”  innova7on  cultures     We  have  been  working  for  clients,  e.g.:   Our  partners  in  research  and  teaching:   “Orange  Hills  is  THE  benchmark  in  the  field  of  rapid  prototyping.   [...]  We  have  been  able  to  exceed  our  set  targets  and  more   importantly  –  create  a  movement!  Looking  forward  to  the  next   gig  with  this  innovaFve,  professional  and  passionate  crew!“     -­‐  Wilfrid  Kroath,  Tieto  Finland   According  to  a  recent  study  of  brand  eins,   Orange  Hills  is  ranked  among  the  TOP  3   consultancies  in  Germany  for  innovaFon,   growth  and  new  business  models  (2014).  
  3. 3. ©  Copyright  by  Orange  HillsTM  GmbH.  All  rights  reserved    –    3   Our  clients’  typical  challenge:  More  of  the  same  is  not  enough   How  things     work  today   Establishing  a  new  way  of  thinking     for  new  business   Threats  &  challenges   on  the  horizon   1   2   3   Typical  situaFon  of  our  clients   Google  pushes   tradiFonal  players  out  of   the  online   adverFsement  market   Uber  adacks  the   tradiFonal  business   model  of  taxi  services   around  the  globe   Apple  might  take  clients   away  from  operators   with  preinstalled  SIM   cards  in  mobile  devices   +  New  and  agile  market  players   potenFally  jeopardize  our  client’s   business  model   +  Fierce  fight  for  market  shares   and  declining  prices   +  Missing  products  and  services   for  new  customer  demands   Typical  process  model  of  Orange  Hills   +  Development  of  a  transforma7on  strategy  with  KPIs   +  FacilitaFon  of  “agile“  innova7on  projects  (“light  houses“)   +  Stepwise  training  of  employees  and  senior  managers   +  Development  of  physical  and  soOware-­‐based  tools   +  IntroducFon  of  dashboard  systems  to  measure  success   +  Highly  successful  with  exis7ng   business  model   +  Focus  on  KPI-­‐driven  op7misa7on   of  established  businesses   +  LiSle  experience  in  exploring   new  business  ideas  beyond  the   status  quo   Organisa4on  of  our  clients   InnovaFon   culture   Orange   Hills   Current  work  culture   ExisFng  acFviFes  of   line  organisaFon   New  innovaFon   acFviFes   e.g.  project   enables   Interhyp  has  turned   the  residenFal   mortgages  market   upside  down   What  industry  comes   next?     +  Development  and  transforma7on  of  business  models   +  Ini7a7on  of  an  “exploraFve”  innova7on  culture  
  4. 4. ©  Copyright  by  Orange  HillsTM  GmbH.  All  rights  reserved    –    4   © 2014 Orange HillsTM GmbH. All rights reserved. Inspired by BUSINESS MODEL Target groups Who are our sales targets and who will be using our offerings? Resources Partners Primary What is our primary customer and user segment that unlocks the most value in our business? Customers Users InvestmentsCostsPricing & revenue streamsPattern How much money do we need to spend before we earn?What are our revenue streams and how much do our customers pay (per unit)?How, when and how often do we charge our customers? What are the most important costs to create and deliver the offerings? Brand & messages Offerings Channels Relationships Channels Processes Profit formula What (internal) key resources do we need to create and deliver the offerings? Who are our (external) key partners to create and deliver the offerings? What bundle of products and services do we offer to our customers and users? How do we want our brand to be perceived and what is our story to sell the offerings? Through which channels do our customers and users want to be reached? What kinds of relationships do our customers and users expect? Through which channels do our partners want to be reached? What (internal) key processes do we need to create and deliver the offerings? Delivery R&D What job(s) are our customers and users trying to get done? Job(s) to get done What kind of value do we create for customers and users with our offerings? Core value What do we do better than our competitors, which is hard to copy? Unfair advantage DNA Download | Team DateIteration How  we  work:  Projects,  trainings  &  tools   Tools  Trainings  1   2   3   We  enable  our  clients  with   “gamified”  trainings  to  manage  their   innova7on  projects  successfully  on   their  own.   We  design  our  clients  physical  and   virtual  toolkits  to  support  and   accelerate  teamwork.   Projects   In  very  short  cycles,  we  implement     innovaFve  business  models  and   services.   Analysis   IdenFficaFon  of  search   fields  for  new  ideas  with   wow-­‐factor   1-­‐3  weeks   Design   Development  of  future   scenarios  based  on  clearly   defined  KPIs   Valida7on   SystemaFc  tests  of   assumpFons  to  reduce   project  risks   Reflec7on   Analysis  of  gained   knowledge  to  improve   planning  and  to  setup  the   next  cycle   7  weeks  1  week  1  week   Kick-­‐off   Review   Next  cycle   virtual  physical  virtual  physical   Start   End   Topics   +  Development  of   business  ideas   +  Business  models   +  Growth   Gamified     elements   +  Mission   +  Roles   +  Incidents   +  Ranking   Organisa7on   +  1-­‐3  days   +  Up  to  50   parFcipants   Leaderboard   Winner   Business  model   e.g.   +  Technology   +  Business  model   +  Value  chain   +  Hypotheses  &   experiments   physical   Visual  worksheets   Worksheets  to  literally  “frame”  discussions   in  physical  workshops   virtual   SoOware   All  worksheets  are  also  available  in  our  web-­‐ based  solware  for  virtual  modeling   Import   Business  Design     Business  Design    
  5. 5. ©  Copyright  by  Orange  HillsTM  GmbH.  All  rights  reserved    –    5   Projects:  Typical  flow  of  ac7vi7es   Analysis   IdenFficaFon  of  search   fields  for  new  ideas  with   wow-­‐factor   1-­‐3  weeks   Design   Development  of   future  scenarios   based  on  KPIs   Valida7on   SystemaFc  tests  of   assumpFons  to   reduce  project  risks   Reflec7on   Analysis  of  gained   knowledge  to   improve  planning   7  weeks  1  week   1  week   Next     cycle   virtual   +  Gathering  of  field  data  on   potenFal  target  groups  (e.g.   observaFons,  interviews)   +  Development  of  social-­‐   psychological  profiles  for   selected  target  groups   +  Behavioural-­‐oriented   visualisa7on  of  market   environment   +  Analysis  und  benchmarking   of  compe77ve  players   +  Development  of   future  scenarios   +  Iden7fica7on  of   criFcal  hypotheses   for  risk  assessment   +  Design  of   experiments   +  Design  of  iniFal   market  offerings  /   MVP   +  Planning  of  validaFon   +  Run  of  experiments,  e.g.   +  Expert  interviews   +  (Social)  Prototyping  (e.g.  service   simulaFons,  UI  mockups  for  mobile   applicaFons)   +  Crowd  sourcing   +  Implementa7on  of  iniFal  market   offerings  /  MVP   +  Management  of  teamwork  and  team   performance   +  Analysis  and   synthesis  of  field  data   +  Matching  with  KPIs   +  Deduc7on  of   improvement   opportuni7es   +  Development  of   business  cases   +  Collec7on  and   assessment  of   “cri7cal  incidents“   during  teamwork   +  Planning  of  next  cycle   physical   virtual   physical   Team  of     customer   Team  of     Orange  Hills   min.   Target   min.   Target   min.   Target   Business  Design     1   Kick-­‐off   Review   “How  can  we,  as  a  FM  radio  sta4on,   excite  and  convince  new  customers  and   users  with  digital  business  models?“  
  6. 6. ©  Copyright  by  Orange  HillsTM  GmbH.  All  rights  reserved    –    6   Rapid  Modeler:  Team  soOware  for  Business  Design   +  Work  with  your  colleagues  on   new  strategies,  services  and   business  models   +  Develop  hypotheses  and  track  the   performance  of  your  experiments   +  Manage  your  agile  innova7on   projects  online   +  Share  your  results  with  partners,   customers  and  other  externals  –   visually,  securely  and  quickly   Are  you  interested  in     a  customised  solu7on?   +  AdaptaFon  of  UI  look  &  feel     +  New  features   +  IntegraFon  in  your  IT  environment         Please  contact  us!  powered  by     HTML  5   Business  Design    
  7. 7. ©  Copyright  by  Orange  HillsTM  GmbH.  All  rights  reserved    –    7   Are  you  looking  for  a  new  challenge  and  a   job  that  gives  you  meaning?  Drop  us  a  line   or  give  us  a  call:     Sabine  Schön   E.   T.  +49-­‐89-­‐4520545-­‐21   Guido  Redlich     +  Expert  for  markeFng  and   communicaFon   +  Studied  CommunicaFon  and   AdverFsement     +  Founder  of  mulFmedia   agency  a.f.i.m.  /  TBWA   Who  we  are:  Interdisciplinary  and  passionate   Dr.  Bernhard  Doll     +  Expert  for  business  design   and  prototyping   +  Major  in  Computer  Science   and  Social  Sciences   +  PhD  in  Management  from     TU  München   E.   Prof.  Kathrin  Möslein     +  Chair  of  InformaFon  Systems   I  -­‐  InnovaFon  and  Value   CreaFon  at  University   Erlangen-­‐Nürnberg   +  Director  of  CLIC  at  Leipzig   Graduate  School  of   Management  (HHL)   +  PhD  in  Management   Sabine  Schön     +  Expert  for  field  research  on   customer  /  market   behaviour   +  Major  in  Computer  Science   and  Media   E.   Dr.  Chris7an  Schüller     +  Expert  in  solware   engineering  &  prototyping   +  PhD  in  Computer  Science   from  TU  München   E.   Oliver  Schmid     +  Expert  for  communicaFon   and  interacFon  processes  in   organisaFons   +  Studied  CommunicaFon,   Psychology  and   Management   Sapar  Satayev     +  Expert  in  business  modeling   +  EMBA  in  InnovaFon  &   Business  CreaFon  from  TU   München   +  Partner  in  Kazakhstan   Jonas  Viczian     +  Intern     +  Studies  Management  at  TU   München    
  8. 8. ©  Copyright  by  Orange  HillsTM  GmbH.  All  rights  reserved.   Orange  HillsTM  GmbH   Sendlinger  Str.  29   80331  München  |  GERMANY     T.  +49  (89)  4520545-­‐0   F.  +49  (89)  4520545-­‐69   E.   W.         Follow  us  on  Twider:     @orangehillsgmbh   Orange  Hills  GmbH   Dr.  Bernhard  Doll   T.  +49  (89)  4520545-­‐14   E.   Direc7ons   By  public  transport:     +  U-­‐Bahn:  StaFon  Sendlinger  Tor  –  or  –     +  S-­‐Bahn:  StaFon  Marienplatz   within    walking  distance  (2  min.)   Free   (up  to  2  users  per  team  +  guests)     By  car:   +  DirecFon  Munich  Center  /  Marienplatz     +  Public  parking  area  Oberanger  (Oberanger  35)   within  walking  distance  (2  min.)