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University Of Applied Sience Cologne German Tu

My short 7 minutes presentation at the german education roundtable at second life for the 5 th.anniversary
Here the transscripten:
-- 1 -----------

Hello my Name is Bernd Celt. First of all I'd like to thank Linden Lab for the invitation tonight. I am proud to be here at the GERMAN EDUCATION ROUND TABLE.. it's a great honor being a part of this stunning event - the 5th (ännivörsari) anniversary of this incredible virtual world.

I merely have 7 Minutes to give You a brief overview of my last two years living virtually and practicing e-teaching. Today I am representing the University of applied siences of Cologne as well as the German Tutorial which was founded by the well-known Funaria Moose.

-- 2 -----------

This view displays the latest version of our Main Sim. In total we developed 4 connected sims providing loads of content for new, especially german, Secondlife users and students of the University of Applied sciences of Cologne.

This area hosts the building of the German Tutorial, the lecture room and also the Jura-Wiki, which is an innovative online community of german jurists.

A 40.000 sqm sandbox island is located in the center of the estate. The friendly community of helpful mentors, who are protecting the sim from griefers almost 24 hours 7 days a week is highly appreciated by our visitors. Trafficrates above 12.000 (without camping chairs and Bots!) are not unusual for our Sandbox in Pixelpark!

-- 3 -----------

Here are some facts related to our second life presence. I am little bit proud that we were the first german university that uses second life as a platform for e-teaching.

We tried various teaching scenarios over the last two years and we learned much about e-learning and its means. Frankly after "Learning by doing".

We were able to collect huge know-how and many experiences in this issue.
In the beginning of 2007 there was a lot of information output in the german media world, such as television, magazine and newspaper reports.

One of the most important reasons for our success, was the impact given by the German Tutorial of Funaria Mooose and our step-by-step work creating this community.

-- 4 -----------

The presentation screen shows some historical pictures from the last two years. Actually we are 15 active german volunteers, who form the mentor group.

Since the beginning of our activities we offer a secondlife registration page to german users, which is connected to the API server of Linden LAB. This allows my students to take their first steps in SL on our Tutorial Sim in Pixelpark instead of the usual birth point on Orientation island.

-- 5 -----------

Me and some other colleagues offer many different recurring events to our students and other interested german users. Here You can see snapshot of four exemplary types of happenings.

This can be for instance a live sneak preview on a german TV show, which was broadcasted through secondlife one day before being aired on TV in Germany.

A german writer read out extracts from his travel guide on secondlife.

Furthermore we had several guest lecturers from other citie's universities, like vienna, dusseldorf or berlin.

-- 6 -----------

Our latest achievement is the Newbie Path at Park west. This is a learning path providing a broad knowledge base in a rather adventureous way for new residents.

This learning scenario is embedded into an attractive nature environment, which offers the opportunity of relaxed learning combined with a highly immersive learning experience.

-- 7 -----------

The third Sim, "Park Central", hosts a centered lake with an amazing underwater world.

The lake is surrounded by a driveway where avatars can test and improve their abilities by testdriving vehicles that are invitingly parked at a parking lot by the road. There is a small village on the hill in the background . All houses in the village are inhabited by strange and absurd characters. All belong

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University Of Applied Sience Cologne German Tu

  1. 1. University of Applied Sience Cologne German Tutorial First choice for german newbies and students from cologne
  2. 2. Pixelpark Sim University with Sandbox
  3. 3. Facts University - starts second life acitvities in late 2006 - lectures held by Bernd Schmitz for multimedia classes - first german university in SL - cooperations with various groups from other universities - it was mentioned in the media more than 200 times Working since October 2006 as an open cooperation with German Tutorial  - founded 2006 by Funaria Moose  - knowledge about technical aspects, culture and     history of SL -  Content used by Linden Lab on every Orientation Island