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Business Design in a Nutshell


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Business Design in a Nutshell

  1. 1. BUSINESS DESIGN IN A NUTSHELL © 2014 Orange HillsTM GmbH. All rights reserved. Then you hear about a new approach, called Business Design. They tell you this... + Plan less and execute early + Learn about core assumptions + Reflect on your learnings + Decide to change or keep focus Business Design GAME| Playing seriously with innovation Design your business in your browser | You are working really hard on something new, right? What people oen tell you is... You do learn and plan your heart out. But, no matter how hard you try... ...the chance is high your plan won’t survive first contact with reality. It is all about ‘planning to learn’ rather than ‘learning to plan’. build something customers want and embraces your unique personality! 1. LEARN 2. PLAN 3. DECIDE 4. EXECUTE 1. PLAN 2. EXECUTE 3. LEARN 4. DECIDE 1 2 3 4 6 5 Bon voyage! Business Design is an integrative process model to turn ideas into business under conditions of extreme uncertainties. Orange HillsTM GmbH | Follow us on Twitter: @orangehillsgmbh deal with uncertainties. + Product + Service + Soware + Business model