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How To Maximize Fuel Efficiency Of A Car

Some suitable facts that define how to maximize our vehicle's fuel efficiency & capacity.

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How To Maximize Fuel Efficiency Of A Car

  1. 1. Now, we are burning more fuel on road than we should; with a basic knowledge we can maintain good fuel efficiency and can save a lot fuel.
  2. 2. Easy Ways To Maintain Maximum Fuel Efficiency- Tire Pressure City-Stop & Go Efficient Speed Air Filter Wheel alignment & balancing Aerodynamic s Fuel Injectors Oxygen Sensors PCV Valve Spark Plugs
  3. 3. Tire Pressure
  4. 4. In most cases energy is wasted due to inflated tires. Check the tire pressure every weather or season change. Check car’s manual or recommended tire pressure mentioned in driver side door panel.
  5. 5. City- Stop & Go
  6. 6. Driving in traffic destroy vehicle’s efficiency Always avoid the slow drive areas for better performance of car. Sometimes slow driving area creates problem for the car.
  7. 7. Efficient Speed In Highway
  8. 8. In highways, most vehicles can be driven without any disturbance than other roads and that gives a better fuel efficiency. Every vehicle has a specific speed range for better fuel efficiency and it will easily be achieved in highways.
  9. 9. Air Filter
  10. 10. Air filter changing or cleaning is the easy way to ensure a vehicle is running in top efficiency. There are some high performance air filters that increase air flow resulting in more power and fuel efficiency.
  11. 11. Oxygen Sensors
  12. 12. Uses: The sensor reads the amount of oxygen flowing out of the engine through exhaust pipe. As per reading, it will inform for more or less fuel for better performance. This sensor should be replaced when it starts to give false information.
  13. 13. Fuel Injectors
  14. 14. Fuel injectors spray fuel into engine, sometimes they get clogged with slit so it can reduce the performance of car. When getting this type of problem, immediately clean the injectors in any service center or replace if required.
  15. 15. Aerodynamics
  16. 16. Closing the windows without turning on A/C can give better performance. Remove any type of roof racks and cargo boxes because they provide tons of aerodynamic drag.
  17. 17. Wheel Alignment & Balancing
  18. 18. An imbalanced tire starts shaking at a specific speed and disturbs the overall driving of the vehicle. When getting problem with wheel, immediately do the wheel alignment in a service center.
  19. 19. PCV Valve
  20. 20. This valve takes whatever gases that were not burned inside of the engine and sends it back to be burned again. If this valve is not working properly, gas unused inside the engine would be lost and eventually find its way into the atmosphere.
  21. 21. Spark Plugs
  22. 22. Spark plug job is to create the spark that ignites the air fuel mixture in engine. When a new spark plug is installed, ignites gases faster and more efficiently.
  23. 23. Regular maintenance in proper time would give a better performance of the car.
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