SparkLabs Overview of First Class 2013


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Introduction to SparkLabs, a startup accelerator in Korea, and an overview of its first class and program, which ended on March 7, 2013.

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SparkLabs Overview of First Class 2013

  1. 1. Premier Startup Acceleratorfor Korea’s Entrepreneurs
  2. 2. Our VisionFounded by Entrepreneurs for EntrepreneursAll  of  our  founders  are  entrepreneurs  who  have  built  companies  in  Korea  and  the  U.S.    We  have  endured  the  ups  and  downs  of  entrepreneurship,  successes  and  failures,  and  have  developed  a  strong  desire  to  help  out  the  next  genera>on  of  Korea’s  entrepreneurs.     Confidenal.  Please  do  not  distribute.  
  3. 3. Our ProgramMentorship-driven Startup AcceleratorSparkLabs  is  providing  a  3-­‐month  long  program  for  seed  to  early-­‐stage  entrepreneurs  who  have  a  vision  beyond  Korea’s  borders.    Entrepreneurs  who  want  to  build  global  companies  and  have  a  vision  to  expand  to  the  U.S.,  China,  Japan  and  elsewhere.    SparkLabs  uniquely  provides  a  world-­‐class  team  of  mentors  to  accelerate  and  guide  each  of  our  companies.   Confidenal.  Please  do  not  distribute.  
  4. 4. Our ProgramProgram Elements• 4  to  8  startups  chosen  for  each  class.  Two  classes  per  year.  • Investment  of  $25,000  (typically  6%  of  the  company)  • Over  $215,000  in  free  perks  (i.e.  office  space,  hos>ng,  access  to   Silicon  Valley’s  top  law  firm,  Wilson  Sonsini)  • Assignment  of  at  least  5  world-­‐class  mentors     Confidenal.  Please  do  not  distribute.  
  5. 5. Our TeamBernard Moon, Co-founder & General PartnerBernard  is  Co-­‐founder  &  CEO  of  Vidquik,  a  new  web  conferencing  &  sales  solu>ons  plaorm.    He  was  previously  a  Managing  Director  at  the  Lunsford  Group,  which  is  a  private  investment  firm  with  holdings  in  real  estate,  healthcare  and  other  industries.    Bernard  was  Co-­‐founder  &  VP  of  Business  Development  of  GoingOn  Networks,  a  social  media  plaorm  for  companies,  and  also  led  their  product  development  where  BusinessWeek  recognized  them  in  their  "Best  of  the  Web"  list.      Bernard  co-­‐founded  a  couple  other  startups,  raised  over  $50  million  in  venture  capital,  and  enjoys  helping  other  entrepreneurs  as  much  as  possible.    He  serves  as  a  mentor  to  Mucker  Lab,  a  startup  accelerator  in  LA,  and  a  mentor  at  KoFounder  Labs,  an  ini>a>ve  of  the  Korean  govt/KISED  run  by  YouNoodle  in  Silicon  Valley.  He  is  a  frequent  guest  writer  to  various  technology  journals,  such  as  VentureBeat  and  Mashable.    Bernard  has  spoke  and  lectured  about  startups  and  entrepreneurship  at  Stanford  University,  American  Chamber  of  Commerce  in  Korea  and  other  organiza>ons  James Kim, Co-founder & General PartnerJimmy  is  Chairman  of  Inno>ve,  an  interac>ve  soiware  company  that  mixes  passion,  crea>vity  and  technology  to  create  new  interac>ve  user  experiences  and  innova>ve  presenta>on  solu>ons.  Inno>ve’s  client  lists  include  BMW,  Infini>,  Nike  Golf,  Dentsu,  Korea  Telecom  and  other  leading  worldwide  companies.      Previously,  Jimmy  was  CEO  of  Nexonova,  a  game  development  studio  of  Nexon  Corp  that  specializes  in  Social  Network  Games,  and  served  on  Nexons  Board  of  Directors.    Prior  to  Nexonova,  Jimmy  served  Execu>ve  Vice  President  of  Nexon  Corp,  and  Head  of  Nexon’s  Portal  (  and  Web  Services.  Nexon  is  one  of  the  most  successful  online  gaming  provider,  with  games  such  as  Maple  Story,  Dungeon  and  Fighter,  Combat  Arms,  and  Kart  Rider.  Nexon  services  over  20  games  across  60  countries  to  an  audience  of  300  million.    Jimmy  received  his  B.S.  in  Engineering  from  Northwestern  University,  and  also  a  M.S.  in  Engineering  from  Korea  Advanced  Ins>tute  of  Science  and  Technology  (KAIST).   Confidenal.  Please  do  not  distribute.  
  6. 6. Our TeamJohn Lee, Co-founder & General PartnerJohn  Lee  is  a  co-­‐founder  &  EVP  of  Corporate  Development  and  Strategy  of  Hostway.    He  serves  addi>onal  responsibili>es  as  CEO  of  Hostway  India  and  Hostway  Korea.    John  and  his  fellow  co-­‐founders  bootstrapped  Hostway  into  a  top  5  web  hos>ng  company  in  the  world  with  over  700  employees.    Hostway  is  a  mul>na>onal  web  hos>ng  company  headquartered  in  Chicago,  and  serves  more  than  600,000  customers  worldwide.    He  is  currently  responsible  for  overall  corporate  strategy,  strategic  alliances,  and  mergers  and  acquisi>ons.    Previously,  he  has  held  posi>ons  in  every  department  of  the  company,  including  leading  global  marke>ng  and  sales  and  overall  P&L  for  North  America.  Mr.  Lee  was  born  and  raised  in  Korea  and  immigrated  to  the  United  States  at  age  13.  He  holds  a  BA  in  Biology  from  the  University  of  Chicago.    Jay McCarthy, General PartnerJay  has  more  than  22  years’  experience  in  Asia.  Currently,  as  a  Managing  Partner  of  Pacific  Advisers,  he  has  advised,  financed  and  invested  in  a  number  of  deals  across  industries,  principally  mining  &  energy,  technology  and  property.    In  recent  years,  Jay  has  focused  on  origina>ng  investment  mandates  for  PA  to  invest  its  own  capital  in  both  publicly  listed  and  private  vehicles.  Such  origina>on  leads  to  co-­‐investment  opportuni>es  selec>vely  with  the  hedge  fund  and  ins>tu>onal  investor  communi>es.  Jay  has  significant  experience  with  structuring  deals  and  working  with  their  investor,  industry  and  service  (legal  and  advisory)  counterparts.    Previously,  Jay  served  as  an  Execu>ve  Director  in  the  Equity  Division  at  Morgan  Stanley  and  worked  in  the  Tokyo,  HK,  Beijing  and  Singapore  offices  over  a  16-­‐year  period.  Within  this  >me,  Jay  served  2  years  as  Morgan  Stanley’s  “secondee”  to  China  Interna>onal  Capital  Corpora>on,  their  JV  Chinese  Investment  Bank,  as  the  Director  in  charge  of  the  Equity  Division  and  Capital  Markets  in  HK  (&  Beijing).    Prior  to  that,  Jay  worked  at  Coopers  &  Lybrand  in  New  York  (USA).    Jay  graduated  from  Boston  College  in  Newton,  MA,  USA  and  has  basic  speaking  skills  in  Japanese.     Confidenal.  Please  do  not  distribute.  
  7. 7. Our TeamAwy Julianto, General PartnerAwy  is  a  General  Partner  of  Pacific  Advisers.    He  has  extensive  experience  in  technology,  media,  consumer  products  and  telecom  industries  in  Asia  Pacific  over  the  past  18  years.    Awy’s  key  exper>se  is  in  the  technology,  gaming,  e–commerce,  and  consumer  retail  sectors.    His  current  areas  of  geographical  focus  are  China,  Korea  and  SEA  -­‐  Indonesia.  In  2012,  two  recent  financial  deals  that  Awy  executed  on  were  capital  raising  assignments  for  360Buy  and  Ganji  in  China.      Awy  has  served  as  Senior  Vice  President  and  Managing  Director  of  Fox  Digital  Group  at  News  Corp  where  he  was  in  charge  of  the  companys  expansion  into  the  Asia  Pacific  region  including  Australia  and  India.  Awy  has  also  previously  held  senior  management  posi>on  with  Viacom  Brand  Solu>on  and  MTV  Networks  Interna>onal,  where  he  launched  MTV  Japan,  MTV  India,  MTV  Australia,  and  MTV  Indonesia.    Awy  was  selected  as  one  of  the  ten  MTV  Networks  Interna>onal  Leaders  to  par>cipate  in  World  Class  Management  Ini>a>ve  in  London  and  Cannes.    Awy  was  also  in>mately  involved  in  the  expansion  of  Truphone,  a  global  Vodafone  UK  MVNO  partner  into  the  Asia  Pacific  and  Middle  East  region.    Awy  graduated  from  the  University  of  Parahyangan,  Indonesia.  He  speaks  English,  Bahasa  and  proficient  Mandarin.   Confidenal.  Please  do  not  distribute.  
  8. 8. Advisors & MentorsAdvisorsMark  Cuban,  Owner  of  the  Dallas  Mavericks  Michael  Crow,  President  of  Arizona  State  University  &  Chairman  of  In-­‐Q-­‐Tel  Ray  Ozzie,  CEO  of  Talko  &  Former  Chief  Soiware  Architect  at  Microsoi  Vint  Cerf,  Vice  President  &  Chief  Internet  Evangelist  for  Google  Tom  Peters,  Management  Guru  &  Author  of  In  Search  of  Excellence  Mentors (selected from over 90)Charles  Huang,  Co-­‐Founder  of  RedOctane  (Guitar  Hero)    David  Lee,  Managing  Partner  of  SV  Angel  Douglas  Glen,  Former  GM  of  LucasGames  &  CSO  of  Maqel  Erik  Moreno,  SVP  of  Corp.  Development  at  Fox  Mike  Joo,  COO  of  Global  Markets  at  BofA  Merrill  Lynch   Confidenal.  Please  do  not  distribute.  
  9. 9. PartnersHostway Korea (free hosting)DEMO (fast track application process / discount if accepted)DEMO China (fast track application process / discount if accepted)Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (legal counsel / $5,000 deferred fees)Ginger Software (free English tutoring)Global Accelerator Network (Techstars network, over $100,000 in perks)F6S (Accelerator platform, over $40,000 in perks) Confidenal.  Please  do  not  distribute.  
  10. 10. First Class of CompaniesNFLabs (Big Data) Funding to date: $500,000A big data company that built Peloton, a service that provides a full end-to-end solution to store, manage, process, and analyze largeamounts of data. The plug-and-play solution brings together Hadoop, real-time search technology and enterprise grade connectors.The company has already scored partnership deals with Korea’s Hyosung Information Systems and Hortonworks in the US.KnowRe (Educational Tech) Funding to date: $400,000An educational technology company that provides learning experiences tailored to individual students. The system assesses studentsstrengths and weaknesses before drawing up a personalized plan based on their needs. Closed $1.4 million from Softbank Korea afterthe start of the program.Ablar Company (App Development) Funding to date: $3 millionAblar has launched a range of mobile applications and products, including Craigslist-for-Korea ‘Bulletin’ and restaurant reservationapp ‘Reservation King, Poing’. The company has two products in the pipeline for this year, and was started by the founder ofTatter&Company, a blogging software system bought by Google in 2008. Confidenal.  Please  do  not  distribute.  
  11. 11. First Class of CompaniesMerrywind (Gaming) Funding to date: $400,000The core of online gaming studio Merrywind comes from Korean gaming giant Nexon. The one-year-old company’s first productwas the recently released Facebook gambling game Hotel Casino.WePlanet (Mobile Social Service) Funding to date: BootstrappedA mobile social service that tracks activities and details of a user’s life through icon-based check-ins and the aggregation of datafrom services like Facebook.Memebox (Ecommerce/Beauty) Funding to date: $200,000 (Self-funded)A Korean online beauty store that opened in February 2012. It claims to have overtaken Rocket Internet-backed GlossyBox withinjust two months of launch. The team says it is focused on building its presence on mobile and expanding into other countries inAsia. Confidenal.  Please  do  not  distribute.  
  12. 12. Seminars for First ClassHae-min Lee, Chairman of Amotech and former CEO of Samsung Electronics (LCDDigital Appliances Group)Taught and discussed about his experiences as CEO of a large corporation and a startup. What it takes to succeedin business and overcoming impossible challenges. Managing rapid growth at Samsung Electronics and hisexperience of taking a startup to IPO in Korea.Charles Huang, Co-founder & CEO, GreenThrottle / Creator of Guitar HeroCharles entrepreneurial journey in building one of the handful of billion dollar video game franchises and hislatest effort to disrupt the video game industry.Hyunki Moon, Former GM of Fleishman-Hillard KoreaMarketing & PR strategies for startups. Confidenal.  Please  do  not  distribute.  
  13. 13. Seminars for First ClassJun-yong Hyun, VP of Enterprise Solutions at LGU+"Open Innovation: What Are Large Corporations Looking For?” Discussed corporate partnerships and how best toprepare for and approach large enterprise.Eric Kim, Managing Director of Maverick CapitalEric led investments into Kakao and Coupang. He discussed his approach towards looking for the next biginvestment opportunities in Korea.Sirgoo Lee, Co-CEO of Kakao“Managing rapid growth." Since he managed rapid growth both at NHN and Kakao, Sirgoo discussed hisexperiences and thoughts on preserving startup culture through rapid growth.* This is a sample of the sessions given and not a complete list. Confidenal.  Please  do  not  distribute.  
  14. 14. Demo DayDemo Day is “graduation day” for each class. Our first class experienced asuccessful Demo Day on March7th, 2013 that was attended by over 120investors, corporate/business development professionals and journalists.The event created a lot of buzz with coverage from the major dailies inKorea, KBS News (major TV network), Forbes Korea and others. Confidenal.  Please  do  not  distribute.