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Territories: collective stories, collective action


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A presentation around place making through collective actions, collective stories and collective story telling

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Territories: collective stories, collective action

  1. 1. Bernardo Gutiérrez // @bernardosampa Territories: collective stories, collective action
  2. 2. #Global2011
  3. 3. “I find sense in trying and trying, once and again, in finding a way of trusting strangers” Audrey Tang, Digital Minister of Taiwan
  4. 4. “Something completly different happens when you are in the same space with other people” Birgitta Jónsdóttir, icelandic poetess
  5. 5. “The city is not and ended book: it is people’s language” Henri Lefebvre, French philosopher and sociologist
  6. 6. “The fight happens between open stories and close stories. Stories that show the mythological machine way of working and stories that hide it” Wu Ming, Italian writers collective
  7. 7. “The spimes are social objetcs with hidden stories, objetcs located in space and time, always associated to a story” Bruce Sterling, Shaping things Significant Objects project
  8. 8. “The reality is the real and the imaginary” Carlos Fuentes, Mexican writer
  10. 10. São Paulo – Rio de Janeiro – Porto Alegre (2012 - 2015) 1. Wikipraça // WikiSquare
  11. 11. i Physical network The action Balança meu Arouche created physical networks through Arouche square in São Paulo, in order to incentivate the occupation of the space and the social relationships
  12. 12. Open source benches Re-Abécedario action built open source wood benchs for Arouche aquare in São Paulo. During different days, the letter shape benches were build together with local dwellers. People created “words” with the benches, for fostering the imaginaries and desires of the Arouche square.
  13. 13. WikiNamoradeira, the open source ‘love bench’
  14. 14. Collective Dj O Dj somos nós was an action that incentivated to play music in a box through blue tooth technology. Every single person could sent music through a mobile phone
  15. 15. O Arouche e Você consisted in individual interviews in Arouche square of São Paulo. The interviewed people spoke about their link and memories with the territorie, before formuling new desires for it Memories + desires video set
  16. 16. Você e o Arouche was projected several days in Arouche square several times
  17. 17. 2 // Ciudad.Decide Ciudad.Decide was a pilot project for anchoring in territories Decide Madrid, the official open source participation platform of Madrid City Hall. The aim was to get citizen proposal in the platform
  18. 18. Fuencarral.Decide Fuencarral.Decide was the first stop of Ciudad.Decide, developed in Fuencarral district
  19. 19. A cartoonist made personal portraits in order to humanize and personalize Decide Madrid platform
  20. 20. The first round of listening showed for imaginaries and lines of work for proposals: culture, childhood, sports and gardening
  21. 21. “Telling is as important as walking: if you go too fast your tongue stumbles on your legs, you need to slow down to coordinate them. The desire to tell prevails over the summit. Molotov mountaineering goes to the mountains to retrieve stories: its pace is the oratory step. The breath to speak is never a waste of breath: the mountain is a repository of stories and signs of past revolts, resistances, repressions, waiting to have a new voice”. Alpinismo Molotov manifesto Collective stories, collective action
  22. 22. Referencias -Slide 1 picture. Campo de Cebada, Madrid -Slide 4 picture: protests in Seoul in the late 2016 againts corruption -Slide 5 picture: Experimenta Distrito, Madrid -Slide 6 picture, Cine Usera, Madrid (self organized cinema) -Slide 7 picture: Solar Almendro 3, Madrid, self organized children oriented space Wu Ming Foundation site: -Slide 9. -Slide 10. 366 sillas // -Slide 11. The wikipraça site was exported to this wordpress blog -Slide 15. VOcê e o Arouche video set Wnb -Slide 18. Decide Madrid platform: -Silde 19. Ciudad Decide pilot project -Slide 25 Alpinismo Molotov manifesto manifesto-dellalpinismo-molotov-2/
  23. 23. Bernardo Gutiérrez (@bernardosampa) /// ///