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Csr strategy


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Csr strategy

  1. 1. CSR Strategy Presented by
  2. 2. Corporate Social Responsibility  Critical factor for organizational success in modern times  Proven financial advantage in operational cost savings, human resources management, company reputation and branding  Almost mandatory for modern businesses to engage in CSR alongside other business strategies for competitive advantages  Essential, nevertheless, to devise productive, effective, suitable CSR strategy  Need to choose suitable focus
  3. 3. Effective CSR Strategy  Should have a social purpose that is business based  Rooted in, related to, business mission  Should support an overall company strategy for effectiveness.  Concentrated effort, addressing single objective each time.  Adopt a suitable, effective structure  Effective planning  Include, engage all relevant stakeholders  Engage the community  Observe all relevant laws/provisions
  4. 4. Effective CSR Strategy  Partnership with experts  Effective leadership, management  High level of credibility  Applications of relevant, efficient technology to seek the ways of managing certain social challenges in world  Cooperation with governments, businesses, NGOs, social entrepreneurs, academicians and thoughtful leaders  Achieve scalable, sustainable solutions for common social problems  Long-term planning
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