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Smart Vision Lights is a leader in developing and manufacturing machine vision lights for the advanced lighting industry. Our products feature high current LEDs and an intelligent driver in every light. With the built in intelligent driver, a separate driver is no longer needed for the machine light. This intelligent driver, also known as a smart driver, provides a constant current to every machine vision light.

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Fujifilm - Smart Light Vision

  1. 1. 2010
  2. 2. •All Smart Vision Lights products feature a Built In Driver! NPN & PNP strobe trigger, 0-10VDC remote analog intensity control, external potentiometer for manual intensity control, green power indicator led, and a yellow strobe indicator led.•All Smart Vision Lights products utilize the same M12-5pin cable.•All Smart Vision Lights operate on 24DVC•Smart Vision Lights uses only high bright LEDs.
  3. 3. * Single 5 watt LED* 30mm Barrel Style Housing* Continuous operation or Strobe mode* Dimmable via built in potentiometer* Analog intensity via 0-10VDC signal* Standard optics provide tight focused light* Available in wash down, remote head, or fiber bundle attachment Mounting Options
  4. 4. *6 High Current LED’s*Driver built in – No External wiring to a driver*PNP and NPN Strobe input*Continuous operation or Strobe mode*Dimmable via built in potentiometer*Analog intensity via 0-10VDC signal*Standard optics provide tight focused light*Available in Wash Down, OverDrive, and Back Light configuration
  5. 5. *12 High Current LED’s*Built-In Driver*PNP and NPN Strobe input*Continuous operation or Strobe mode*Dimmable via built in potentiometer*Analog intensity via 0-10VDC signal*Option to connect lights together*Available in Wash Down and OverDrive
  6. 6. * Highest Power LED Lights available in the Vision Industry* SafeStrobe Technology ensures protected operation of LED’s* 4 to 10 times brighter than standard high current LED Lights* Precise current provides stable Light Intensity* High Speed >> Fast Response 220 strobes per second* Connect-a-Light® technology* NPN and PNP strobe control
  7. 7. OverDrive™ offers our SafeStrobe Technology.This unique technology applies safe working parameters to ensure the LED’s arenot damaged by driving them beyond their limits. This is especially beneficial foroverdriving today’s new High Current LED’s. The OverDrive™ series providesrepeatable intensity control and pulsing by using a microprocessor to watch andcontrol the power to the LED’s for safe operation. The integrated OverDrive™controller offers both NPN and PNP strobe input for easy integration to today’ssmart cameras. Lights have high speed reaction times that offer extremely fastrepeatable pulse times.
  8. 8. Why Strobe for machine vision?A Strobe or Pulse reduces Heat. No heat build up in the LED. Heat in anLED reduces the intensity or output. LED’s can produce more light whenthey are driven at higher currents but only for a short duration. SmartCameras and Machine Vision Cameras have a low duty cycle for imageacquisition vs. product inspection. A low duty cycle creates a perfectopportunity to over drive LED’s with a short burst or pulse then have a longrest time
  9. 9. *Ring Light mounts to directly to all models of CCTV lenses*Adapter Rings for all lens sizes*Can also be mounted by T-Slot with T-nut*High Output LED’s housed in small industrial housing*Built in smart driver with NPN & PNP control*Intensity control by analog 0-10VDC or integrated pot
  10. 10. Standard Adapter KitAdapter Kit includes 2 step up rings (25.5 and 27), 6 set screws and hex tool. 6 set screws – 3 for mountingstep up ring to light and 3 additional for lens. Some locking thumbscrews may prevent the lens from fittingthrough the center of the R80, extra low-profile replacement set screws are included, allowing theprotruding thumbscrews to be removed.Step Up Adapter KitStep Up Adapter Kits includes step up rings, 6 set screws and hex tool.Lenses can be mounted to front or back of ring light. Step Down Adapter Kit Step Down Adapter rings for mounting large Lenses to back of ring light.
  11. 11. SOBL series HOBL seriesDriver built in – No External wiring to a driver Precise Intensity by monitoring temperature of LED’sContinuous operation or Strobe mode Microprocessor regulation with status output signalAnalog intensity via 0-10 VDC signal Driver built in – No External wiring to a driverPNP and NPN Strobe input PNP and NPN Strobe input30mm Industrial Frame with 8mm T-Slot Continuous operation or Strobe modeStandard M12 Industrial Connector Standard industrial 30mm Aluminum Extrusion Frame provides ease of mounting.
  12. 12. LLP-5 LLP-4 1075mm x 1535mm active 855mm x 1205mm LLP-3 area LED Back Light (42.3" active area LED Back 775mm x 1075mm active x 60.4") Light (34.8" x 47.4") area LED Back Light (30.5" x 42.3") LLP-6 300mm x 300mm Red WHI White Only back light active White Only area LED Back IR light (12”x12”)LLP-1 LLP-2 Red, IR, & White 420mm x 594mm active 594mm x 840mm active area LED Back Lightarea LED Back Light (16.5" x 23.4")(23.4" x 33")
  13. 13. The DLP is a large, thin profile The DLPW IP68 light meets The LLP-H series of LED lightsdiffuse LED ring with M12 quick U.S. FDA compliancies for is a diffuse ring light for usedisconnect, built in driver with use in food & pharmaceutical as a front light. A 65mm holecontinuous or strobe mode. Also applications. Housed in a in the center makes the lightfeatures analog intensity via 0- fully sealed 316 stainless steel a large ring that provides10VDC signal and PNP/NPN housing and all the same very diffuse even illumination.strobe input features as the DLP. Provides diffuse illumination Similar to a dome light or light tent.
  14. 14. *Lights adjust 90 degrees – full vertical tohorizontal swing*Large sizes for automated packaging lines300mm x 300mm and 600mm x 600mm*Lights can be strobed together or separate
  15. 15. SP30 Series Projector Light LED Pattern Projector•5 Watt LED LED projector can provide thinner lines with•Highest Power LED Projector sharper edges and more uniform•Driver built in – No External wiring to a driver illumination than lasers•PNP and NPN Strobe input•Continuous operation or Strobe mode Laser emitters have thicker lines with•Dimmable via built in potentiometer blurred edges, non-uniformity, speckling, and decay are present issues
  16. 16. Narrow (Standard on all lights except ring lights) – Standardlenses create a narrow beam of illumination.Standard lenses can be used when long working distances areneeded.Wide – Wide lenses create a large area of illumination. Wide lensescan be used when short working distances are needed. Wide lensescreate a flood light effect.Line -Line lenses create a thin narrow bream of illumination. Linelenses create a line of light when used on L300 linear lights.Oval -Oval lenses create an elongated pattern of light.
  17. 17. *6 High Current LED’s – White, Diffusers/Polarizers IVP-C1 Variable ControlRed 625nm, Blue 470nm, Green Potentiometer530nm, UV 395nm & IR 850nm*Li-ion battery with integratedcharger / Up to 2 hours ofoperation before recharging*Recharges in 6 hours / Includesrecharging power adapter*Push button testing for LED on/off Inline variable control remote Potentiometer for controlling*High Power, High Current LED’s The intensity of all Smart Vision Lights.
  18. 18. Note: If you cross the wires it just will not work. The circuited is protected.
  19. 19. www.smartvisionlights.com 23
  20. 20. Our 5 Year Limited Warranty Policy*All Smart Vision Lights products are meticulously designed, assembled, and testedthoroughly before being shipped. Every Smart Vision Lights product is fully warranted fora period of 5 years from the date of purchase. We guarantee our lights to be free ofdefects in the assembly process and the materials included in the design of our product.In the unfortunate case that a problem should develop during the warranty period, pleasecontact your distributor or Smart Vision Lights directly as soon as possible. Theappropriate steps will then be taken to either repair or replace your product (at our option)at no charge. Smart Vision Lights will not assume responsibility for the misuse, obviousabuse, special, supplementary, consequential, or indirect damages of our products underthis provision. *5 year warranty is valid for all lights excluding those with Ultra-Violet LEDs. In this case we offer a 2 year warranty.
  21. 21. Coming Soon…ODR80….ODR130….LX300….LX150 XR180
  22. 22. XR Series Strobe Light High Speed Xenon LED Replacement*Up to 5000 frames/strobes per second*Microprocessor regulation of current*High Output, High Speed Light*Replacement for Xenon Strobe*OverDrive - Strobe Only operation*SafeStrobe Technology ensures protected operation of LED’s*Internal Storage of Power Drive Energy*Up to 5000 SPS (Strobes Per Second)*20 microsecond to 8 millisecond settable strobe pulse*Requires 15 amps of average current at 24VDC
  23. 23. 2010