Fujifilm - Thermoscale film


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A revolutionary new film that enables anyone to measure heat distribution easily by observing the variation in density and hue.

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Fujifilm - Thermoscale film

  1. 1. Heat distribution measurement filmTHERMOSCALE 200C Mr. Bernard Genoud Sales CCTV & Industrial Products FUJIFILM (Switzerland) AG 1
  2. 2. What is Thermoscale200C? To measure heat distribution easily by observing the variation in density and hue.℃Properties℃ 150 160 170 180 190 200 210 ℃ Contact for 5 seconds Contact for 20 seconds Cyan → Change density → Plus Magenta → & Change hue *Above chart is a sample based on the results of a tests performed at Fujifilm. Before using THERMOSCALE, create a similar chart that is based on the actual measurement conditions. 2
  3. 3. ℃Structure℃ ℃Specifications℃ ℃Sheet type℃ Temperature 150 - 210 range* (Contact time = 5-20 sec) Size 270mm x 200mm Sheets 5 sheets Thickness 0.09mm ℃Roll type℃(Coming soon) Temperature 150 - 210 range* (Contact time = 5-20 sec) Size 270mm x 5m Thickness 0.09mm *Actual temperature range depends on conditions of use including contact time, Materials, pressure, and air flow. 3
  4. 4. ℃Principle℃ ℃Reacting color-forming material, causing an area of color to appear ℃Wall of microcapsule becomes permeable. Color-developing material penetrates the capsule ℃Color-forming material dissolves Microcapsule Color-forming material Color-developing material Heat 4
  5. 5. ℃Positioning℃ Heat Distribution Thermograph y Thermoscale Open Contact heat heat Thermocoupl e Thermo label Heat Point 5
  6. 6. Problems about ordinary measurement of heat distribution ℃℃To measure heat distribution ℃℃To measure heat value ℃℃Low resolution 6
  7. 7. Problem 1-1To measure heat distribution - Several thermocouples and Power source required - Need times to prepare special jig to set up thermocouples - Contact condition is Thermocouples changed by thickness of attached thermocouples Power 7 source
  8. 8. If use Thermoscale -Easy operation No power source required Cut and fit any dimensions -Time saving No special jig required -Similar to contact condition Flat and thin filmThermoscale 8
  9. 9. Problem 1-2To measure heat distribution Thermography -Just measure the surface of target but not measure the real heat distribution ℃℃℃℃ 9
  10. 10. If use Thermoscale -Reality Measure the real heat distribution of targetThermoscale ℃℃℃℃ 10
  11. 11. Problem 2To measure heat value Tem per at e ur A B Ti e m Point A Same ultimate temperature Point B ℃Center℃ ℃Corner℃ But different heat value ℃℃℃℃ 11
  12. 12. If use Thermoscale Tem per at e ur A B Ti e m Heat value (A-B)Thermoscale Point A Point B ℃Center℃ -Process control ℃Corner℃ Visualize heat value ℃℃℃℃ 12
  13. 13. Problem 3 Low resolution -Not measure 10µ℃ width Heat by thermocouples 10µm -Not measure several tens of Work points all at once Electronic wiringTemperature Heat will be changed according to the condition of contacted “Work” ℃℃℃℃ 13
  14. 14. If use Thermoscale -High resolution Visualize several 10µm ℃℃Thermoscale -High performance Measure several tens of Work points all at once - Design electronic wiring pattern - Control heat unevenness 10µm 14 ℃℃℃℃
  15. 15. Application Examples 15
  16. 16. Expected applicationValidation of sterilization Check the heat sealer for packaging of sealable pouches Thermoscale200C NG OK 16
  17. 17. ConclusionThermoscale has the following advantages:• Can be used in a wide range of applications• Gives accurate results• Covers a wide temperature range with different film types• Is simple to handleThe use of Thermoscale Film can accelerate the developmentof products in R&D and increases the productivity. 17
  18. 18. Thank you very much for your attention! Distributor for Switzerland: FUJIFILM (Switzerland) AG Niederhaslistrasse 12 8157 Dielsdorf Tel.: +41 (0) 44 855 50 50 industrial@fujifilm.ch www.fujifilm.ch/industrial 18