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Lotus Notes Migration


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Lotus Notes Migration

  1. 1. Email Migration: Lotus Notes to Outlook * Evan Swans, Org. Product Development Head ** SysTools Software Florida, United States
  2. 2. Email Conversion• Email Conversion is the process where one email database converting into another Email environment or extension.• “Email Conversion between Lotus Notes to Outlook is easier with SysTools Export Notes Software” Software
  3. 3. 0DLOER[ )ROGHU• Mailbox folder( Inbox, Sent, Deleted, Drafts and Outbox)• Address Book (Contacts of Friends, colleague)• Calendar (Birthday, Appointment, Anniversary)• To Do List & Task• Journals
  4. 4. Why ConvertWe convert Notes to Outlook for various reasons• Changing Profession/Work place• Different Email System working station,• Lotus Notes Cost,• MS Outlook Email Management,• Majority decision,• Grabbing more features in Email Client• Manageable Server (Exchange server require low installation cost even large firm can afford it)
  5. 5. Notes to Outlook Conversion
  6. 6. Eye Catching Part of Export Notes• Convert UNLIMITED Lotus Notes data into Outlook• Migrate Encrypted NSF files into PST• Group Contact Migration• Calendar (Recurrence items)• Automated process where another PST file generated when 20 GB space over in Outlook• All data conversion possible with NO CHANGE
  7. 7. Email Conversion Step by Step
  8. 8. Browse, Scan, Preview NSF File….
  9. 9. Outlook Storage optionsTwo choices of saving• ANSI – 97, 98, 2000, XP• UNICODE- 2003, 2007 & 2010 UNICODE-
  10. 10. Other helpful Tools 1. Notes Address Book Converter Share Point Recovery Tool
  11. 11. Data Secure of NSF filesa. Convert Encrypted NSF filesb. Software makes another PST file, if 20 GB space is OVERc. Not a Single will be happen in original file
  12. 12. Benefits of Export Notes1. Appropriate Cost2. Unlimited Chat support & updates3. Windows supported application4. Run with Minimum edition of Lotus Notes & Outlook5. GUI platform6. Convert and Save some emails before purchasing (Free Demo) for Free to Check software working
  13. 13. Challenges• Convert unlimited Database with High Conversion Speed• Convert organization database without interrupting daily schedule• World-wide usage• No chance of single bit of Data corruption or alteration• Require low space for executing
  14. 14. Useful Links•• – Demo Link• lotus-notes - Order Link• otes-Video.swf - Video Link to Watch Process