How to Create Content with WOW Factor!


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Everything you need to know to create WOW content like the pros do.

  • Great content is rare and very difficult to create. However, it is worth the time, and vital to make sure it's true content.
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How to Create Content with WOW Factor!

  1. 1. If it was easy to create killer content, everything youread, watched on TV, or saw in a theater would blowyou away. But, it doesn’t. Inspiration is in shortsupply if you don’t know how to stoke the creativejuices. If you stop producing content or producecontent that’s a bad fit for your market, you risklosing leads, attracting the wrong leads, or turningoff the leads you’ve acquired.So what’s the solution? Think like a publisher. Ofcourse, you may never have been a publisher; that’swhere this ebook comes in.This ebook will help you:• Develop an editorial strategy to attract newbusiness• Understand the four steps to creating successfulcontent• Learn how to come up with content ideas to attractleads and convert them to customersSo, what are you waiting for? Let’s start wow’ing ‘em –and then converting ‘em!2
  2. 2. You may already have some knowledge about developingbuyer personas, those fictional representations of yourtarget customers based on real-world information andeducated guesses about theirlikes, dislikes, habits, behaviors, motivations, concerns, anddemographics.To write effectively for any audience, you need to know a bitabout them.3
  3. 3. 4Once you know who your buyers are andwhat their needs are, you need tounderstand how they shop for the thingsyou sell. Ask yourself questions like:Use the answers to these questions to understand your prospects’demographics, needs, and behaviors. The better you understand yourpersonas, the more detail you have about them, the better you will be ableto develop content that appeals to them and the more effectively you canplace it to reach them.
  4. 4. Using what you know about your buyerpersonas, identify the types of content andthe channels that they respond to mostreadily. Knowing this, you can determinewhich content is best-suited for each stageof the buying cycle. While it’s true thatprospects may not always follow theexpected progression, studies show thatsome types of content play into a buyer’sdecision at specific stages of the cyclebetter than at other times.You might find that content maps to thebuying cycle as follows:5
  5. 5. Working through these processes, you will havelaid the foundation for executing aneffective, winning editorial strategy to have leadsfind you, learn about your company, and get intouch to learn more or buy from you. The days ofscratching your head and staring at a blankscreen wondering what to write are behind you.6Buyer personas identified, an editorial strategy inplace, and a calendar established…now you haveeverything you need to start creating great content. Let’ssee how the pros go ahead and do just that!Along the way, you may have found a few holes inyour calendar or even that some calendared itemsbecome obsolete before you can publish them. That’snormal. Every publisher must be flexible, it probablydoes not indicate a flaw in your calendar or planningprocess – it’s part of the process. An effectivepublisher is prepared with a few editorial items intheir content pantry that have a long shelf life and canbe pressed into service on a moment’s notice.
  6. 6. Once you have everything in place to be able to delivercontent that meets your needs and your readers’ needs, thereal work can begin. Coming up withrelevant, interesting, lively content. Maintaining a steady flowof consistent, quality content is not always easy to do day inand day out. Savvy publishers and knowledgeable editors usea few tips, tools, and techniques to make sure the great ideasthat produce killer content keep on coming. Here are 10 ofthem you can use to keep your business front and center inclients’ minds:For These Tips and More,Click Here to Download the Full eBook!
  7. 7. Now you know what the pros know. Keep our key points inmind, then start creating!• Use behavioral data to create buyer personas and targetcontent to those personas.• Conduct an audit of existing content to identify gaps inyour content, then plan to fill those gaps with greatcontent for each topic and every persona.• Map content to the buying cycle so you’re addressingcustomers’ and prospects’ needs throughout the purchaseprocess.• Develop an editorial calendar to help you plan and executecontent that consistently meets your needs, goals, andobjectives.• Find new ways to come up with content that goes beyondthe ordinary and keep a backlog of stories at the ready tomeet any short-term need that arises.8