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The social media strategies we implement for businesses are largely usable by individuals seeking to improve their career.

Unless you’re planning your retirement party, you are a career seeker and the strategies in this deck can be used by you.

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  • Turbo Charge Your Career Social Media

    1. 1. Turbo Charge Your Career Through Social Media
    2. 2. Turbo Charge Your Career Through Social MediaI’m a digital marketer, not a career coach. About three years ago Ihad a life changing experience. Due to the fact I am the owner of adigital marketing agency, and a frequent speaker on social mediamarketing, I was asked to speak to a large group of unemployedprofessionals. The premise was that the principles of social mediamarketing for a business are applicable to people looking for a job.The experience was eye opening! I learned that many people do notknow how to harness the power of social media in their career. And,I learned that the strategies we implement for businesses are largelyusable by individuals seeking to improve their career.Unless you’re planning your retirement party, you are a careerseeker and the strategies in this deck can be used by you.To your success,Bernie Borges
    3. 3. Agenda Acquire the Mindset of a Triathlete Social Networking Basics Social Networking Advanced Become an Entrepreneur in your Career Building Your Personal Brand Good Enough Isn’t
    4. 4. Acquire the Mindset of a Triathlete
    5. 5. Acquire the Mindset of a Triathlete • Set written goals • Get a coach • Accountability partner • Join clubs • Develop a routine • Work on your technique • Find educational resources • Make a commitment
    6. 6. http://www.slideshare.net/opinionwatch/online-reputation-for-job-seekers-report- crosstab
    7. 7. Your Career Development Is Your Job Have a Content Strategy Social & Professional Credibility Social Networking Accountability coach Measure Action Steps Measure Progress Weekly Reviews Dedicated Workspace Make Time for Exercise http://money.cnn.com/2010/07/30/news/economy/building_your _brand.fortune/index.htm
    8. 8. Being Social Media Savvy Not Optional
    9. 9. Answer These 3 Questions
    10. 10. Are You a Digital Immigrant or Native?
    11. 11. Are You Likable?
    12. 12. Are You (Digitally) Invisible?
    13. 13. Building Your Personal Brand Not Optional• You are a Brand! Build your brand…and• For What Do You Want to expand your career Be Known?• Comment on Relevant Blogs• Set up RSS Dashboard of Relevant Content• Share your Expertise• Be a Reliable Source of http://money.cnn.com/2010/0 Content 7/30/news/economy/building_ your_brand.fortune/index.htm
    14. 14. Set Up RSS Feed of Relevant Contenthttp://www.google.com/ig
    15. 15. Just One Word: Plastics
    16. 16. Today Content Rules
    17. 17. Professional & Social Credibility• Build your Personal Brand• Be Social• Share Photos• Share your Professional Expertise• Be Visible• Volunteer• Build Relationships (Global)• Be Human!
    18. 18. Professional & Social Credibility Own Your Name Online – Google – Social Networks – Website – BlogSecure Vanity URLshttp://www.facebook.com/bernie.borgeshttp://www.linkedin.com/in/bernieborges
    20. 20. Three Social Networking Requisites• Twitter• LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/bernieborge• Facebook s http://twitter.com/berniebay http://www.facebook.com/bernie.borges
    21. 21. Google+http://gplus.to/BernieBorges
    22. 22. Other Social Networking Sites• Pinterest• Instagram• Slideshare• Quora
    23. 23. The Next Big Thing….Pinterest
    24. 24. LinkedIn Basics• 100% Completed Profile• Give Recommendations• Ask for Recommendations• Update your Status Daily• Seek New Connections• Follow Companies of Interest• Join Groups
    25. 25. Facebook Basics• 100% Completed Profile• Paint a Clear Picture of YOU Build Social Credibility!• Connect to Friends and Business Colleagues• Be Social• Avoid controversy• Seek New Connections• Follow Companies of Interest• Join Groups
    26. 26. Twitter Basics• 100% Completed Profile w/Picture• Be Interesting• Share Links to Articles• Search/Find Like Minded People• Update Your Status Multiple Times/Day• Follow Friends and Business Colleagues• Mix Professional with Social• Create a branded design
    27. 27. http://twitter.com/aboutTwitter Facts
    29. 29. LinkedIn Advanced• Display current and past positions• Add apps that differentiate you• Update your profile periodically• Be active in groups• Seek new connections• Read connections digest• Read company updates• Conduct Polls• Add skills to your profile
    30. 30. LinkedIn Advanced: Skills
    31. 31. LinkedIn Advanced: Profile• Robust summary• Daily status updates
    32. 32. LinkedIn Advanced: Group Discussions
    33. 33. LinkedIn Advanced: Polls
    34. 34. LinkedIn Advanced: Who’s Viewed Your Profile?
    35. 35. LinkedIn Advance: Use Messages Wisely
    36. 36. LinkedIn Advanced: Events
    37. 37. LinkedIn Advanced: Add Slideshare App http://www.slideshare.net/bernbay/risk-mitigation-in-social-media- marketing
    38. 38. LinkedIn Advanced: Add Blog App
    39. 39. LinkedIn Advanced: Read Network Updates
    40. 40. LinkedIn Advanced: Read Network Updates
    41. 41. LinkedIn Advanced: Read Network Updates
    42. 42. LinkedIn Advanced: New Connections Summary
    43. 43. LinkedIn Advanced: Answers
    44. 44. LinkedIn Advanced: Answers
    45. 45. LinkedIn Advanced: Advanced Search
    46. 46. LinkedIn Advanced: 4 Ways to Add Connections
    47. 47. LinkedIn Advanced: 4 Ways to Add Connections
    48. 48. LinkedIn Advanced: 4 Ways to Add Connections
    49. 49. LinkedIn Advanced: Network Mining– Profile Mining– Company Mining
    50. 50. LinkedIn Advanced: Profile Mining
    51. 51. LinkedIn Advanced: Profile Mining
    52. 52. LinkedIn Advanced: Profile Mining
    53. 53. LinkedIn Advanced: Profile Mining
    54. 54. LinkedIn Advanced: Profile Mining
    55. 55. LinkedIn Advanced: Profile Mining
    56. 56. LinkedIn Advanced: Company Mining
    57. 57. LinkedIn Advanced: Company Mining
    58. 58. LinkedIn Advanced: Company Mining
    59. 59. LinkedIn Advanced: Company Mining
    60. 60. LinkedIn Advanced: Follow Companies
    61. 61. LinkedIn Advanced: Job Searching
    62. 62. LinkedIn Advanced: Job Searching
    63. 63. LinkedIn Advanced: Groups
    64. 64. LinkedIn Advanced: Groups
    65. 65. LinkedIn Advanced: Groups
    66. 66. LinkedIn Advanced: Groups
    67. 67. LinkedIn Advanced: Groups
    68. 68. LinkedIn Advanced: Network Statistics
    69. 69. LinkedIn Advanced: Network Statistics
    70. 70. FacebookAdvanced: Social CredibilitySecure Vanity URLhttp://www.facebook.com/bernie.borges
    71. 71. FacebookAdvanced: Lists• Build Lists to Segment Your Connections
    72. 72. FacebookAdvanced: Messages• Send Messages of Interest to Lists
    73. 73. FacebookAdvanced: Company Pages• Follow Company Pages Daily
    74. 74. FacebookAdvanced: Groups
    75. 75. Facebook Advanced: Branchout
    76. 76. Twitter: @berniebay
    77. 77. Twitter• Schedule Tweets Daily• Use Twellow to Find People• Give Shoutouts and Retweets• Use Twitter Search• Share Other’s Content• Share Your Content• Use & Study Hashtags• Set up Columns for Keywords/People to Follow• Consider Multiple Twitter Accounts
    78. 78. Twitter: Schedule Tweets Daily
    79. 79. Twitter Advanced: Follow # Streams
    80. 80. Twitter Advanced: Find People to Follow
    81. 81. Twitter Advanced• Use www.Search.Twitter.com for Research
    82. 82. Twitter Advanced: Conduct Research• Use www.Search.Twitter.com
    83. 83. Twitter Advanced: Mobile Devices http://www.flickr.com/photos/yum9me/4763305262/
    84. 84. Consider Mix of Demand &Supply Redefine Definition of “J O B” Become Opportunistic Monetize Your Passion Become a Content PublisherBE AN ENTREPRENEUR IN YOUR CAREER
    85. 85. Become a Blogger
    86. 86. Be an Entrepreneur in Job Search
    87. 87. Be an Entrepreneur in Job Search
    88. 88. Be an Entrepreneur in Job Search
    89. 89. 89
    90. 90. 90 Be an Entrepreneur in Job Search
    91. 91. Using Brainshark to Market Content
    92. 92. 93
    93. 93. Build Your Personal Brand• Share your Expertise• Volunteer• Coach• Speak• Promote Others• Always Build Relationships• Launch blog/website in your name www.bernieborges.com
    94. 94. Develop The Brand Called You 95 • Authenticity rules • Alignment w/the corporate brand • Content driven • Not all about “me”
    95. 95. Manage the Brand Called You• Online – Content – Social networks• Offline – In the office – Events – In the community• Hybrid
    96. 96. Personal Branding Outside the Organization• Networking – Seek out influencers – Become an influencer – Best practices (common sense) – Avoid “worst” practices
    97. 97. Making Time for Personal Branding 98 • Requires two levels of permission – Self – Employer • Some structure is good • Flexibility is a must • Real-time is reality
    98. 98. Build Your Personal Brand
    99. 99. Build Your Personal Brand
    100. 100. Become a Publisher of Content• Commit to at least two content assets – Book – Blog – Video – White Papers – Podcast Show
    101. 101. GOOD ENOUGH ISN’T  Think Like a Triathlete  Be Who You Aspire to Be  Build Your Personal Brand  Be a Content Producer  Always be Networking  Measure Everything You Do
    102. 102. Connect with Bernie Borges Twitter:http://twitter.com/#!/berniebay LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bernieborges Facebook http://www.facebook.com/findandconvert www.facebook.com/CareerCentral.BernieBorges Subscribe to my blogs http://www.findandconvert.com/bloghttp://www.ber nieborges.com/blog YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/bernbaybb Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/bernieborges/
    103. 103. Social Networking for Job Seekers Training video available online at Amazon: http://bit.ly/snjsamzn