Top 10 Business Blogging Best Practices


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Business blogging can be a productive part of a digital marketing plan. Follow these top 10 business blogging best practices to improve your chances of getting the results you seek.

Presentation developed by author, speaker and digital marketing agency CEO, Bernie Borges.

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Top 10 Business Blogging Best Practices

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2.  Digital Strategy  Why they are important SEO Best Practices  What they are Content Strategy  Infusing keywords into editorial
  3. 3. Study Your Webpage Keywords Google Analytics Persona Analysisb2b facebook marketing lead generation strategy HubSpot Marketing Management Software Sales Lead Generationb2b lead generation strategies Marketing Pan Execution Search Engine Optimizationb2b on facebook in bound marketing Marketing ROI Search engine marketingb2b sales lead inbound marketing agencyBudgetary Pricing Marketing Strategy Examples inbound marketing blog seosemppcBusiness Blog Inbound Marketing Support Marketing webinar seo tips for google Integrated Marketing Marketing Workshops Social CRMbusiness development tips Social Marketing Strategybusiness keys to success integrated marketing plans measuring marketingCompetitive Analysis Internet Marketing Coaching Social Media Analytics measuring marketing resultsContent Marketing Internet Marketing Experts Measuring Online Results Social Media MangementContent Marketing Analytics Internet Marketing Partner Mobile Marketing Social Media Marketing Internet Marketing Resultscontent marketing plan monetizing social networking social media marketing resultsCorporate Training Social Media Monitoring internet marketing topics monitoring kpiDigital Marketing Internet Marketing Training Networking Tools social media toolsDigital Marketing Agency Services Keynote Speaker Online Reputation Management Social Media TrainingDigital Marketing Services Keyword Strategy Social Networking online sales lead generationDigital Presendations KPI Monitoring Web Analytics organic search marketingDigital Strategy Landing Page Design organic search marketing strategy website conversion strategies Latest Web Trends Pay Per Click Advertisingeffective online marketingeMail Marketing Lead Generation pay per click search engine management
  4. 4. 1. Find one keyword theme or variant to rally content messaging around.2. Keyword should be in 4 places: o URL o Title o First paragraph o Last paragraph3. Keywords work best towards beginning of title – if possible4. First link should ALWAYS be to a webpage or another blog post5. Anchor text should link to a page with the anchor text or part of the anchor text in linking page Title6. Meta description must contain keyword – this is your 150 character pitch about your content
  5. 5. 7. Categories and tags serve 2 masters: user experience and search engines (visit website)  Categories – broad  Tags – specific searchable keywords that are on page8. Choose the most relevant Category9. It’s ok to tell readers how CH is compiling the data that the blog is about (in the first paragraph  A little advertorial can be good without compromising quality of article10. Keep your headliner (H1) short  Use a subtitle to explain more about it11. Don’t get stuck using the same keyword over and over.  Develop a diverse collection of relevant keywords.12. Great data – but how can this data help me?13. Invite comments and feedback.14. NO DUPLICATE CONTENT
  6. 6. Select a theme for your blog and brand it! Allocate prime real estate for brand marketing through posters. Provide a brief description of your blog and topic categories.
  7. 7.  Objective  Engage your audience  Drive them to learn more This is your excerpt Excerpt Content  Provide a teaser  Compel reader to read entire article
  8. 8. Offer social sharing icons Link to relevant posts or internal website pagesUse a featured image to using relevant anchor make the post visually text interesting. Use headings to breakup the text. Make for aneasy reading experience.
  9. 9. Use a graphical image in your call to action Use bolded, capitalized text to support your call to action
  10. 10. Set up Facebook comments to allowpeople to comment intheir Facebook profile Respond to comments in a conversational manner.
  11. 11.  Engagement Discoverability Four Search Engine Drivers  Quality Content  Page and site relevancy  Share Worthiness  Answering questions
  12. 12. • Strategy Processes Content • Blog StrategyMarketing • Share Strategy • SEO Best Practices • Search Engine SEO Marketing • Keyword Strategy 727-234-0952 • Social Networking Social • Relationship Building Media • Time Management • Content Strategy Training • Social Media • Digital Marketing