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Serving software


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Instead of delivering software speed up in the circle of learn | build | measure by serving software

Published in: Technology
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Serving software

  1. 1. in the past, in the present and in the future delivering SOFTWARE
  2. 2. Is your software? In time on budget within expectations in quality
  3. 3. YOU GOT THE WHOLE functional requirements non functional requirements
  4. 4. with all convenience
  5. 5. everything is under CONTROL
  6. 6. is there anything else?
  7. 7. SERVING SOFTWARE as an attitu de we are no longer delivering software, we are ...
  8. 8. pressure produce inform prioritize define analyze select pressure implement document qualify time costs ENGINEERING
  9. 9. direction? so uch m ssion which discu
  11. 11. IDEA DATA CODE L O O P F E E D B A C K
  12. 12. smaller pieces clearly identifiable measurable results
  13. 13. of smaller pieces rate of corrections ITERATION
  14. 14. TRACKING
  17. 17. B A C K L O G
  18. 18. priority product owner share holder feature backlog dev team
  19. 19. done to do flow STORAGE in progress
  20. 20. IDEA story card LEARN BUILD DATA CODE MEASURE BACKLOG bugs features technical fault technical work legal requirements knowledge aquisition ...
  21. 21.
  22. 22. acceptance effectiveness lean products cost reduction
  24. 24. quality FEATURES
  25. 25. is your software ready to serve?
  26. 26. test automation
  27. 27. continuous delivery
  28. 28. maintainability & serviceability
  29. 29. get control of IT split tests coninous deployment usablility tests real-time monitoring & alerting customer liaison funnel analysis architecture check code check unit tests usability tests continuous integration incremental deployment free & open source cloud computing cluster immune system just-in-time scalability refactoring developer sandbox minimum viable product cohort analysis net promoter score search engine marketing predictive monitoring split tests customer development five whys customer advisory board falsifiable hypotheses product owner accountablility customer archetypes cross-functional teams semi-autonomous teams smoke tests
  30. 30. learn to serve
  31. 31. and make it easy for your shareholders
  32. 32. CUSTOMERS listen to your
  33. 33. ask the right questions, this is the art and craft
  34. 34. look beyond borders
  35. 35. take the essence
  36. 36. REBUILD
  37. 37. PROCESS form it to a
  38. 38. MANAGE THE RESPONSE speak direct to your customer understand the mindset behind objection make an inference document the design decisions
  39. 39. definition of done
  40. 40. LIFT UP your business
  41. 41. and get the CREDITS
  42. 42. rock the planet
  43. 43. with better SOFTWARE
  44. 44. by serving SOFTWARE do! you liked it? what d love an
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  46. 46. CONTACT ME