SparkLabs Global Ventures: First Ten Months, First 29 Investments


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Since October 2013, SparkLabs Global Ventures has invested in 29 companies: 18 U.S. companies, 8 European, 2 Asian, and 1 Israeli.

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SparkLabs Global Ventures: First Ten Months, First 29 Investments

  1. 1. SparkLabs Global Ventures First 10 Months
  2. 2. About SparkLabs Global Ventures Entrepreneurs Growing Entrepreneurs We are a new type of seed-stage fund.We believe business is now truly global. Exceptional entrepreneurs, that are building strong, category defining companies at highly advantageous valuations – can be found anywhere.We are a team highly experienced in finding such talent and helping our entrepreneurs to develop, grow, network, and scale into other markets throughout the world. Please visit
  3. 3. Summary of Investment Activity: Geography Since October 2013, we have invested in 29 companies. It has weighed heavily in the U.S., but this will become more distributed given our current deal focus across Europe,Asia and Israel. The distribution so far: •  18 U.S. companies (2 originated from South Korea) •  8 European companies (5 from the Barclays Accelerator partnership) •  2 Asian companies (not including 2 originated from South Korea) •  1 Israeli company
  4. 4. Since October 2013, we have invested across most sectors besides capital intensive industries (i.e. biotech, pharma, cleantech), but have concentrated on 4 general areas: •  8 FinTech •  6 Mobile Applications •  3 Internet of Things •  3 Online Gaming Summary of Investment Activity: Sector
  5. 5. Summary of Investment Activity: Co-investors We are proud to have co-invested with many top tier funds in the world.
  6. 6. Select Profiles of Our 29 Investments
  7. 7. Founded in 2013 by Alex Halliday,Yael Citro and Ross Crawford, LawPal is an elegant and complete solution to one of law’s intractable problems: project management. If you’ve ever negotiated a contract you will have suffered through the endless email back-and-forth, confusing changes, and byzantine paper trails. LawPal streamlines this entire process.  It is part deal room, part project manager giving you a cloud-based workspace for planning, executing and tracking your deals. LawPal helps everyone on the team communicate ideas and organize the work to be done, delivering a better client experience and a better final product. Lawpal These materials are supplied to you in connection with your proposed investment in the SparkLabs Global Ventures fund (the “Fund”) and provide certain confidential information on its investment adviser. These materials do not constitute an offering of interests in the Fund, and any interests in the Fund are being offered solely on the basis of the Fund’s definitive documentation. Do not copy or distribute. Proprietary and Confidential. •  Sector: SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) •  Location: Menlo Park, CA, USA •  Major product: Online productivity tool •  Co-investors: Founders Fund/Peter Thiel •
  8. 8. Launched in 2013, Memebox is an e-commerce beauty retailer launched in Seoul, Korea, and now headquartered in San Francisco, California. is the leading beauty e-commerce and mobile commerce in Korea and rapidly growing operations in the U.S. The company aims to offer the most comprehensive and exciting platform for the customers to explore innovative beauty products curated by its team of beauty industry experts. Each month, Memebox members will anticipate a curated Memebox (subscription beauty box full of trial sizes) arriving on their doorstep and have the opportunity to discover new products. In addition to its box series, full size products are available to members for purchase at the best price.