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Template: Action Plan Template


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The “Action Plan Canvas” is a very simple but effective way to organize your activities in order to implement your business model / lean offerings and run your experiments in short cycles. Adapt the number of weeks per cycle to match what is appropriate for your industry. Make sure you create something tangible after each cycle. Ideas are worth nothing, unless they are executed. This statement may sound trivial, but execution is still one of the biggest hurdles for many corporations, preventing them from becoming successful innovators. Download the Business Design workshop templates here:

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Template: Action Plan Template

  1. 1. © 2017 Orange HillsTM GmbH. All rights reserved. ACTION PLAN Tasks Output Antilogs What tangible output do we want to achieve after ten weeks? What have we learned and do we have to change our strategy? Analogs Week 01 Week 02 Week 04Week 03 Week 05 Week 08Week 07Week 06 Week 09 Week 10 Halftime How is our team doing? Key insights Team performance Go back to the “Hypotheses & Experiments” canvas and add new hypotheses and experiments if necessary. Go back to the “Business Model” canvas and adapt your business model to your new insights. Go back to the “Lean Offerings” canvas and revise the design of your offerings according to your learnings. Orange HillsTM GmbH | | Follow us on Twitter: @orangehillsgmbh Time Team DateIteration 1 2 3 Design Validate DecideDiscoverKick-off Business model / lean offerings What tasks need to be carried out to build the business model with the lean offerings? Each post-it represents one single task with an effort of 2-3 man days. What tasks need to be carried out to run the defined experiments? Are there any tasks needed to investigate around analogs? Licensed to Orange Hills GmbH for use in commercial projects from 01 / 01 / 2017 to 31 / 12 / 2017.