Deloitte South Africa's Social Business Journey


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On this episode of the Social Business Engine Digital TV show, Bernie Borges interviews David Graham and Jonathan Houston of Deloitte South Africa.

David and Jonathan share valuable insights into their social business journey including their successes and lessons learned.

The episode video is embedded so you can watch the 24 minute interview at your leisure.

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Deloitte South Africa's Social Business Journey

  1. 1. Deloitte South Africa’s Social Business Journey Hosted by Bernie Borges with Co-Host Wayne St. Amand of Crimson Hexagon Featuring David Graham, Jonathan Houston of Deloitte South Africa Episode 01 Sponsored by Crimson Hexagon
  2. 2. In this episode, David Graham, Digital Engagement Leader, and Jonathan Houston, Digital Marketing Leader, for Deloitte South Africa share successes and lessons learned on their social business journey. #SBEShowWatch the full episode at
  3. 3. Social Business benefits Deloitte South Africa externally in the marketplace as well as internally. #SBEShowWatch the full episode at Executive support drives the culture. Social media marketing drives engagement. Internally, social technology facilitates collaboration and knowledge share. - Jonathan Houston
  4. 4. Moving an organization toward becoming a Social Business may require deliberate “Change Management” strategy! #SBEShowWatch the full episode at
  5. 5. Progress on our Social Business Journey seems to come more slowly than we’d like….But, progress is steady. #SBEShowWatch the full episode at “Don’t spend too much time on strategy. Try to operationalize as quickly as possible then measure as you go. See what works, do more of that. See what doesn’t work, stop doing that.” - David Graham
  6. 6. #SBEShowWatch the full episode at Show successes and share wins. Let internal influencers learn how social activities add value to daily work life, not just take time from it.
  7. 7. #SBEShowWatch the full episode at David and Jonathan, while still on their own Social Business Journey, provide valuable insights any organization can use. Social Business at Deloitte is “mandated at the top from global leadership to regional level directors. Leaders are measured on the content they produce and encouraged to participate in the conversation.” David Graham Digital Engagement Leader @DavidGrahamSA “It’s not about the technology, it’s about unlocking social principles and how they can deliver value. The technologies are enablers of that…but they’re a key part…” Jonathan Houston Manager, Digital Marketing @Jingo27
  8. 8. Additional insights from our co-host and sponsor. #SBEShow Watch the full episode online for a special case study offer from Crimson Hexagon. Watch the full episode at
  9. 9. To learn more about Deloitte South Africa’s Social Business Journey watch the full episode online! Watch the full episode at