Member Orientation Presentation 1


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This presentation is a great way to show our members and our potential new members, all of the valuable benefits they receive as a member of the Tinley Park Chamber.

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Member Orientation Presentation 1

  1. 1. Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce Creating Connections. Building Business.
  2. 2. Marketing Opportunities You are a member of our great Chamber which means you've already taken the first steps to success! Whether you’ve been a member for years or you just joined, you need to know the right tools to make the Chamber work for you! Let us show you all of the wonderful benefits you are already receiving as a chamber member. Newsletter & Mailbag Advertising Annual Membership Directory Weekly Membership E-Mails Event Sponsorships Online Networking Get Involved
  3. 3. Newsletter and Mailbag Advertising Place an ad in the Monthly Newsletter and the Monthly Mailbag. Ads start as low as $50 per month and the more you advertise the more you SAVE. Book now for multiple months and save up to 5% on your ad cost. Newsletter Advertising 1 Month $50.00 3 Months - $47.00 per ad - 5% Savings 6 Months - $45.00 per ad - 10% Savings 12 Months - $40.00 per ad - 20% Savings Mailbag Advertising 1 Month - $100.00 3 Months - $95.00 per month - 5% Savings 6 Months - $90.00 per month - 10% Savings 12 Months - $85.00 - 20% Savings
  4. 4. Membership Directory The Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce produces a Membership Directory and Business Guide once a year. This directory allows members the opportunity to be listed by category and alphabetically. The directory is sent out to every household and every business in Tinley Park. Advertising opportunities are available once the production process begins.
  5. 5. Membership E-Mails Every week the Tinley Park Chamber staff sends out the “Membership Email”. This communication informs our members on events happening that week, updates from the village, special sign ups for community events and news from our members. Adding your company information to the News from our Members section is completely FREE! Just e-mail a paragraph of information to the Friday before you would like to be included.
  6. 6. Event Sponsorship Get your company name out there by sponsoring a chamber function or program. By becoming a sponsor you have the opportunity to attach your business logo and name to ALL of the promotional materials created for that event including flyers in the mailbag, special invitations, posters, website, newsletter, ect.
  7. 7. averages 75,000 hits per MONTH! The Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce website is a fantastic resource for anyone that visits it. As a member you have many fantastic benefits to take advantage of that are FREE as part of your yearly membership investment.
  8. 8. As a member of the Tinley Park Chamber you will receive a Member Login and Password. This information will allow you to go on the Members Only pages where you can: 1. Make any changes to your Membership Listing 2. Add any Hot Deals or specials you have running 3. Add Job Posting if you are looking to hire 4. Add Special Events that your company is hosting
  9. 9. Membership Listing Changes
  10. 10. Hot Deals
  11. 11. Job Posting
  12. 12. Special Events
  13. 13. Online Networking Are you online? The Tinley Park Chamber has Online Networking “Groups” on both LinkedIn and FaceBook. In 2008 we launched the Chamber Blog. Go to the Chamber website and post your business articles and comments.
  14. 14. Get Involved TODAY! You’ve joined the chamber… NOW USE IT! The best way to get the most out of the chamber of commerce is to utilize EVERY aspect we have to offer. Whether its attending events, sponsoring an event, joining a committee or advertising, the chamber offers its members marketing opportunities to reach 500 member businesses.
  15. 15. THANK YOU for being a member of the Tinley Park Chamber of Commerce