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Sunshine fiesta


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Sunshine Fiesta - Binangonan-Cardona Rizal Boundary

More than a house & lot, imagine a living space that suits your taste and lifestyle.

No downpayment, Five thousand (P5,000.00) reservation

Lot Area : 36 sqm

Floor Area : 41 sqm

Total Contract Price: P605,000

Reservation : P5,000

Monthly amortization thru Pag-ibig P3,825.50 (estimated) @ 30 years


1X1 ID picture (4 pcs)
Birth Certificate (Single) or Marriage Contract (Married)
Proof of Billing (Meralco, PLDT, MWSS)
2 Valid Government IDs (xerox)
Latest Cedula
Valid Passport (xerox)
Latest ITR with 2 months latest payslip
Certificate of Employment and Compensation (notarized)
MSVS Counseling (Pag-ibig)
24 Post dated checks

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Sunshine fiesta

  1. 1. Sunshine Fiesta
  2. 2. Binangonan, Rizal The Municipality of Binangonan is a first class urban municipality in the province of Rizal. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 238,931 inhabitants in 38,488 households in census. It has a land area of 72.70 km2. A thriving fish port and fishing industry is found in Binangonan, having a long coast Line facing the Laguna de Bay. The plant of Rizal Cement and Grandspan are in Binangonan as well.
  3. 3. Accessibility Rizal is Metro Manila’s proximate Eastern province thus mobility poses no problem. Take a metro bus, taxi or, jeepney to Edsa/Crossing or the Farmer’s Market in Cubao, Quezon City and proceed to the jeepney or FX terminal within the shopping area. These vehicles are bound separately for Antipolo, Taytay, Cainta, Binangonan, Angono, and Tanay, There are many public utility vehicles making it easy to return to Manila destinations anytime of the day, and even at night time.
  4. 4. The famous landmark is to take the road straight in front of Makro Antipolo maybe 20-30 minutes drive from there depending on traffic. A 10 minutes ride from Binangonan town proper up to the connecting bypass road to Binangonan and Cardona Accessibility
  5. 5. Town House (Bare type)
  6. 6. Ground Floor Plan
  7. 7. Second Floor Plan
  8. 8. Price List A) 36 Sq.M Lots House Model Th41/Bare TCP : 575,000.00 Res. Fee : 5,000.00 M.I. : 10,000.00 B) 46 Sq.M Lots House Model Th41/Bare TCP : 625,000.00 Res. Fee : 5,000.00 M.I. : 10,000.00 Corner and End Units with 15% adjustment on lot cost/Sq.M
  9. 9. Scheme map
  10. 10. Outline Specification House Model : TH/41 – Livable Floor Area : 41.00 Sq.M General Specification: Exterior Wall : 5” CHB Wall/Plastered/Painted Interior Wall : 4” CHB/Plastered/Painted Ceiling : ¼” Ordinary plywood/painted at eaves Partition : No bedroom partition Ground Floor : Plain concrete slab Second Floor : Plain cement finish on metal deck Toilet & Bath : No tiles Roofing : Long span pre-painted on C-Purlin Stair : Concrete step on steel frame Windows : Steel casement windows & glass jalousie Doors : Flush doors Kitchen counter : Concrete Others : Stair railings-B.I. Pipe & Square Bar/painted
  11. 11. Manning Guidelines  A manning schedule for brokers shall be issued on a monthly basis;  Tenting and display of streamers within 200-meter distance from the project site is PROHIBITED among brokers and their down-liners. This is to give way to those officially assigned brokers with on-going manning session per week based on their respective schedule.  Any information centers of duly accredited brokers located within the 200-meter distance from any of the above mentioned projects must also refrain in displaying any sales materials promoting the same project is prohibited.  Any reported violation on the issued guidelines shall be verified by the Developer (DMDC) to protect the interest of the officially assigned broker. Upon confirmation of the violation, the concerned party shall be officially notified to immediately remove all marketing paraphernalia within the 200-meter distance from the said project.
  12. 12. Manning Guidelines  All sales reservations by the broker/s who shall not comply with the abovementioned guidelines shall not be entertained until the said violation/s has been settled. The preceding policies are being instigated to address concerns with respect to walk-in buyers along the site. However, all brokers are encourage to observe the proper time slot of daily manning (8 am to 5 pm) to maximize the chances of securing prospect buyers along the area.