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Template: Lean Offerings

The “Lean Offerings / MVP Canvas”* gives you guidance on deciding which of the minimum set of features should be part of your first offerings, allowing you to charge customers and test your hypotheses. Moreover, you should think about non-functional requirements and seek to benchmark your offerings against the competition. Download the Business Design workshop templates here:

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Template: Lean Offerings

  1. 1. © 2017 Orange HillsTM GmbH. All rights reserved. LEAN OFFERINGS Functional requirements What is a lean offering? A minimal set of user stories that fulfills at least the following requirements: + Are your hypotheses covered? + Can you charge your customers? + Is your DNA embedded? + Does your mother like it? Collect user stories (not features) by looking through the lenses of customers and users. “As a <user>, I want to....” Keep in mind that each user story should be independent of any other user story. If yes, ship it, learn and earn! F Non-functional requirements What non-functional requirements should be embedded in our product and/or service? NF Easeofimplementation Use the “Action Plan” canvas to define and assign tasks to implement your lean offerings in short cycles. Pains Gains What job(s) are our primary customer and user segment trying to get done? Job(s) to get done What value do customers and users get back after experiencing our offerings to get their job(s) done? Core value What do we do better than our competitors to create the value, which is hard to copy? Unfair advantageDNA Orange HillsTM GmbH | | Follow us on Twitter: @orangehillsgmbh Team DateIteration 1 2 3 Licensed to Orange Hills GmbH for use in commercial projects from 01 / 01 / 2017 to 31 / 12 / 2017. What want different stakeholders do with our offerings? Hypotheses Focus of lean offerings DNA fit What is the minimal set of user stories customers and users expect to be implemented in order to deliver the core value of our offerings? ValidationValidationValidation Use the “Hypotheses & Experiments” canvas to identify critical hypotheses. What hypotheses can only be tested by building and launching lean offerings?