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Richter Phil Global Distribution is the Marketing arm of Richter Medical and Alternative clinic. It was launched last July 23, 2012.

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An official richter ppt

  1. 1. RICHTER PHIL. - GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION CORPORATION503 Alen Condo. 92 Gil Puyat Ave. Pasay City Tel. No.:(02)483-9753/ (02)526-0178 Email add.: Info.@richterwellness. com
  3. 3. Colonics (Hydro-therapy) - involve amultiple infusion of water into the largeintestines. It helps eliminate hardened toxicmaterials from the lining of the colon,through water irrigation.It is safe and effective in eliminating theenvironment of the harmful bacteria in thebody which is the common source ofdifferent diseases such as cancer,respiratory illness, headache, high bloodpressure abdominal pains, digestiveproblems, among others. 5
  4. 4. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant and animmune systembooster. It cleansesand detoxifiesthe blood. Richter CDrip is done byintravenousinsertion.
  5. 5. Microscopy allows a health professional toevaluate the shapes and other propertiesof individual blood cells, indicating nutritionalconditions which can be adversely affecting aperson’s health. The advantage of this analysisover standard blood test, which detectschemical changes in the blood, is the ability ofdark field microscopy to detectnutritional disorders sooner, when the problemis in its infancy stages. By monitoring theblood’s condition, a health professional canassist in “balancing” the blood by givingdietary and lifestyle recommendations whichcan enhance health.
  6. 6. This is a revival of an ancient wayof relieving pain where a vacuumdevice are placed strategicallyover the areas of pain. This isexcellent for fatigue, cramps andother manifestations of stress. 8
  7. 7. Bacteria destroy good blood cellsand damage different organs.Biozapper therapy helps eliminatedestructive bacteria by the use ofelectric current. This therapy isespecially effective for sinusitis,asthma, allergy bronchitis, andother bacterial diseases. 9
  8. 8. This treatment is used for painmanagement. The BIO - TENSstimulation is an all-aroundextermination of pain. It is appliedafter surgical procedure andrecharges body resistance againstfatigue and disease. 10
  9. 9. Steam-bath - is health giving as wellas enjoyable. As a supportive activity,a steam bath is especiallyrecommended to alleviate theconditions such as Bronchial asthma,Bronchitis, catarrh of the upperrespiratory tract, Coughs,Hoarseness, expectoration(particularly with the assistance ofessential oils) non– acute rheumaticcomplaints and restricted or painfulmovements of the joints of the body. 11
  10. 10.  Richter Juice Therapy Iris Analysis Coffee Enema Carbon Pack Therapy  Stem Cell Sound Therapy
  11. 11. 13
  12. 12. 1.Blood detoxifier2. Prevents diabetes3. Lowers sugar level in high dosage4. Good source of antioxidant5. Offers anti-cancer properties6.Reduces cholesterol andTriglycerides7.It works as an anti-inflammatory agent 14
  13. 13. 8. Helps treat asthma and relatedillness9. A highly recommended herb inpatients suffering from obesity andmetabolism related disorders.10. Helpful in menstrual disorders11. An immune booster because it isRich in vitamin C, vitamin A and Folic AcidZinc, copper, and magnesium12. Remedy for gastrointestinalproblem
  14. 14. RICHTER COFFEE – is a good form of detoxifier.It contains natural ingredient with no addedpreservatives. It contains natural brewed coffeewhich is good for liver cleansing. It also containsArabica and Robusta Coffee with Herbs such aMalunggay, Ginseng, Mushroom, Mascuvado andCoco Sugar. 16
  15. 15. SOYA COFFEE – A beverage that is natural,complete and high in nutrients. It helps to detoxify thebody. All ingredients are natural without preservatives. 17
  16. 16. CHOCO DELIGHTCHOCO DELIGHT – is a natural drink, high innutrients and good for detoxification. Allingredients are natural with out preservatives. Itcontains Cocoa, Mascuvado, Coco Sugar andHerbs such as Gotu kola and Ginseng. 18
  17. 17. NUTRI-FIBERNutrifiber is a complete food for detoxification.It is natural (no preservative added) and highin fiber. It can also help you to lose weight. Itcontains Oats, Wheat Germ, Mascuvado, Milk,Malunggay and Agaricus Mushroom. 19
  18. 18. HERBAL TEA – is composed of 9 kinds of herbsSambong - help alleviate hypertension and indissolving kidney stonesLagundi - pain reliever, bitter tonic, expectorantand diureticTurmeric - Detoxify the liver; Balancecholesterol levels; Fight allergies; Stimulatedigestion; Boost immune system; Enhance thecomplexionGotu kola – helps to treat skin problem ulcers,asthma, diarrhea, and even hepatitis; helps inblood circulation; relieves anxiety and insomia 20
  19. 19. Corn Silk - herb can be used to treat many types of urinarytract problems including kidney stones and cystitisMalunggay – ( miracle vegetable ) treat / prevent the onsetof various chronic diseases like arthritis, cancer, and heartand kidney diseases; lowers bad cholesterol and controlsblood pressureLemon Grass – anti-bacterial ; anti-fungalPandan – is diuretic; the roots have anti-diabeticproperties, and the leaves are used for treating diseases ofthe skinAmpalaya - controls the blood sugar for diabetics;excellent sources of Vitamin B, iron, calcium, andphosphorus. It is also rich in beta carotene ; treats HIV,coughs, skin diseases, sterility in women, parasiticide,antipyretic and as purgative
  20. 20. 22
  21. 21. ENROLLMENT FEE: Php1,8801 bottle Bitter Melon1 Richter Choco or Coffee1 Live Blood Analysis1 Bio-Zapper BENEFITS:1 Ventosa Free Lifetime Consultation Discounts on services (20 %) Online Business Personal Website Personal I.D. Distributors I.D. ATM Card Inheritance Income
  22. 22. DIRECT SELLING INCOME 18-25% profit on all products(Ex: Coffee: SRP -P400.00 DIST-P350.00 Profit-P50.00)REFERRAL BONUS P300 - DIRECT REFERRALMOTIVATOR BONUS P200 - PRESENTOR YOU A P500.00 YOU A B P200.00 P300.00
  23. 23. ENTRY UNI-LEVEL (based on P1,880 entry level)
  24. 24. Enrollee Profit SharingThe system will set aside Php 50 for every enrolleeLuzonVisayas *GLOBALMindanao FUND* ENROLLEE *will be divided among those who referred 4 enrollees or more Per Share is multiple by 4
  25. 25. ENROLLEE PROFIT SHARINGExample: GLOBAL FUND: P5,000,000.00Number of Qualifiers: Total of 200 shares5,000,000 divided by 200 = P25,0001 share: P 25,000 ( 4 invites )2 shares: P 50,000 ( 8 invites )3 shares: P 75,000 ( 12 invite )So on…
  26. 26. LADDER TO SUCCESS* 850 PV monthly maintenance* higher minus lower rebates* no time limit points accumulation* push up position Ruby 30% With 3 Gold Downlines 25% Gold 35,000 Group Points Value silver 15% 5000 PV QUALIFYING POINTS= 500 Personal Point Value
  27. 27. LADDER TO SUCCESS Platinum Position 36% With 7 Gold Downlines Ruby Position 30% With 3 Gold Downlines 25% Gold Position 35,000 GPV * 850 PV monthly maintenance * higher minus lower rebates SILVER Position * no time limit points accumulation 15% 5000 PV * push up position
  28. 28. LADDER TO SUCCESS Diamond 40% With 9 Gold downlines Platinum 36% With 7 Gold downlines Ruby 30% With 3 Gold downlines 25% Gold 35000 PV * 850 PV monthly maintenance * higher minus lower rebates SILVER Position * no time limit points accumulation 15% 5000 PV * push up position
  29. 29. OVERRIDE COMMISSIONExample: YOU DIAMOND 40% Production of A: 150,000 PV X 15% A GOLD 25% 15% P22,500 INCOME HIGHER minus LOWER 40% less less REBATE from ALL of your 15% less less 40% =0% FIRST LEVEL DOWNLINES = 25% less 36% 25% 30% =4% =15% =10%
  30. 30. LEADERSHIP BONUS EXAMPLE YOU 30% You 30% 1ST gen(ruby) A RUBY 5% less RUBY 4% A 2ND gen B(Ruby) 30% 3RD gen RUBY 3% C 0% 4TH gen RUBY 2% D 5TH gen E RUBY 1%
  31. 31. MONTHLY UNILEVEL INCOMERepeat Purchase and 850pv personal monthly maintenance of your downlines up to 7th level. 25 25 25 25 25 2 5 25
  32. 32. BENEFITS FOR RUBY, PLATINUM AND DIAMOND POSITION PERFORMANCE BONUSYou will receive 2% bonus for your performance CAR and TRAVEL FUNDThe company will set aside 2% for your future car or travel