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Sample investor presentation for other entrepreneurs to look at. Our old slides for GoingOn Networks from 2007, which is a social media platform for companies and organizations. BusinessWeek recognized GoingOn Networks in their "Best of the Web: Social Networking Tools" list for 2007.

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GoingOn Overview 05 2007

  1. 1. The social media platform for companies & organizations
  2. 2. Goodbye PC Generation— Hello IM Generation “Which method do you most often use to communicate with friends?” 50% Email Instant Messenger 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 13-17 18-24 25-34 35-54 55+ Age Range (3/06)
  3. 3. Goodbye PC Generation— Hello IMMedia Adoption Social Generation “Which method do you most often use to communicate with friends?” 33% of youth publish blogs 41% 50% of youth visit social networks daily Email Instant Messenger 62% 40% of youth content is published by people they know 20% 30% of adults are members of social network 380% 20% increase of USA Today!s traffic after adding social networking components 10% “75% of corporate executives stated that they 0% currently or plan to deploy Social Media Technologies & Models into their sites.” 13-17 18-24 25-34 35-54 55+ Age Range (3/06) — McKinsey Group
  4. 4. Shrinking Generation Gap “Technology is empowering “My blog on People.com artists to take more control allows me to share my “Funny or Die has of their careers – In between concert tour with an even grown faster than productions, all talent larger community of fans, YouTube did in its first should have their own web which makes the trip that 6 months.” network.” much more fulfilling.” —Mark Kvamme, Sequoia —Carson Daly, TV Host —Sheryl Crow, Rocker Capital
  5. 5. The Power of Socializing Content Blogging Social Network Social Media Content & Context Connections & Contacts ➡ Increased interactivity leads to increased stickiness. ➡ User-generated content creates more editorial opportunities, traffic and + = reader loyalty. ➡ Ability to react to market in real time. ➡ Increased information cycles. ➡ Transparency of readership. Increased data-mining. ➡ Vibrant exchange of valuable information and feedback.
  6. 6. GoingOn provides a robust on-demand platform that allows companies and organizations to exploit the power of Social Media and remain relevant to the new generation.
  7. 7. GoingOn Socializes Websites Manage Complex User- Generated Content Workflow Build a “Network of Networks” Integrate Best-of-Breed Web 2.0 technologies Leverage New Advertising Network Models & Services Tap into the Collective Intelligence of your Community
  8. 8. User-Generated Publishing Workflow In-House “Young readers don’t want Editors & Less Than 5% Aggregators to rely on a god-like figure from above to tell them Expert what is important, and they Contributors certainly do not want news Member presented as gospel. The Participants Over 95% media world can no longer Regular lecture, it must become a Readers place for conversation.” Web Surfers —Rupert Murdoch, Chairman, News Corporation
  9. 9. Multi-Tier “Network of Networks” Network Y ➡ Flexible community Network W structures ➡ Central Administration ➡ Portable user Profiles ➡ Multi-modal Interaction ➡ Networks-of-Networks “As all Communities go online, the world is exploding into millions of brand networks.” —Steve Rubel, Edelman PR & Micro Persuasion blogger
  10. 10. Collect High- Value Reader Intelligence Extensive viewer background & professional data Viewer’s friends, connections & networks Chronicle of viewer posts & comments Measure viewer online activity Target advertising
  11. 11. On-Demand Deployment + Best of Breed Web 2.0 Technologies ➡ On-Demand (SaaS) Platform ➡ Point & Click Configuration ➡ Open Network Allows Easy Web 2.0 Feature Integration ➡ Expert Professional Services for Customization and Integration ➡ Subscription Pricing Model
  12. 12. Target Markets Corporation Brands: Audi, CDW, ThinkEquity, HP, Autodesk, Salesforce.com, Palm Media networks: AlwaysOn, Forbes, NBC Universal, The Monkey Trial Entertainment networks: Sony Pictures Developer Communities: MySQL, Borland Vertical Communities: Health & Fitness, Sports, Travel, Entertainment, Politics, Religion Non-Profit: Churchill Club, Special Olympics Associations: Realtors, Builders, Marketers
  13. 13. GoingOn’s Sources of Revenue Hosting services Network consulting monthly fee for primarily for large brands. hosting, analytics, and customer support. Channel partners with domain expertise will be signed up to Initially driven by our sales target specific markets, such as team with revenues scaling professional sports and nonprofits. through channel partners and self-service options. Advertising Other online ad revenue, referral revenue, RSS ad revenue, premium membership podcast revenue for individuals (direct & Sold directly from our sponsored), ecommerce ad sales team and from a self-service system.
  14. 14. GoingOn’s Team Tony Perkins, Co-founder & CEO AlwaysOn, Founder, CEO, and Editor Red Herring, Founder, CEO, and Editor Chris Dobbrow, President & COO Ziff Davis Media, Senior VP of Corporate Sales, Integrated Media Solutions and Publisher of eWEEK Red Herring, President & CEO RealNames, Senior VP of Global Platform Sales Carl Wescott, CTO Broadband Mechanics, VP of Engineering Zoom Systems, CTO & VP of Investor Relations CPlane, VP of Engineering Project Head & Lead Architect, Schwab.com’s first launch Bernard Moon, Co-founder & VP of Business Development Innotive, Director of Strategic Planning & Sales iRG Limited, Director HeyAnita Korea, VP of Business Development & Marketing
  15. 15. GoingOn’s Advisors Dries Buytaert Bruce Gellman Founder of Drupal Former President of AudioCodes Former Vice President of Strategic Sales & Business Development at Sync Research Bill Cleary Founder of Cleary & Partners Co-founder of CKS Group Marc Canter Founder & CEO of Broadband Mechanics Founder of MacroMind Brad Feld Managing Director at Mobius Venture Capital Daniel Aegerter Board Member & Investor of GoingOn Networks Founder & Chairman of Armada Investment Former Chairman & CEO of TRADEX
  16. 16. GoingOn’s Advisors GoingOn Networks Corporate Information Incorporated in August 2005. HQ in SanBruce Gellman 14 Dries Buytaert Mateo, CA with personnel. Drupal Founder of Former President of AudioCodes Former Vice President of Strategic Sales & Business Development at Sync Research Bill Cleary Investors include: Founder of Cleary & Partners Co-founder of CKS Group Marc Canter Founder & CEO of Broadband Mechanics Tim Draper Founder of MacroMind Brad Feld Founder & Managing Director of DFJ, a leading venture capital firm. Prior investments include Skype (sold to eBay for $2.6 billion), Hotmail (sold to Microsoft for $400 million), Overture (sold to Yahoo! for $1.63 Managing Director at Mobius Venture Capital billion, and Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU). Daniel Aegerter Daniel Aegerter of GoingOn Networks Board Member & Investor Founder & Chairman of Armada Investment Group. Previously, Founder & CEO of TRADEX, which was Founder & Chairman of Armada Investment sold to Ariba for $5.6 billion. Group Former Chairman & CEO of TRADEX Michael Riordan Technologies Founder of Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ: GILD), a $35 billion market cap biopharmaceutical company.