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Natural facial cleanser


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Natural facial cleanser

  1. 1. Natural facial cleanserMost face washes and soaps that are available on the market today contain chemicals in them.Although these cosmetics do not clean our body and face, but the chemical content in them can robyour skin of its natural oils, leading to long-term negative effects on our skin. Instead, if we usenatural home cleaning face, our skin will not only be properly cleaned through them, but its naturalmoisture content will also be maintained. So if you too are a firm believer in natural skin care andwant to avoid chemicals as much as possible, here are some recipes natural facial cleansers that willbe certainly very useful.Natural Facial Cleanser RecipesCucumber Facial CleanserIngredients: Cucumber and MilkMethod: To make this natural facial cleanser, take a cucumber and a juicer, extract the juice. Now,take two teaspoons of cucumber juice and mix it with a teaspoon of milk. Take a cotton ball, dab itwith this mixture and apply evenly on the face. Leave the mixture for five minutes and then rinsewith warm water. Learn more about dry skin care tips.Olive oil and honey Face WashIngredients: olive oil, honey and distilled waterMethod: This natural facial cleanser homemade is extremely beneficial for dry and mature skin. Toprepare this facial cleanser, mix a teaspoon each of olive oil and honey and mix it with two teaspoonsof distilled water. Now, with a cotton ball, apply the mixture evenly over the face and leave on forfive minutes. Later, wash your face with warm water and dry.Lemon Juice Face WashIngredients: lemon juice, egg white and honey.Method: Natural facial cleansers made with lemon are considered very good for oily skin as lemon isa natural astringent. To make this facial cleanser, mix a teaspoon each of lemon juice and honey, andthen add the egg white. With your fingers or a cotton ball, apply this mixture on the face. Let themask dry face leaving it on the face for about ten minutes. After that, rinse with warm water. Learnmore about facial cleansers for oily skin.Fuller Facial Cleanser EarthIngredients: Fullers Earth, orange juice and honeyMethod: This facial cleanser is a dream come true for people with oily skin. Regular application ofthis natural facial cleanser helps remove oil and dirt from the skin and prevents the onset of acne. Toprepare this facial cleanser in a tablespoon of fullers earth, add a teaspoon of honey and enoughorange juice to make a paste. Now, using your fingers, apply this paste on the face, including theneck. Allow the mixture until it gets to dry. After that, wash with warm water and dry.Face Wash chickpeasIngredients: chickpea powder, honey, yogurt and turmeric.Method: Combine half a teaspoon of powdered chickpeas, one teaspoon each of honey and yogurtand a pinch of turmeric. Stir the mixture well, and then apply to face in circular motions. Later, washwith warm water. If you have dry skin, replace the yogurt with milk. This natural facial cleanser notonly cleanses the skin, but it also exfoliates.Facial Cleanser CoconutIngredients: Coconut oil, olive oil, glycerin and distilled waterMethod: This natural facial cleanser is ideal for people with dry skin. Mix two teaspoons each of
  2. 2. coconut oil and distilled water with a teaspoon each of olive oil and glycerin. Combine mixture, andthen apply to the face with your fingers.Applying the mixture in a circular motion so that it is completely absorbed by the skin.Leave for ten minutes, and then rinse with warm water.Learn more about:Recipes natural skin careHomemade Facial ScrubReplacing your soap with any of these natural face cleansers will help prevent and cure common skinproblems such as skin roughness, enlarged pores, acne, puffiness and fine lines. So, without delay, toinclude these natural face cleansers in your daily skin care routine and get a soft, smooth andrejuvenated.